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Hi all, I thought I'd tie up some loose ends before Charlie Sheen blows the lid off the 9/11 coverup today on Ellen and Jimmy Kimmel.

UPDATE: Apparently Sheen was already on Ellen, and the topic of 9/11 was not discussed. What is interesting is it looks like Charlie will also be on Extra tonight:

Here is a clip from an episode of Engineering Disasters from the History Channel that discusses the collapse of building 7:

Thanks to Neil at Stoplying.ca for submitting this. If you check out the forums for this episode you will notice someone claiming to be the "engineer of record" for building 7 make this statement among others:

Fireproofing or no fireproofing, that building "cooked" for seven hours. If it had lost significant fireproofing in the area of the burn it would have gone down a lot sooner.

What??? Since when do buildings "go down" like they did on 9/11 from fire? Maybe he should check out the remains of the inferno in Madrid. At least he makes the statement that debris from the other collapsing structures knocking off the fireproofing of building 7 "is a stretch". There are also some discussion threads going on here if you want to have your say:


A version of Loose Change with German subtitles is available here:
German Subtitles file here:
Here's a site that claims to have images of the actual passengers lists from 9/11. Apparently the hijackers ARE listed, but Mark Bingham is NOT:
The Anthrax letters: Another anti-Arab frame-up: Stranger than Fiction: Part IIII

Aljazeera.com (not the TV station) has a ton of 9/11 inside job articles

"Or were there hijackers?"

A rebuttal to "Let's discuss the 9/11 hijackers" by ST911.org member "Merc Mercy"

Anyone speak Dutch?

Donnerstag, 13. April 2006
9/11 Sceptics get supported
Doubts about the official version
Andreas Förster

Article mentions the insurance claims debate in Germany, where John Leonard who is a US citizen will appear at the shareholder meeting of "Münchener Rückversicherung" and demand a further investigation into the 9/11 damage claims. He is blaiming CEOs of the insurance company to have relied solely on the government version of the events when they settled the claims.
Makes reference to the 9/11 scholar movement, the New York Magazine "Grassy Knoll" article and the CNN Showbiz - Charlie Sheen coverage. Listing some of Sheens questions as well.


for readers comments:


There is a load of documents from the Moussaoui trial. If you scroll down the page, there are a load of photographs as well. For example there are some new ones of the Pentagon. Wouldn't this have been the perfect angle to capture the attack?

2 Upcoming DC events:

Presenting DVD of Steven Jones' lecture at Utah Valley State College
Monday, 4/17, 8pm
7014 Westmoreland Ave
Takoma Park, MD

Webster Tarpley, Author of 9/11 Synthetic Terrorism, will be speaking
Monday, 4/24, 8pm
Busboys and Poets
14th & V Sts, NW

Well, Charlie Sheen & Ellen

Well, Charlie Sheen & Ellen didn't discuss 9/11 this morning.

I think it's much more likely to be mentioned on Jimmy Kimmel's late night show tonight.

The link for LC2E with

The link for LC2E with german subtitles doesn't work, there's a 911blogger in front...

Oh, was Ellen already on????

Oh, was Ellen already on????

No 9/11 mention on Ellen I

No 9/11 mention on Ellen

I think the money men behind his show and the new Scary Movie 4 he's promoting, would like him to keep it on topic.

Which is great IMO...because his tv show is #1 and this movie will do well.....and that will keep him in the lamestream spotlight....which will have more pull in the sheeple's eyes when more Showbiz Tonight and Alex Jone's type pieces happen.

I fixed those links, thats a

I fixed those links, thats a bummer regarding Ellen.



The Hysteria Channel video

The Hysteria Channel video is classic. How are we going to fight the obviously massive amount of money behind this scam? They've wholesale purchased the media and the entertainment industry.

And don't look for Charlie to bring up 9/11 on Kimmel, unless it's judged to be good comedy fodder for Jimmy to mock.

That clip (above) from

That clip (above) from Engineering Disasters/History Channel re: WTC-7 is such pathetic garbage!

(Among other fallacies, it claims WTC-7 was engulfed in flames, but the fire dept let this continue so they could rescue people under WTC-1 & WTC-2. Gee, not even a few guys available to train a super-pumper or pressure hoses on that WTC-7 "inferno"?)

I was wondering if they said

I was wondering if they said anything...he was preempted by Amber alert in OKC...so I was left watching an FBI guy get interviewed

Here again is a PDF with

Here again is a PDF with full text of "9/11 Synthetic Terror: Made in USA" by W.G. Tarpley. It's 2.3MBs,


If you're unfamiliar with Rapidshare, from the page above, PGDN to the Premium/Free table, click the Free button. Page advances, PGDN, you'll see a clock counting down about 30 seconds, when it's done, enter the funny code pictured, and then you're free to download.

Please propagate widely, at 2.3MBs it's a decent size for email attachment, so go nuts. It's a dense book, really as much a history/reference book as anything, but very engaging.

Read the amazon reviews of it here (21 reviews avg 5 stars),

While you're at amazon, check the reviews of the 9/11 WhiteWash Commission Report, very entertaining,

I had never seen that

I had never seen that History channel WTC7 coverage before. I am shocked anyone can beleive this bullshit with all the demonstrations of hi-rise infernos we have. Steel just does not behave like this. Notice they dont show any videos/picures of the alleged damage to WTC7 prior to its collapse. Talk about ceateing an illusion. Amazeing. And the only 3 buildings ever to collapse like this all on the same day. On a positive note its good to see Sheen isnt being blacklisted in Holywwod. Good sign for others who might consider speaking the truth. Im not feeling optomistic about the Kimmel show now. Maybe theyll mention it in passing like "what else is new with you-yuck, yuck, yuck".

I just checked Extra's

I just checked Extra's website and they call the Sheen interview "the hottest Hollywood interview"---or something like that. Either way, it is good for him to not be blacklisted and to have so much going on. The better he does with his projects, the better for our cause.

Just finished listening to

Just finished listening to Alex Jones, and at the top of his broadcast he said that soemthing VERY VERY exciting is going to happen this weekend concerning 9/11... I cannot WAIT!

True re: Sheen being able to

True re: Sheen being able to do a normal circuit; besides, Alex Jones promised something new this weekend; although I only overheard 5 minutes of the show, and so can't be positive it was today's show. Further, citizens continue to distribute countless more free discs and media to their countrymen.


Äh, the alleged "dutch"

Äh, the alleged "dutch" article was actually german.

Kinda vice versa deja vú! ;-)

I'm watching Sheen on Ellen

I'm watching Sheen on Ellen now, they keep mentioning a topic that they "cannot discuss".

They're also discussing Scary Movie. There is a scene in Scary Movie 4 where the President is told the world is under attack by aliens and it is a take on Bush's performance on 9/11 at Booker Elementary.

Maybe thats the scene they can't discuss.

is Alex finally going to

is Alex finally going to announce or interview the high profile musician he said was going to come forward a couple of weeks ago?

They were definitely talking

They were definitely talking about 9/11. The Bush-mocking scene you mentioned has been used in the promos for the movie.

Charlie is on a movie promo tour, he's not allowed to talk about controversial stuff that would distract, or it'll be his last movie for that lot.

I'd say Alex's 'big news' is

I'd say Alex's 'big news' is going to be Hugo Chavez's 9/11 Conference.

While this will be interesting, Hugo has already been sufficiently demonized to minimalize his impact. In fact, if it does anything, this will identify the Truth Movement with someone percieved by many as an evil, extremist-left, nutcase dictator.

Good point Douglas. Anyone

Good point Douglas.

Anyone want to bet that the musician is Bono? hehe

I hope Andy's "VERY VERY

I hope Andy's "VERY VERY exciting" means more than a musician coming out.

i had a feeling about Ellen

i had a feeling about Ellen and I think it will be the same with Jimmy Kimmel. Sorry folks

Just looked at the photos

Just looked at the photos from the Moussaoui trial, looks like a lot of new or previously unavailable evidence. Can't wait to see some analysis of all this from researchers in the Truth movement.
If any one has any links to anyone that is focusing on this new material, please post them on this thread.

It looks like the "white paper" that the government never produced proving Bin Laden and the Hijackers guilt.
If they're using the trial to defend against accusations of 911 skeptics.
Lets take the challenge!
(PS. they do seem to be focusing almost entirely on flight 93 and flight 77. We can learn alot be analyzing what they emphasize (they're own percieved strengths) and what they down play or ignore ( they're own perceived weaknesses) about 911.

Yeah yeah, I know that

Yeah yeah, I know that Sheen's promoting a movie and a kiddie clothing line, but c'mon: you'd think that Ellen Degeneres would show some balls by asking him about his 9/11 truth activism.
I'm very disappointed in Ellen especially.
Chalk another one up for the MSM puppeteers.

While this will be

While this will be interesting, Hugo has already been sufficiently demonized to minimalize his impact. In fact, if it does anything, this will identify the Truth Movement with someone percieved by many as an evil, extremist-left, nutcase dictator.
D. Douglas

Well, there was recently some letter of support to Chavez from Garcia Marquez, Oscar Niemayer and other high profile intelectuals of Latin american origin. Also Chavez reads Chomsky..

So, it all depends who will be on the 911 truth panel if he actually assembles one, you just need a few Nobel prize winners like I mentioned and the publicity will be enormous, coverpages around the globe..

Write it as suggestion to your local Venezuelan Embassy they are very friendly people and DO listen..

wow did the mcmedia ignore

wow did the mcmedia ignore 911 again (ellen)? - and invent yet more lies (nonhistory channel re:wtc7)? - what a surprise. what else could they possibly falsify? I wonder.

re: 9/11 Commission final

re: 9/11 Commission final report p. 172 assertion source of the money not practically significant, a recent story about one significant source that would seem to beg to disagree is at


My question: Was the gun

My question:

Was the gun aboard flight 11 ever found?

Isn't there a register for guns?



FAA Security Specialist on 9/11/01


I am the person that work the FAA Executive Summary for the FAA Administrator on 9/11/01 (print time of 5:31 p.m.). I was in one of the crisis management rooms of the FAA building on that day. The details of Daniel Lewin were clear and very specific. The flight attendant that contact the ground was Madeline (Amy) Sweeney and not Betty Ong. Lewin sat in seat 9B and Satam Al Suquami sat in 10B (four of the five hijackers were in front of Lewin). Just so you know, another version or update to this same Executive Summary was done on 9/12/01 (print time of 3:51 p.m.). In this summary, nothing was changed regarding the information on Flight 11. On 9/13/01, not one more word or document was ever mentioned or produced about Daniel Lewin or the reported firearm. The story then became "small knives and box cutters", which were NOT prohibited items on planes at that time. Since 9/11/01, I have spent many of my moments thinking about Daniel Lewin. All I know is he is a true hero yet an unknown one. I did my loyal government duty, and I left nothing out of the Executive Summary on 9/11/01. The political powers above me will have to truthfully answer for the change in the information.

more discussion maybe better here

Here's a site that claims to

Here's a site that claims to have images of the actual passengers lists from 9/11. Apparently the hijackers ARE listed, but Mark Bingham is NOT:

Is there anyone with experience viewing actual "Flight Manifests" or "Passenger Lists" able to comment on these?

Re: World trade Building

Re: World trade Building Seven
Posted: Apr 14, 2006 10:41 AM (5 of 5)


> Fireproofing or no fireproofing, that building "cooked" for seven hours. If it had lost significant fireproofing in the area of the burn it would have gone down a lot sooner.

This means that we don't need explosives to take down buildings anymore.
Who needs to plant explosives in a building weeks in advance to demolish it, when I can just start a fire, and watch the building come down in its own footprint.
Time to start a new company, Fire Demolitions, Inc ? We can make tons of money...

Great response on the History Channel Forum......
Post your own!!!!!! Join in the fun!!!!!!

The documentary is a joke, (actually propaganda with all of the "pride of rebuilding" crap) But I hope the people interviewed don't get any more jobs in engineering or construction based on their blatant ignorance of physics and engineering.
Well, maybe some government grants.................

48 Minute Bell

Warning! Turn down ur


Turn down ur Speakers

"48 Minute Bell"

Rush (blithering idiot)

Rush (blithering idiot) Limbaugh on 9/11 & United 93.
(Note one of the disinfo lines Limbag uses to discredit the truth movement--
RUSH: "You've got wackos out there who actually are writing conspiracy theories that no airplane hit the World Trade Center, that they fell because somebody demolished them."...
This "no planes at the WTC" is the same disinfo that AmandaReconwith & others deliberately plant to make truthers look foolish & give ammunition to people like Limbag.)

Class Is Now In Session 15

Hey everyone, I'm hoping

Hey everyone, I'm hoping Sheen simply couldn't discuss it due to his contract with the Scary Movie franchise. It seems strange how Ellen stated she was going to talk about a certain topic, and how other shows (Extra) stated he was the hottest celebrity interview around.

Then Him and Ellen mentioned a couple times a topic they couldn't discuss. Someone must have got wind of it and shut them down. Once he's done promoting this movie, hopefully his contract requirements will be up and he can speak freely again.

Anyone catch Extra?

Here ya

This "no planes at the WTC"

This "no planes at the WTC" is the same disinfo that AmandaReconwith & others deliberately plant to make truthers look foolish & give ammunition to people like Limbag

I doubt if the intention is to make truthers look foolish.

aluminum plane steel building

There is a response to Doug

There is a response to Doug Thompson's latest rant on Capitol Hill Blue on Kurt Nimmo's blog---Another Day in Empire :

Nine Eleven: A Response to Doubting Doug
Friday April 14th 2006, 5:56 pm

Doug Thompson, editor and publisher of Capitol Hill Blue, has slipped into warp drive. He believes you and I—those who believe the government was complicit or behind the attacks of nine eleven—are “fruitcakes, lemmings and scam artists.” I’m not sure why Thompson has become so enraged at those of us who don’t buy the official version (a fairy tale) and why he assumes we are either crazed tinfoil hatters or snake oil salesmen looking for a quick buck (and believe me, if you’re interested in making a quick buck, you’d have more luck going door-to-door as a hawker of Amway products). His venom leads me to believe something is going on behind the scenes. I find it remarkably strange that Thompson believes his government is capable of setting up a police state, while on the other is unable to grasp the idea that very same government would kill its own citizens, as it has slaughtered thousands and thousands of Iraqis (and millions of Asians before the latest round of serial murder).

Let’s take a look at Thompson’s latest “rant” (as he dubs his column):

“Those who buy into such nutcase causes dishonor the memory of every man, woman and child who died on that horrible day. Even worse, they become willing pawns for the quick-buck scammers who use such events to line their own pockets.”

No, Doug, you dishonor them with your inability to think beyond the official, government sanctioned version—a mostly flat wave version that would have never emerged if the families of the victims—in particular, the “Jersey Girls,” Kristin Breitweiser, Patty Casazza, Lorie Van Auken, and Mindy Kleinberg—had not leaned on the Bushites. Is Lorie Van Auken a fruitcake? “At first, we widows didn’t want to be seen with conspiracy people. But they kept showing up. They cared more than those supposedly doing the investigating. If you ask me, they’re just Americans, looking for the truth, which is supposed to be our right,” Van Auken told New York Magazine. But then maybe Ms. Van Auken is a scam artist like the rest of us determined to get at the truth—dedicated lemmings going over the edge. Dare I say, Doug, you dishonor “the memory of every man, woman and child who died on that horrible day” with your inability to consider the common sense fact nineteen Arab hijackers were unable to violate the laws of physics on nine eleven?

“You all too often find these wackos on web sites that also promote anti-Semitism and hate—the ones that claim the Holocaust didn’t happen and blame everything bad that happens on some vast ‘Zionist’ conspiracy.”

Okay, let’s face it—Doug Thompson is a neocon, or at least he comes off sounding like one, regardless of his previous and admirable rants against the squashing of the Constitution and the emergent police state. Doug, check out the Scholars for 9/11 Truth, all respected professionals, and not an anti-Semite among them. Not all skeptics believe nine eleven was a “Zionist” conspiracy and it is remarkably unfair, even illogical and desperate, for you to claim such a thing. It’s a bankrupt accusation and really doesn’t stick anymore. You may want to consult your new friends, the neocons, for more effective talking points.

“Check out the web sites that promote the various, and ridiculous conspiracy theories surrounding 9/11 and you will find that just about all of them ask for money. The same is true for the so-called ‘news’ sites that support these outlandish conspiracy fantasies.”

I notice Capitol Hill Blue is teeming with banner ads for corporate interest such as Verizon, the Dish Network, Best Western, TiVo, and others. I bet you put those up for free. LetÂ’s face it, Doug. It costs money to run a website. Some of us write about other things besides nine eleven and as journalists weÂ’d like to get paid for it. I have a donation button on my blog. IÂ’d like to write political commentary and get paid for it like the hacks over at the Washington Post and the New York Times. I donÂ’t consider myself a scam artist for putting up a donation button. I wonder how much of that lucrative banner income works its way to your bank account, Mr. Thompson.

“All link to the same, discredited “sources” for their claims. All claim to have “evidence” that is nothing but flights of fancy. All, in my opinion, are scams. I’ve spent weeks searching through these web sites and read all the links to so-called “evidence” and I have yet to find one, single, shred of verifiable information that provides any proof that our government planned or executed the attacks.”

And Lee Harvey Oswald killed JFK all on his lonesome. You’re really showing your ignorance here, Doug. Of course there is no direct evidence the government was complicit in nine eleven. It doesn’t work that way. Speaking of JFK, maybe you saw Oliver Stone’s film on the assassination. If you did, you may remember David Ferrie, played by Joe Pesci, telling Jim Garrison: “Who did the president, who killed Kennedy, f— man! It’s a mystery! It’s a mystery wrapped in a riddle inside an enigma! The f—in’ shooters don’t even know! Don’t you get it?” Doug, you don’t get it. Governments cover up their tracks and shift blame on patsies. I’d suggest you do a bit of history reading. Begin with Nicco Machiavelli. After you read Nicco, search for Operation Northwoods via Google.

“Our government failed on many levels to respond to information that might have prevented the attacks but incompetence does not prove a conspiracy. America has a long, tainted history of getting caught with its pants down.”

A couple weeks ago, after I wrote about Thompson’s first column dissing nine eleven truth seekers, I received an email assuring me that Thompson is a Republican. Indeed, he thinks and writes like a Republican—and a Democrat, since there ain’t a lick of difference betwixt the two. It wasn’t incompetence that made NORAD stand down or the towers collapse like a textbook demolition. Incompetence didn’t “pull” Building Seven. Incompetence didn’t make airline wreckage (including titanium) at the Pentagon vaporize in thin air while bodies were supposedly left intact enough to get DNA from. It didn’t make Flight 93 disappear in a ten foot hole in Pennsylvania.

“A jury in Alexandria, Virginia, this week heard the cockpit voice tapes of United Flight 93, a hijacked airliner bound for the U.S. Capitol in Washington. The actions of passengers who knew they were going to die prevented the plane from reaching its destination. The passengers of Flight 93 are some of the true heroes of September 11.”

Doug, is it inconceivable these tapes are forgeries, same as the cell phone calls made at 25,000 feet inside an airliner going 500 miles per hour? At the time, it was technically impossible to place a cell phone call—and these were said to be cell phone calls—from a speeding aircraft at that altitude. AT&T admits as much and calls the ten cell phone supposedly made from Flight 93 a “fluke” (more like a miracle). According to American Airline and Qualcomm, the technology for cell phone transmission at high altitude was first available this year, not 2001. How do you explain these cell phone calls? I have a few ideas, but you’d probably call me a nutcase, a fruitcake, a lemming and a scam artist.

“In another month, a film about Flight 93 opens around the country. It will serve as a painful reminder of what really happened on that day—a true story far different from the pitiful conspiracy theories advanced by those who wish the milk the tragedy for their own benefit.”

Actually, it makes perfect sense for Hollywood to make a version of the fairy tale you believe as gospel truth. Meanwhile, those of us worried about the future of America will “milk the tragedy” for our “own benefit” while the stockholders at whatever movie corporation producing this Brothers Grimm fantasy will go penniless.

“Later this year, Oliver Stone, the top conspiracy-theorist in this country, releases his own film on the World Trade Center. But Stone, who could find a conspiracy in the rising of the sun, could not find one from that fateful day and his film will be, instead, a tribute to the first responders.”

Ah, Oliver Stone. I figured we’d get around to him. Most Americans believe there was a conspiracy behind the assassination of JFK, a fact well portrayed in Stone’s film. I don’t recall Stone finding conspiracies “in the rising of the sun” or elsewhere. As for those first responders Stone will make his latest film about, a few of them have problems with the official version you embrace so adamantly. For instance, Louie Cacchioli, one of the first firefighters to enter the South Tower, reported hearing explosions. “On the last trip up a bomb went off. We think there were bombs set in the building,” he said. In fact, FDNY fire fighters are under a gag order to not discuss the explosions they heard, felt and saw. But don’t worry, Doug. I don’t think Stone will include their stories in his “tribute” (and of course, unlike us scam artists, he will not make a cent off this epic).

“Those who prey on fear and paranoia to promote their kooky conspiracy theories dishonor those passengers on Flight 93. They dishonor the innocent victims who died on that day and the first responders who lost their lives trying to save those victims…. And they dishonor America.”

Few of us are preying “on fear and paranoia” to promote “kooky conspiracy theories,” unless you consider physics kooky science (jet fuel cannot melt steel—although it does in Bushzarro world, where Doug Thompson lives, a realm where the world is flat and cell phones work miles above cell phone towers). All we want is the truth, Doug—and what you and the Bushites are doling out is certainly not the truth. Dare I say, you should be ashamed of y

Great find Carol. Kurt seems

Great find Carol. Kurt seems to be running on all cylinders, and with that I bid all a goodnight.

Yes! Jimmy Kimmel


Jimmy Kimmel shoots...
... and scores!

He brought up Sheen's 911 activism during the interview and treated it respectfully. The audience responded in such a way that Sheen waved & thanked them. Heck, even if it was an applause track it was going on our favor.

Sheen mentioned that he'd done research but gave credit to all the engineers physicists & scholars that have already spoken. Kimmel prompted that the government had been lying (in the form of a question). And Sheen rounded out with saying we should have a god given right to ask questions. Also "don't believe me, do your own research".

No planes at the WTC is

No planes at the WTC is disinfo, James Ha, and it makes truthers look foolish, just as Rush Limbaugh implied it does.

That WebFairy link you gave proves nothing. High-speed ballistics (including 500 mph planes) exhibit unexpected characteristics. (Why donÂ’t you video a soft lead bullet going through a steel plate and see if it doesnÂ’t look odd to you.) In the meantime, stop adding to all the nonsense that's already out there.

manhattanite, that is very

manhattanite, that is very good news indeed!!!

great picture . . . turns

great picture . . . turns out it was a line of grey hound buses that drove into the pentagon at over 550 mph.

Upon impact, the chemical toilets evaporated the concrete.

ok anon, will you please

ok anon, will you please enlighten me as to whether the south tower was struck by the real flight 175 supposedly jacked by Marwan Al-Shehhi, or a remote controlled drone?

you fire your own soft lead bullet thru a "steel plate" and see what happens. be sure to stand well back from it if you do.

the term disinfo agent is bandied about quite a bit, usually by someone named anonymous, so I will remind all these good bloggers that YOU brought this up, not I.

I'm not trying to prove anything other than that you should stop throwing around the term disinfo agent. run thru this slideshow of the 2nd hit a few times. now I'm done and I only wasted a single comment of your time.

Ha, Blue sreen/holograms at

Ha, Blue sreen/holograms at the WTC is science fiction nonsenese that discredits the truth movement. (You keep posting it, and I'll keep calling you on it.)

anon, then you can't answer

anon, then you can't answer my question? was it the real flight175 or a remote controlled drone that hit wtcsouth? if I keep pressing this question, will you or someone else say yet again that it's not important to consider that? - well, at least you didn't say disinfo agent again.

Ha, Whether it was the real

Ha, Whether it was the real flight 175 or another airliner is far less crucial, and is a distraction, from the fact that 3 steel buildings exploded & fell like avalanches that day. (DonÂ’t you realize weÂ’re playing a cat & mouse game with those who perpetrated this mass murder, and they scrubbed the crime scene of all the evidence they could.)

DonÂ’t you realize

DonÂ’t you realize weÂ’re playing a cat & mouse game with those who perpetrated this mass murder, and they scrubbed the crime scene of all the evidence they could.

of course I realize that my friend, and I think that for that reason alone controlled demo will never be proven. absent some REAL whistle-blower coming forward, an entire army of prof. Joneses would still only be able to speculate. the mcmedia refuses to discuss ANY of it - I believe that one day the entire 911 truth will hinge on the realization that something is fishy about 175's appearance, both before and as it impacts the tower -
not to perpetuate this debate, but think about the first down line that is added to a televised football game. peace out - J