Commercials Promoting Chicago Truth Conference

Here are several audio commercials promoting the 9/11 Truth Conference in Chicago on June 2. They all have the same voiceover with different background music, and are all 2.3 MB in size.

Pick one you like, and spread it around. Post it on websites, see if your local radio stations will play it, send it to your email contacts.

College radio stations would definitely be a good candidate for these.

If anyone has any ideas on how to get these commercials out there, post them in the comments. Maybe the Blogger Brigade would be interested in promoting these...

Thanks to Michael Wolsey for providing these...

The Durango 9/11 Lawsuit

OT Jet engines blow people,


Jet engines blow people, cars, & other heavy objects over. Except for Flight 77 near the Pentagon, that is:

Here's Turbo Ted talking

Here's Turbo Ted talking about Porter Goss's meeting with the "Pakistani Secret Service" which should be the head of the Pakistani ISI who wire transferred $100,000 to Mohammad Atta.

Thanks to Ted.

I just got a post card about

I just got a post card about the event today in the mail. Cool.