9/11 Awakenings

Here are a couple of submissions we have received that you may find interesting, thank your for your stories. Spread the word, many people simply do not know the truth. Tell us about your own awakening in the Comments section below.

The power of suggestion played a major role in my second guessing myself.I`ve been up to my eyeballs in research or so I thought on 9-11 since that day.

Many storys/reports I`ve read were believeable but for some reason I`d second guess my findings. But dust surely opened my mind,as much as smoke closed it.The word smoke brainwashed me and when I read Pro.Jones findings I had a revelation. I felt so foolish having not seen on my own. Construction is my trade and many times I work concrete jobs, my experience in demo is extensive. The word smoke cause my brain not to be able to comprehend between what I was hearing/reading and seeing.Fear never over came me not even to this day,and my doubt of news and official reports sparked my search.But that was in the begining now something else fuels the fire in me. 3000 deaths,death is not the word I use most often. Because this wasn`t deaths this was murders,56 minutes of terror then killed.So with the firemen rushing in the risk of discovery became higher they could wait no longer.Those killed in the WTC`s suffered mentally before they died,death was their only relief. For the sake of arguement I`m going to say "if" what I believe is true then justice must be served. Timothy McVeigh was not above the law and paid the maximum price for his crime. (Edit, regarding this, please check out the last 10 minutes or so of In Plane Site: Director's Cut)

9-11 should be no different,the death sentence is harsh and I don`t support it. But for this kind of crime harsh deterrence is called far. We as Americans cannot allow this to go undeterred.

--- AND ---

I'm an architect and an engineer. I am also the author of a new physics. Within 8 hours after the 9/11 attack I was in conversation with one of my sons explaining many of the realizations that you have come to.

I have collected every piece of information I can get my hands on about 9/11. I will watch your work proceed and stand ready to help however I can with its popular realizations.

these came directly to your

these came directly to your site? 911blogger? why no names?

They submitted their names,

They submitted their names, but I left them off.

I was home alone on the

I was home alone on the morning of 9/11. The first time I saw the aircraft hit the WTC on CNN (back when I used to watch MSM)and the ball of flame enveloped the building like Satan's head, I uttered out loud,
"That God Damn Bush!"

I wish someone would post my

I wish someone would post my 911 book.

370 pages of earth shattering information and official theory debunking.


Like everyone else I

Like everyone else I initially accepted the official story. Things didn't seem right about the Pentagon though and MadCow produced many questions about the terrorists.

What really fixed it for me completely was the fake Osama confession video. Then I knew for sure.

I didn't wake up until 2003

I didn't wake up until 2003 when a good friend turned me on to "In Plane Site." It's still not my favorite documentary, but it got the ball rolling for me.

Even David Ray Griffin believed the official story for at least a year -- longer I believe.

So, if you're a johnny-come-lately, don't feel bad!

The grammar in the first

The grammar in the first quote is very awkward. Just seems odd.

In the second quote, is a word missing?

"I am also the author of a new physics."

A new physics what? Book?

I have some more information

I have some more information from the second submission that I'll put together and post...

I believed the official

I believed the official report for about three years. It never even entered my mind that our own government would do such a thing. Still, in the back of my mind I knew something was wrong but couldn't quite put my finger on it. After we entered Iraq and found no WMD's I got real suspicious but still couldn't figure out what was wrong. One afternoon I was looking for pictures of the Twin Towers being hit. I wanted them for wallpaper for my PC. I came across "In Plane Site". After watching the video I had to go to the doctor for sedatives. I woke up BIG TIME. It was like someone had hit me in the face with a baseball bat. Since that day I have thought about little else than 9/11 truth. In my mind the criminality involved here is unparalleled in human history. In my mind all other issues are insignificant. The hatred I have for those responsible for 9/11 is so deep it sometimes scares me. I can no longer watch TV for fear that I would kick in the tube if I saw Bush or Cheney or any neocon's face. My soul will not rest until I see these madmen tried and executed.

I know what you mean.

I know what you mean.

but maddog, the real

but maddog, the real maddening thing is, we dont know who was really behind it.we know who helped faccillatate(sp?) it,and we know who the patsies were, but the thing that angers me so much is that we dont know who really drew up the plans and thought this was a good idea.

Obviously the PNAC people

Obviously the PNAC people were behind this atrocity but as Webster Tarpley points out they are simply a conduit from what he calls the "shadow government". I agree with his assessment. I believe if and when these PNAC monsters are brought into a world court of law the "Big Money People" who pull the strings will be exposed and then disposed. They will fall like a house of cards. Then and only then will my soul find peace.

I don't believe any of them

I don't believe any of them (bushco et al) will be brought into any court of law - whoever their masters are (bankers?) must surely control the world courts just as they do the mcmedia - I feel that only a true revolution will ever stop the NWOwnership society - that's not likely to happen any time soon.

i agree James.its pretty

i agree James.its pretty hopeless at this point without a large scale revolution.

Trust me James, these people

Trust me James, these people will be brought to justice. We live in a universe of absolute law. Nobody is exempt. The law I am speaking of is the law of retribution. It may take time but it will catch up with them. We don't have to revolt. They will implode. They are in that process right now. Our job is just to wake people up. That is it. Universal law will take care of the rest.

with all due respect maddog,

with all due respect maddog, "they" killed JFK,and we still dont know who exactly "they" are. i wish i could be as hopeful as you man, but as long as the media and our political system is as corrupt and spineless as it is now, i just dont see it happening any time soon.

at this point, I wouldn't be

at this point, I wouldn't be surprised to discover upon my death that even the laws of karma have somehow been subverted - but I agree; our job is to wake people up

I was in bed at 2pm still,

I was in bed at 2pm still, and doing my email WHILE watching a parliamentary debate when this right-wing arsehole started his speech I zapped away to a burning WTC on BBC World. When the BBC woman said it was a small one-engine plane that hit the towers.. I thought @#$%BS!!

and then the second plane hit, and my thought was: Oh my, I just saw hundreds of people die.

I woke up to 911 truth in January 2002 when i read an article by Joe Vialls, written 16th December 2001(?).

on 12sep2001 some friends asked me "how will they ever find those responsible?" and I told them the photos will be in tomorrows newspaper, and they thought I was cool, how could I know that.

Well my thinking was more like "they have passenger lists" air-travel is so HIGHLY organised... no problem.

I have spent MUCH time on 911 truth and am willing to spend more, but I see that the ball is rolling now by itself, and the US-aerican sheeple are waking up and they are just as capable as anyone to find the people who did it. In other words, I have high hopes.

This is not 1960 JFK.

We have the greatest lie-detector on earth: GOOGLE (combined with our brains!)

What is sorely missing is the US MEDIA *FORCING* the military and govt to come out with statements which can be lie-detectored.

The SILENCE is the problem.

We 911 truthers seem to think that by talking among ourselves we can compensate for the silence of the accountable-people.


Failing this "openness" and "accountability" I can only fantasise about abducting rumsfeld and tortue him, until the truth comes out.

So far, we have much info, and good theories, but


has actually written:


Lets make it a WIKI document and
everyone can help write it, until it

The question what needs to change is easy:

Abolish all CIAs. Make a world-currency (the mondo?), and a world court.

.. and you US american brianwashed, do not believe for a second that the UN wants to conquer the USA. In fact, if we could leave the USA untouched, it would make a wonderful Zoo. A show of all the crazynesses, a kind of horror-disneyland.