What Was Missing For the Past 17 Years?


I took time off Monday, January 16 to listen to Al Gore’s speech that was billed as a landmark speech on the U. S. Constitution. After hearing that speech, several things occurred to me.
Not once did I hear Gore mention his complicity in what occurred in the Clinton – Gore Administration regarding the lead up to 9-11. The illegal CIA renditions, the Patriot Act, and the 20 Year War Plan were planned under the Clinton Gore Administration, and in the case of CIA renditions these were initiated under that administration. It may have been Bush that implemented the 20 Year War Plan, but the design was hatched under Clinton – Gore. The Patriot Act is just a side effect to make sure Americans do not rise up and clean house in Washington, DC.
Where has Gore been during the past five years when Bush has broken about every law on the books? Why wait until an election year to talk about what has been apparent since 2001?

Was his silence because of how much of this Global War on Terror and even 9-11 was hatched on the watch of Clinton – Gore? What Sibel D. Edmonds found inside the FBI in the way of ongoing drug and money laundering investigations dating back to 1998 is screaming loudly of Clinton – Gore complicity.

There is plenty of evidence that George H W Bush lied us into Desert Storm as part of an overall agenda to dominate the Middle East.

There is plenty of evidence that the Clinton – Gore Administration was the origin of the Patriot Act, the 20 Year War Plan that we now see being played out as a result of 9-11, and just lately, the entire CIA rendition program started under Clinton – Gore.

There are mountains of evidence that George W. Bush lied us into the Global War on Terror and Iraq. The glaring error is that neither the Bush Administration, nor the Clinton - Gore Administration people or the 9-11 Commission have said a word about this nation using military force to take over a pipeline that we could not otherwise get under the control of US companies collectively dubbed Big Oil.

Karl Schwarz


Absolutely correctamundo.
Which is why one of my top aims is to ALWAYS preach the 9/11 Cover-Up as a non-partisan issue. If the Truth Movement becomes a witch-hunt for Republicans, it'll never get off the ground.
However, if we don't first crack the Bush administration's participation, we'll never get the rest. The rest of the infrastructure and it's historical perpetration should fall like dominoes.
But yes... letting skeptical conservatives know that there is evil on the other side of the aisle is not a bad idea.

I welcomed the message that

I welcomed the message that Gore delivered. The big problems are systemic and can't be addressed by electing any specific individuals.

I agree, Gore could have

I agree, Gore could have done something when the election was being stolen from him. Just like that stooge Kerry who couldn't be bothered to put any effort into his campaign.

If you follow Mr. Tarpley's

If you follow Mr. Tarpley's logic, all of these guys are compromised in some way. One wrong step and they get the Clinton treatment.

Gore is much cleverer than

Gore is much cleverer than you think.

> 20 Year War Plan were planned
> under the Clinton Gore
> Administration

where is the evidence of that?

Also, things being planned by one part of the rulers (unelected military, spooks) does not mean that the decision makers (elected congress, president) would enact it.

Sure, the USA is totally corrupt, and
THAT is the reason why gore conceeded.

Also, he feared for his life, Man.


Bush Cheney Crime Syndicate (BCCS)

while in power is immune.


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