Webster Tarpley Interview on The Zeph Report


Webster Tarpley discusses the situation with Iran, state of the dollar, and continues his discussion with the second edition of 911 synthetic terror.

Interesting you posted

Interesting you posted this... I posted this...

What My Father's Stock Broker Says About The Dollar & Gold

BTW... I don't know if

BTW... I don't know if you're familiar with Michael Wolsey. He founded http://www.colorado911visibility.org/

He has a weekly show that I've been listening to since its' inception. He will soon have guests on.


Who's this crazy

Good work Jon :)

Good work Jon :)

Thanks DSM. DSM... do I

Thanks DSM. DSM... do I know you? I'm trying to think if I know of anyone with those initials... David Ray Griffin... no... Peter Dale Scott... no...

No I'm no one famous in the

No I'm no one famous in the 9/11 truth movement, just an ordinary guy with too much time to spend.

The DSM alias was picked at the time when the downing street memos started to appear.

Gotcha... I always thought

Gotcha... I always thought of the DSM, DSM.

DSM - Diagnostic and

DSM - Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders



off topic, but the reference

off topic, but the reference to the DSM made me think of this:

"The DSM is to psychiatry what Malleus Maleficarum was to the Inquisition. Historians will find it an essential guide to the superstition and cruelty of the period. "

–-anonymous review of the DSM on amazon.com.

(The Malleus Maleficarum was used by the Roman Catholic Church as a guidebook to know which types of behavior constituted “witchcraft” during the Inquisition—and how to best torture to death those deemed guilty of such. The analogy is that the DSM (i.e. the book used by psychiatrists to diagnose mental “disorders”) is our modern-day codification of acceptable mental states.)

the above is from a rant i wrote, available at:

Thanks for the Tarpley

Thanks for the Tarpley download. This man is brilliant. I agree with him 100%. 9/11 is the only issue worth persuing. All other issues are irrevalent. Untill we expose what realy happened on 9/11 NOTHING will change.

but can you people stop the

but can you people stop the Bushite MadMen?

What I cannot understand is:

Why did Saddam not publish 911 truth
before he was attacked?

What in the world stops North Korea or Iran to publish 911 truth?

Hey 911blogger, could we have a
frugal-data (for modem users!)
BBS here which replaces haloscan?

I dream of a button THERE ARE REPLIES
TO YOUR POSTS on the front-page of

I probably won't read any answers here, too much to read.