Webster Tarpley on Rense

Thanks to Poopy for posting these audio files in our comments section, I have posted them here to make them easier for everyone to access:

Tarpley talks about oil/dollar politics, TPTB orchestrating the Mohommad cartoon flap, the Russians making noises about 911 truth, among a million other things. Hour 3 is prolly the richest, Left Gatekeepers discussed and more.

Hour 1
Hour 2
Hour 3

Tarpley certainly makes you

Tarpley certainly makes you think.

Here is his Guns and Butter interview from last year, transcribed.


BF: Then since you characterize 9/11 as ‘synthetic terror’, would you then consider the ‘war on terror’ a phony war?

WT: Yes, absolutely. It’s a fictitious war, I mean it’s real enough in terms of killing people but the alleged motivation is fake. One of my chapters is ‘Al Qaeda is the CIA Arab Legion’. And this is historical fact. Al Qaeda was created by the CIA in Afghanistan, and it has been maintained by the CIA as a kind of military capability in the Arab and Islamic world. Look at the history of Al Qaeda, they have attacked countries like Bosnia, when the US was attacking Bosnia, Al Qaeda attacked Bosnia. When the US was attacking Libya, Al Qaeda attacked Libya and tried to kill Qaddafi, the dictator of Libya.

The US in attempting to bust up the Russian Federation, Al Qaeda provides terrorists for Chechnya, so, the target list for US imperialism and the target list for Al Qaeda are exactly the same.

I also show that in the CIA, there’s a remarkable phenomenon, there’s a Bin Laden fan club, and I have a couple of documents on this, one is a guy called Michael Scheuer, who wrote a book called ‘Imperial Hubris’ which came out during 2004. And the interesting thing is when he wrote this book; he was a serving CIA official, the person who had run at a previous time the Bin Laden station. And what’s his thesis about Bin Laden?

He says that Bin Laden is the greatest political genius of the 21st century he actually compares him to Abraham Lincoln. He defends him against criticism, because I think the obvious thing is Bin Laden is a bungler, a dreamer, an ideologue, heÂ’s probably somebody who couldnÂ’t find his way around without a CIA covert operation to help him. The person who actually makes the decisions looks like Zawahiri, who was part of the Sadat assassination, who then lived in England for a long time, even thought the Egyptians had arrest warrants out for him killing a head of state, Zawahiri looks like an agent of MI5 or MI6, the British intelligence agencies.

Most impartial observers would say that Zawahiri runs the show and that Bin Laden is simply somebody that they bring out to babble at certain times, if he exists at all. But what you can see is what the CIA wants to do is build up Bin Laden. Why would the CIA want to build up Bin Laden?

They want Bin Laden to be the political leader of the Arab world. Because if Bin Laden is the political leader of the Arab world, the Arab world is doomed. Bin LadenÂ’s line is, if youÂ’re a real believer, and you meet a non-believer, you have to kill the infidel. Think what that means, if youÂ’re an Arab country, in todayÂ’s world you need to find some kind of an ally against the British and the US, you need to find Russia, or China, or Pakistan, or South Africa, or Japan or somebody and all of them, or most of them are likely to be non-Muslim. So if you cut yourself out of those types of alliances, youÂ’re guaranteed to be absolutely isolated, and very, very easy prey for the British and the US.

The Village Voice Gives A

Fascinating Stuff. Thanks

Fascinating Stuff.

Thanks for the links

Steven E Jones's new video

Steven E Jones's new video of Talk at BYU is at www.911truthseekers.com

Thanks for hosting/posting

Thanks for hosting/posting the Tarpley files SBG. Tarpley´s a real fountain of knowledge, and he´s a good communicator, so his interviews are always a catch.

Anon: note the site with Jones video is http://www.911truthseekers.org (not .COM)

The Village Voice ran a

The Village Voice ran a total of 4 articles...


the new jones video on

the new jones video on 911truthseekers.org is from january of 2006, so it is before the last video they released (feb 1st).. i watched it late last night and it is very very similar to the video already released, probably a smaller test run of the same presentation..

they do promise to have the more recent jones seminar (feb 16th i think) sometime soon, so please keep checking back on their site and let us know.

Exclusive Interview with

Tarpleys book is

Tarpleys book is mind-blowing.my favorite next to Griffins.

This just got VERY

This just got VERY interesting.

The new Jones seminar is

The new Jones seminar is more faith-based, relating Jesus's teachings and things like that, which seems weird to talk about that at a Sci-Fi convention.

I have posted the 2/1/2006 Video on GOOGLE VIDEO if you go to video.google.com and type in BYU, or Steven Jones, or BYU Jones, or BYU 9/11, you get the idea.

Thanks for the correction on

Thanks for the correction on the Professor Jones's speech.

His audience was probably mostly LDS, and I believe putting some scriptures in his speeches from the book of mormon will help to get LDS people who are his audience. I would guess that most people in utah love George Bush. Hopefully his talks will help change that view



Raw Story just posted a link

Raw Story just posted a link to the Village Voice article on the 911 Truth Movement. Have we hit the tipping point?



poopy, any confirmation of


any confirmation of griffin on the mike malloy show tonight? i do not see it anywhere on his forum or site.


http://www.911truthseekers.org is the correct url

What if we all buried the

What if we all buried the left gatekeepers with messages like the following. It just might work.

Editor, The Nation Magazine,

You cannot pretend to represent the vanguard of the progressive movement in this country as long as you accept Bush's description of reality.

And as long as you go along with the official lie of 9/11, that is exactly what you are doing.

9/11 was an inside job. The evidence is now overwhelming that 9/11 was orchestrated, carried out and covered up by a group inside our own government at the highest level.

Other publications, like the Village Voice which just ran an article on the 9/11 Truth movement, are going to get the scoop while you are still twiddling your thumbs.

It is time for you to come out and
speak truth about 9/11. If and when you do that you will have earned the respect and gratitude of the people of the United States for the next five hundred years.

If you do not, and if you continue your craven support for the official lie, then others will do what you are afraid to do. Then they will have the respect and the gratitude and you will be consigned to the dustbin of history.

The time to act is NOW!

word up Chander

word up Chander

nice email Chandler.. i

nice email Chandler..

i would suggest you ad some recent 9/11 headlines to your email so they can see everytime something comes up that they could cover if they had the will..

thanks for the comment

The Nation is deeply

The Nation is deeply infiltrated by factions of the CIA. sound crazy? look into David Corn.that bastard has always had ties to the CIA. and the CIA never loses track of people it works/worked with. just ask Bin Laden.

im sure you all have read

im sure you all have read David Corns hit-piece on Mike Ruppert ahwhile back. sickening.

First off David Corn does

First off David Corn does not control The Nation. Second, even if he did have a past connection with the CIA, that is not a reason to automatically stay away from trying to influence the magazine he writes for.
In fact it's not even a reason for automatically writing off Mr. Corn. Would you also dismiss Ray McGovern or Wayne Madsen?
As DRG himself has said, the elite are not monolithic, and they will have factions that break off and come over to our side.

im just saying, do some more

im just saying, do some more research into David Corn. it is not a pretty picture.i sense you probably enjoy some of David Corns work. thats understandable, but you will notice a certain "hands off" approach he takes to 9/11,the CIA, and anything to do with the CIA breaking the law.(which we all know happens quite regularly)did you happen to read his hit-piece on Ruppert?i cant respect a man like that.im not saying dont try to influence the magazine, but i can tell you right now your gonna have a hell of a time getting any kind of 9/11 truth in those pages.