Loose Change Viewing at the University of Buffalo

Well, tonight I had the pleasure of attending a screening of Loose Change 2nd Edition at the University of Buffalo, and I gotta tell you it was an incredibly uplifting experience. To be in a room with other concerned citizens and University Professors, discussing this topic intelligently, was a refreshing change.

Of course, the vocal minority was also present, shooting their mouths off with asinine statements that such a conspiracy couldn't be possible, as if that statement and that statement alone trumps the mountains of evidence that had just been presented.

The night started out interestingly enough, I was loitering around the halls of the university, hanging up a few flyers, when Korey, Dylan, and Jason came charging in; dressed all in black, video equipment in hand, and determined looks on their faces. After letting them settle in, I introduced myself, and we chatted for a bit. This was the first time I had ever met any other Truthers, so it was quite an exciting experience.

I also ran into a few other activists, one of which was actually handing out Deception Dollars!! Anyway, the show went on and it was well received by the 60 or so attendees. Afterwards, an extensive question and answer session followed and touched on such topics as the supposed DNA evidence from the Pentagon, the Moussaoui trial, and Silverstein. I was very impressed by the way Korey, Dylan, and Jason handled the questions, and I'll tell you this much, anyone who thinks these are just young kids that can be pushed around and intimidated better think again. They defended their positions in a non-confrontational manner, considered other people's opinions fairly, and admitted that they simply do not know all the answers.

I also learned a couple of other things; Korey was in the military which should immediately silence critics that would label them as unpatriotic, Loose Change will be premiering in AT LEAST 300 movie theatres this September, and they are spearheading a campaign for a major event at Ground Zero this September 11th.

David Ray Griffin and many other of the more prominent members of the 9/11 Truth Movement receive a fair bit of recognition for their activism and tours. These guys are on the road constantly, travelling the country, doing 3 or 4 events a week and receive little recognition. That needs to change:

Well Done Guys! Keep it up, and I'll see you in Toronto in a few weeks!!

(I took several pictures, but they didn't turn out too good. Guess I should make sure the flash is on next time!!! If anyone wants to see them, I'll post them, but they're pretty bad.)

Remember you can View or Subscribe to Loose Change here:

Pick yourself up a copy here:

Thanks for the review, sbg,

Thanks for the review, sbg, looking forward to meeting other truthers like you someday. Not for a TruthSpanking, but a beer or two.

Hey BB, maybe in Chicago,

Hey BB, maybe in Chicago, you going?

Speaking of LC2. I had a

Speaking of LC2. I had a dentist appointment today. I had been discussing 9-11 with them for as long as I have been going there about 3 years. When my first order of LC2 came in I gave the tech at the office a copy months had gone by and I asked if she had watched it. She hadn't. She was not even sure where it was. Today she informed me that she had seen it and that she immediatly went to the store and bought a stack of dvds and burned copies of it. Passed them out and she has had to ask her friends have you seen it yet and they say they havent and she tells them you must see it. They then come back to her with basically the same story. Of burning coies and spreading it by now it must be like a wildfire. She said she had two friends watch it that are in the service home on leave and she has sent copies to two others that are in Irag. The guys in the military are pissed at the government. They feel used.
Rep Shadegg's office is in the same building as my dentist and I wanted to make sure they had seen it. So I stoped by his office and the door was locked though the office was open. They have installed a wireless doorbell. The receptionist came to the door but didn't actualy let me in to my representives office. This is a definate change from the previous visits where i had just walked in and told the receptionist what i had to say and left. Today the conversation was in the doorway. At any rate she confirmed that US Representative Shadegg has in fact watched Loose Change2 which i had left there on a previous visit.She didnt say what his opinion was or anything futher. I am just happy knowing that he knows what the deal is. Considering he(or was that Senator Kyle?) was in a meeting with the Pakistani guy during the attacks. I am certain he knew everything in the dvd before he ever saw it.



I mean Chicago, not the dvd.

I mean Chicago, not the dvd.

SS, thats a great story!!

SS, thats a great story!! BB, hopefully I'll see you there!!

Hi SS, hope there weren't

Hi SS, hope there weren't too many cavities.

Thanks SBG she also liked my

Thanks SBG she also liked my idea about showing it to firemen and luckily has a number of friends at a perticular firehouse in town. So she is going to show them and let me know what firemen think of it.

BTW I am going to be in Chicago as well.

hello bb it's kewl not a

hello bb it's kewl not a single cavity. : )

re: Chicago, maybe we should

re: Chicago, maybe we should wear hats with our psuedonyms

Ha, thats what I thought

Ha, thats what I thought too!!

i was going to make an

i was going to make an editable version of the 911blogger shirt so i could put 'dz' on the back if anyone would want something like that..

Yo DZ, Any Chance you could

Yo DZ,

Any Chance you could offer that brilliant Pentagon truth shirt in a nice grey shade?


Its fun to have fun, and you

Its fun to have fun, and you have to be human, which means having fun is ok.

But thousands of people are dead. I was giggling, and then caught myself.

G, sure, ill do that and put


sure, ill do that and put up an editable 911blogger shirt over the weekend, most likely sunday.

somebigguy, What event is

What event is going on in Toronto. I'll be up there, and want to check it out.


somebigguy, please let us

somebigguy, please let us know whats going on in Toronto and when! I for one will be there, so we can start promoting!


Hey Juby/InsideJobForSure,

The Loose Change guys are having a screening up in Toronto somewhere. They didn't have the details, but they were gonna let me know.

This could be awesome if we had a few folks promoting this. I was thinking of organizing a little bus trip up there or something.

I will definitely post the info when I get it...

I had an opportunity to

I had an opportunity to spread some 9/11 truth this morning. Of all unlikely places in NC, I was at MCD's having some b-fast, and two soldiers from Ft. Brag came in, low ranking corporals, and some other big biker types were ordering. Normally, I don't like to intrude when people are ordering/eating, but the bikers starting talking to the soldiers about Bin laden, so I found an opportunity to talk about it. You should have seen their faces. The bikers especially gravitated to my arguments, about the Andrews AFB standown, the WTC-7 collapse, the firefghter oral histories, Silverstein's confession, and the Twin Towers free-fall speed and steel beam explosiveness...by their reactions, and their follow-up questions, they were convinced I think.

I just wish I had some 9/11 videos burned to cd/dvd handy at the time.

I can't wait until they come

I can't wait until they come to a screening in Dallas.

There's also a handout about

There's also a handout about the movie here:


ed, C'mon man. You can do

C'mon man. You can do better than that.

I run into more and more

I run into more and more people that know about David Griffin because a friend showed them the video.

Viral marketing takes awhile before the geometry starts working. Its working now.


Hey Juby/InsideJobForSure,

Can you contact me using one of the links on the left of the page. I want to know how to reach you when I get the Toronto info...



Some bold assertions in that video that are not corroborated.