9-11 Re-Visited --A Classic Case of Clandestine Smoke and Mirrors

FYI, Some speculation in this article. Thanks to FHB for this submission.

The scenarios that played out on the morning of Sept 11, 2001, in military preparedness terms is very suspect, to put it mildly. And should not have happened AT ALL!!! This is what we train for and for those three planes to have gone off course the way that they did without ANY alarms going off and nobody responding is ridiculous!!! You will notice that I said three instead of four planes for good reason. The type of damage and debris area that was shown at the Pentagon could not, in anyones wildest fantasies, been caused by a jumbo jetliner. But I will cover that later.

The first thing that needs, actually screams for attention is how these aircraft went so long unchallenged while they were off course. When I say, "This is what we train for", I am not joking. Whenever you see the TV scenes of how we react to UFO's, the reaction to commercial airliners going that far off course, and for so long is a call for "Eyes On" contact. This means that a flight of aircraft are launched to intercept and see first hand what is going on!

And for this not to happen--do your homework and see how many Air Force and Air National Guard bases are in these areas--is the perfect fuel for a conspiracy theorist formula. People, the only way that there could be no response is if: First, these aircraft had their transponders turned off (but regular military radar could still track them); Second, there were total and complete idiots at their radar/transponder screens; Third, someone ordered that there was to be no reaction to what was transpiring!!!

do your homework and see how

do your homework and see how many Air Force and Air National Guard bases are in these areas-

indeed. team8 has done so, and shows the military precision of the flight paths and simultaneous events.

I'm pretty sure you've all

I'm pretty sure you've all seen these, but here they are back to back.

Example of thermite:


Metal flowing from the WTC:

http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=-2991254740145858863 &q=cameraplanet+9%2F11