Music Group 'Liars' Features Loose Change at Recent Concert

Secrets and lies.

Their "favourite film" is Loose Change, a 9/11 documentary made by debut filmmakers Dylan Avery, Jason Bermas and Korey Rowe - the latter serving in Afghanistan and Iraq during 2002-3. It's by no means perfect. KRS-One hollering about "party people" on the soundtrack over footage of the planes hitting the towers is disarmingly inappropriate. But its intelligent, point-by-point dissection makes a dry counterpoint to the dual dominance of the Fox Networks' near-hysterical patriotism and Michael Moore's hugely successful polemicism. To wit: How could jet fuel vaporise six-tonne titanium engines? How can you make a cell phone call from 32,000 ft? Says Liars' Angus, "It's not that we all three unanimously agree with the views expressed in it. But if you believe just one of the points it's interesting."

Looks like the creators of Loose Change are breaking through in all sorts of ways. You can find the recent post by Dylan on the subject here, and more about the band 'Liars' at Their page linked above on features an interview with the band and their opinions on Loose Change.

If you haven't been watching Dylan's blog head on over to and check out the strides they are making in breaking through to mainstream media awareness.