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Jury selection in Zacarias Moussaoui's sentencing hearing begins feb 6th. at this hearing the govt will show the jury the CDROM they have of flight 77 impacting the pentagon. It's the govt's hope that these graphic images (having never been seen before) will help shock the jury into delivering the death sentence to Moussaoui (the so-called '20th hijacker')...

I speculate that the judge in our lawsuit has been waiting so many months to make his final ruling due to the coming Moussaoui trial. once the govt shows the video to the jury, that will end their argument for not giving us the CDROM. this may actually be the situation. if so, say HELLO to the soon-to-be rejuvenated 911 truth movement.

Maybe somebody ought to slip

Maybe somebody ought to slip in the pentagon flash movie instead. Or maybe they will show th 4 frames we have already seen and call it good.
INteresting development.

I went to the oil empire

I went to the oil empire site and read the article about "why it was a 757 that hit the pentagon".

I really try to keep my mind open but even with all the pictures I still don't see a Boeing 757 crash.

It wasn't one scenario that convinced me of government complicity, it was the over-whelming lack of evidence and "silly-ness" of the goverment story.

The oil empire site strikes me as disinformation. They showed me a red apple and argued it was green. Who do you believe, me, or your own two eyes.

The government story is more

The government story is more than just "silly-ness". It is an insult to anyone with half a brain. That is what just kills me. How could anyone believe the official story? Yet most people do.

yeah keep promoting the

yeah keep promoting the missile theory to help the perps. good riddance to the 911 'truth' movement, a growing colorful tent filled with garbage research.
it don't take a rocket scientist to figure this mo out.

It'll be interesting to see

It'll be interesting to see if a video is produced, it will invalidate a lot of works specifically Pentagon Strike and to an extent Loose Change.

However people to this day are arguing as to whether the videos from the crashes in New York are faked, so I doubt the release of any video will resolve this issue. It'll probably make the whole issue much worse as people argue over the authenticity of the video.

If I was blind and could

If I was blind and could only read by braille, then maybe oilempire could convince me a 130 ton 757 crashed there. Too bad for them I still have good eyes.

Btw, can't wait to see how the photoshopped 757 and fireball will look on the govt's unreleased video!

I'm not sure if it was a

I'm not sure if it was a missle, or a fighter jet, or a Martian Tripod with death ray . . . what it is not is the scene of a commercial airliner crash.

I'm sure this whole thing is getting polluted with psyops disinfo which is why I like sticking with WTC7 which collapsed at free fall speed and was not mentioned by the office 911 report.

Since 77 disappeared from

Since 77 disappeared from radar several hundred miles away, its kind of irrelevant anyway...

Hey all, please vote in this

Hey all, please vote in this poll if you get a chance, its in regards to Scholars For Truth.


Hmm yes, Flight 77. I like

Hmm yes, Flight 77.

I like to know what was inside
the coffin?


Maybe the easiest was to release
NERVE GAS inside the plane. .. but
then why was there no MAYDAY calls?

Betty Ong was able to communicate:

- Tear Gas
- Arabs

please, people.

tell us the scenario that fits best.

Shouldn't we make a SOAP OPERA from it?

a website that is organised by LOCATIONS

- aboard AA 11
- aboard UA 175
- etc
- Command Bunker Whitehouse
- Airforce one
- Cheyenne Mountain

and everyone can make entries with timestamps (the timeline) and then
make a LINK-LIST to their or other's entries, and construct a story that
has their version...

later all these tidbits can be filmed,
and the viewers can construct their own
personalised soap opera, and truth-searchers can construct their version...

ah, just an idea

Voted, 48% yes at 8:20pm

Voted, 48% yes at 8:20pm eastern.

Saturday, January 28,

Saturday, January 28, 2006
BYU professor's group accuses U.S. officials of lying about 9/11
By Elaine Jarvik
Deseret Morning News

Um, so what if the footage

Um, so what if the footage clearly shows, without doctoring, a passenger plane crash into the Pentagon? To me the Pentagon anomaly was always the wrong thing to go after, as I had a feeling someday the truth on that would be revealed...and it wouldnt point to no missle or fake plane. I agree that so many people have so much vested into that theory, that it'll be called fake automatically. I so have to wonder, what's up with not releasing the footage, and the only footage released will be to a secret jury on a cd-rom...not even a dvd, how cheap.

If they do bring out the

If they do bring out the video, I hope the production team is not the same one that made the fake Bin Laden videos.

It's almost laughable how brainwashed America is today. We are like sheep just accepting and following our "wonderful" dictators.

Oh, BTW, here's one for you... I predict some sort of nuclear" explosion in Texas with the next few days. This gov are so easy to predict. Then its green light cos Iran would have done that one!! America wake up and Read about the New World Order. What you do with the info will be up to you.

Message to Gearge W Bitch and his illuminati friends.. your codes are easy and are being broken.

To all those who lost their lives on 911. God bless you. I pray everyday for you and your family's peace.

A good place to understand

A good place to understand why a lot of what is said about the Pentagon being a missile/drone/small plane/etc attack is actually incorrect, is here:


not a single witness ever said they 'saw a missile.'

The Neocons wanted a key

The Neocons wanted a key government facility like the Pentagon to be in their false-flag operation. The Neos thought few people would believe that our Gov’t would actually target themselves. Also, an attack on such a highly-protected facility would convince everyone that the “terrorists” were extremely dangerous and sophisticated.

What is the reason that a missile or explosives were used instead of an airplane to damage the pentagon? Could it be that making a big, lumbering airliner flying around several States hit a precise, lightly-occupied section of the Pentagon was too risky or impractical? (And much “shock & awe” could have been lost if such plane was shot down by Pentagon missiles or jet fighters that may have scrambled under this threat.)

Don't forget the need to hit

Don't forget the need to hit the heart of U.S. Military to ensure they were able to "Rebuild America's Defenses".

Donald "Freudian Slip"

Donald "Freudian Slip" Rumpsmells referred to "the missile that hit this building".

The first CNN report from the scene featured a reporter insisting that there was no evidence of a large commercial airline crash.

There could have been a primary aircraft that at the last minute released a missle.

Eyewitnesses accounts are highly suspect. The brain has a way of filling in the empty spaces with assumptions. It happens to all of us.

Yes. And don't forget the

Yes. And don't forget the Pentagon is only about 4 stories tall, not 110 like the World Trade Centers were. Great precision was needed to strike the lightly-occupied, under-renovation section of the Pentagon.

If not a missle, what if explosives were planted in a way to mimic a plane hitting the site? It would have been easy to plant them, as the area was under renovation. Explosives seem much easier than a missle or a plane.

Yes, any images the

Yes, any images the government releases will be fake. I know what hit the pentagon. It was actually a secret tiny explosive device contained in similar secret tiny enclosure which was planted in the building during construction. This special explosive material is only known to a few people in the world (and in some other worlds) and it is orange in color and smells like baby powder. This special explosive material is only known to a few people in the world (and in some other worlds) and it is orange in color and smells like baby powder.

Patriot, what does the Gov't

Patriot, what does the Gov't have to hide? 9/11 was +4 years ago. Why no clear pictures revealed??? You expect me to believe the Pentagon has fewer & worse quality surveillance cameras than my local convenience store?

That most secure complex in the world can analyze a duck farting in Canada before the bird even smells it, yet an airliner slams into the complex after 2 others hit the WTC 40 minutes earlier? Bullshit.

You know it takes only 1 of the 500 or so glaring inconsistencies in the official story to be debunked and foreknowledge of the entire event is proven!

the govt is hiding tiny

the govt is hiding tiny devices in many places throught the world. these devices are so small, and so powerful that a singlethen i was walking and saw everything.

it wasn't a 757 that hit the pentagon.

Maybe the towers where blown

Maybe the towers where blown up...I have just been to another web site that had convincing evidence that Noam Chomsky is a deep CIA operative. Are our lives so small now, we are all pretending we are Mulder, that the YOU know the TRUTH? Staring at a monitor, go and stare at a tree. Find God. Life has begun people! Get a move on.

"Find God" Sorry, there is

"Find God"

Sorry, there is important work to do. This has nothing to do with "pretending to be Mulder", this has everything to do with holding those responsible for these attacks accountable.

Some people won't feel inclined to do anything about this particular situation until they get an airplane to the teeth compliments of Dick Cheney.

i put oilempire in with the

i put oilempire in with the same camp as WingTV, they both attack others in the 9/11 truth movement rather than just sticking to what THEY think about 9/11. anyone that wastes that much time attacking fellow truth seekers should be suspect in my opinion.....

Patriot & Coatesy, you are

Patriot & Coatesy, you are ignorant jackasses. Don't mock people who are trying to find the truth in 9/11.