Bin Laden Tape Probably Faked by CIA

Back in 2002, the Bush administration was chagrined when the world's foremost voice identification experts, a group in Swizterland called IDIAP analyzed several Bin Laden tapes and concluded that a "CIA-verified" bin Laden tape was NOT Bin Laden, but someone whose voice patterns resembled the terrorist's. Now again we have a Bin Laden tape that arrives just when Bush needs a "terrorist diversion." And once again, we have only the CIA "experts" verifying the authenticity. So why since 2002 hasn't the IDIAP been called in to verify these always conveniently timed tapes? And why is no CIA expert ever actually named?

And as further evidence of how closely the US media is colluding with Bush, journalists who once queried the institute for their opinion on the authenticity of bin Laden tapes are no longer doing so.

IDIAP website
report on faked 2002 tape:

Duke University Bin Laden expert Bruce Lawrence, who is the head of Duke's religious department, also thinks the tape was faked.

ABC Eyewitness News in Raleigh Durham, NC reports:

"A Duke professor says he is doubtful about Thursday's audiotape from Osama bin Laden.Bruce Lawrence has just published "Messages to the World: The Statements of Osama Bin Laden," a book translating bin Laden's writing. He is skeptical of Thursday's message.

"It was like a voice from the grave," Lawrence said.

Pardon me for off-topic

Pardon me for off-topic but:

"" has many 9/11 films! They are in macromedia "Flash" format, so rez is not the greatest, but the tradeoff is that they load really fast on broadband, and play on Macs and peecees, so that just about anyone can be viewing the videos within seconds. If you have Opera browser, you can zoom in to get almost full-screen video, albeit even lower rez. I whipped this list up quick and dirty, let's add to and refine it as another tool in our arsenal. Thanks to all the documentary makers, may these versions of your work garner more interest and revenues for your efforts! Onward...

911 Eyewitness

Loose Change 2d Edition

Confronting the Evidence (

Painful Deceptions (reopen911 edition)

Truth & Lies of 9/11

The Great Conspiracy

search results for "Alex Jones" = 3 pages

Correction: there is a

Correction: there is a fullscreen button along the bottom of the google videos.

Good find FrankV!!!

Good find FrankV!!!

Sho thing, SBG! And a most

Sho thing, SBG!

And a most "excellent" must-read Sibel article, thanks for that Jon!

The new pledge of

The new pledge of allegiance:

I robotically mouth the words to a loyalty oath I was forced to memorize during government-sponsored childhood indoctrination out of fear of being ostracized to a multi-colored cloth representing a conglomeration of territories acquired through warfare and genocide and to the corporate plutocracy for which it stands,
one arbitrarily bordered land mass occupied by racially diverse people ruled by an entrenched white elite under a mythical being with supernatural powers believed in by humans in order to ease the fear that they are insignificant specks hurdling toward eternal oblivion in a cold, uncaring universe,
divisible in not more than two part(ie)s,
with some, but not too much, liberty, and justice for the few who can afford it.

LOL, I have a shorter

LOL, I have a shorter satiracle pledge I posted a while back online after seeing way too many Alex Jones documentaries:

I pledge allegiance to the globalists and the elite bankers
who control the United Police State of America
and to the fascist corporate Illuminati for which it stands
one nation, under Chancellor Bush-Cheney
with subjegation and oppression for all

Of the Corporation. By the

Of the Corporation. By the Corporation. And for the Corporation.
What Happened to We The People?