Letter to the Editor: 9/11 conspiracy making sense

Update: It appears they 'Pulled' this letter to the editor, luckily the Scholars had a copy of it. To see it in its entirety, click here: http://www.scholarsfor911truth.org/LetterConspiracy.html
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Well, it appears treasonous activity is being traced to the highest levels of our government. Information is now available on the Internet, and continues to mount up, that would indicate the attacks on the World Trade Center buildings on 9/11 were staged by high-ranking members of our current administration as a pretext for invading Iraq, and starting the war we now find ourselves mired in, with Halliburton being the primary covert instigator and major corporate beneficiary, in willing partnership with top government officials directing our military as its arms and legs.

I know for some it's so very hard to believe it to be true; heck, even my own wife can't accept that anyone could possibly be that evil. But it appears more and more to be so. All I ask is that you suspend your disbelief long enough to go online to www.earthrainbownetwork.com and follow all the links. What you'll find out is truly shocking and horrifying. As I've urged you all before, read, "None Dare Call It Conspiracy," by Gary Allen. It makes a very strong case for a, as it turns out, very real, conspiratorial, and hubristic cabal bent on world domination.

Additionally, you're encouraged to see, "Why We Fight," a film directed by Eugene Jarecki regarding the control exerted by the military-industrial complex on our government and our current involvement in the war in Iraq. It should be coming to our area soon. It's appearing more and more that truth is indeed stranger than fiction.

The sand the conspiratorial cabal's house of cards is built on is slowly, but surely, washing away, and one can almost sense their panic setting in, but they are so blinded by hubris, that they choose to shrug it off and ignore it. But their game isn't over 'cause the fat lady hasn't even really started singing yet. She's just off in the wings warming up.

This is something that those who would attempt to shape history for their own nefarious purposes would do well to keep in mind -- a quote of Abraham Lincoln: "History is not history unless it is the truth."

Bob Keenan

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I dont know if anybody knows where the Tribeca Film Festival, but they will have a panel discussion on 9/11 and they will also be showing 9/11 movies
we need some people to spread some truth at these panels and put it on video!

VISIONS OF HISTORY & TRUTH: Artists in Action After 9/11

We must never forget that art is not a form of propaganda; it is a form of truth.
-John F. Kennedy
In response to the events of September 11th, many artists chose to act in the way they knew best - through their craft. Challenged by tragedy, they drew a line of their own and offered photographs, paintings, poetry, theater and film that participate in the memory of that day. Our panelists represent those whose work will soothe and provoke, comfort and confront and forever be a part of the story - the history - - of September 11th, 2001.

Moderated By: Brian Lehrer (The Brian Lehrer Show -- WNYC)
Panelists: Lloyd Levin (Producer, United 93), David Alan Basche (actor, United 93), Ann Hoog (Curator, September 11th Documentary Project, Library of Congress)

here is a link

Does this look

Some of these look very much

Some of these look very much like the WTC!

You can watch this film Why