DEMS Covered Up The Deep Complicity In The 9/11/01Attack

The Democratic Party, Like The Republican Party and The Media, Covered Up The Deep Complicity In The 9/11/01 Attack By Bush-Cheney-Rumsfeld-Myers

By John B. Massen, Guest Writer -- Summary Analysis

On March 11, 2003, Congressman John Conyers, Ranking Member of the House Judiciary Committee, called an emergency meeting of 40+ top advisors, mostly lawyers, to discuss immediately initiating impeachment against Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld, and Ashcroft, to head off the impending war against Iraq, which began eight days later. Also invited were Francis A. Boyle, professor of law at University of Illinois School of Law, and Ramsey Clark, former U.S. Attorney General, both of whom had drafted Bills of Impeachment, to argue the case for impeachment. The meeting ended with a second revised draft Bill of Impeachment, because eminent lawyers believed that Bush et al deserved impeachment for multiple violations of international treaties and laws. However, influential Democrats opposed impeachment on the ground that the effort would hurt their party's interest in gaining control of the federal government in the 2004 election.

On 9-13-01, the Senate Armed Services Committee, with a Democratic Chairman and majority membership, heard General Richard Myers testify that fighter aircraft responded to an apparently hijacked plane inbound to the U.S. and forced it to land in a remote base in Canada. Standard operating procedures were clearly in effect outside, but not inside, the U.S. on 9-11-01. If there had been no advance warning of the attack, fighter planes responding under standard operating procedures would have prevented all attacks inside the U.S. The Bush regime must have decided to permit the attack to succeed.
All Congressional Democrats and especially its leaders, and DNC Chair MCAuliffe, were adequately informed of the Bush regime complicity and had staff and other resources to investigate further. Congressional Democrats had sworn to protect and uphold the constitution. They utterly failed in their obligations to the constitution and to their constituents to be an effective opposition party.
Obviously, our nation is in very deep trouble. All citizens must unite and take back our nation from the corporate oligarchs!

Thanks to Dave for this submission.

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The readers of daily kos

The readers of daily kos piss me off to no end. I can't understand why any of them support the official story. yet the vast majority of them do. ofcourse they dont debate the facts like every other official story supporter. just the typical I'm right your stupid bs. Fuck dailykos. its a bastion of naive ignoramouses

I share your sentiment

I share your sentiment Andy.

1)Post on Dkos with '9/11'
2)Receive flame

DailyKos, SmirkingChimp,

DailyKos, SmirkingChimp, Crooks and Liars...and people wonder why a lot of us are upset with the so called Bush hating liberals who avoid the 9/11 question. I say bring on the heat even more, never stop posting. As long as you back things up with mainstream news items and whistleblowers, what can they say back? Oh, it was "incompetence!" youre a "tinfoil hatter"

Best way Ive found to shut these idiot leftgatekeepers up is to say "So youre willing to tell me the neocons lied about Iraq and everything else...but you believe their every word when it comes to 9/11?"

To me a Bush hating democrat who ignores or laughs at 9/11 activism(but embraces anti war activism) is worse than a blind Bush loving supporter.

I read the posting and was

I read the posting and was thinking about how true it all was.... then read the comments by the dKos'rs and wanted to throw up. I knew they were just Democratic ditto-heads, but this was embarassing -- most of the comments were completely juvenile. Glad to be here on 911blogger with you other sane folks! (except for a few trolls, of course)

Please remind them that they

Please remind them that they will put on trial, too.

Covering-up a mass-murder is a crime, too.

A good strategy to ease some

A good strategy to ease some of the kossacks into opening their collective mind to 911 truth is to take an agnostic skeptical line combined w/ a screen-grab from a YouTube or Google Video link ('this video appears to show explosions preceding the collapse of WTC7 at 4:13 in; now I consider myself as much of a common-sense skeptic as anyone but this contains some seriously disturbing shit')

except the trolls indeed

except the trolls indeed

I totally agree with you

I totally agree with you all. I can not for the life of me understand how "progressive" sites like Common Dreams and Bush Flash can endlessly flog Bush and Co but refuse to cover the root cause of all this evil- 9/11. It's a very shameful way of going about business, just pretending that that 800lb gorilla in the room is not there. And it also fills the role of "bitter liberal loser" very well. Pathetic.

this is an amazing article

this is an amazing article ,send it to EVERY liberal outlet you can.especially C&L.

we all know the bootlicking,

we all know the bootlicking, conservative sheep wont change anything, so go hard at the liberal outlets.RawStory has gotten better over time, BradBlog has gotten better too. some other liberal outlets have gotten better in regards to 9/11, we are making a difference.

The sheer hostility towards

The sheer hostility towards truth at dailykos makes that an uphill battle to say the least. Bush lied about Iraq, but everything he says about 9/11 is 100% true and your crazy if you even question him.

you think thats bad? C&L

you think thats bad? C&L actually explains to people how they dont permit 9/11 comments on their site.the owner of the site knows somebody who died that day.bullshit. C&L is the most shameless "liberal" blog of all.

I used to consider myself a

I used to consider myself a democrat but not anymore. Niether party represents my views. What a bunch of spineless bastards. Don't any of them think about how they will look once the truth is widely accepted? All they think about is there cushy jobs. I am looking for a different party to join.

Yes ,It's true about D Kos

Yes ,It's true about D Kos and Smirking Chimp.The next time I hear any of them bemoaning the building of the Halliburton (concentration?) camps,I will politely point out this;What makes you think that the government ,Cheney,whoever,is capable of such a monstrosity as concentration camps for U.S. citizens, but factions within our government aren't capable of 9 11?If we can expose the government atrosity of 911(one which has already actually happened)maybe we can prevent future ones.

go Green Bill, they are the

go Green Bill, they are the most likely to treat 9/11 fairly.some Greenies have even called for a new investigation.

and since you used to be a

and since you used to be a Dem, your views would probably fit in nicely with the Green party. they are TRUE lefties unlike the spineless dems now.

These Democratic sites are

These Democratic sites are worrying about the 2006 election, which looks good for them right now and they don't want anything to mess it up. If the Dems do win one house of Congress, expect them to change their tune about opening up 9/11 investigations.

I don't blame them. They need to win that election and this issue is too complicated for an election. They are worried about handing Bush and the Republicans an issue that the media can turn into "patriotism" just as happened with the Iraq war resolution.