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Dear 911 Blogger,

I wanted to let you know that representatives from the 9/11 truth movement nation-wide met with and advised US Senate Candidate Howie Hawkins, this past Friday, June 9, in a fun, lively conference call.

Howie Hawkins is the peace and justice candidate here, in the NY Senate race, he's running as the Green nominee against that war-monger, Hillary Clinton. He calls for an independent investigation into 9/11, and this phone meeting deepened his understanding on what the 9/11 truth movement cares about, and how we can turn the tide.

We had key people from 9/11 Truth, Counter-Coup, and the Green Party there, including Gloria Mattera, who is co-chair of the NY Party. For an hour and fifteen minutes, we covered message, outreach, and what to do.

We plan on doing this again, in a couple weeks. Anyone who wants to participate, is welcome to send me an email, introducing themselves.

Howie's original Open Letter is worth re-publishing, and I hope you'll let people know he wrote this. People can support the campaign by going to

June 19 - head for the

June 19 - head for the bunker !!

Watch Out

remember the McNiven story

remember the McNiven story that told of the WTC attacks being planned as a terror drill in 1976? - Just found out something amazing: He stated they would have calculated the time until the WTC collapse back then to be about 1 hour *from fire*. And WTC experts like DeMartini are just lying, according to him. - very untrustworthy this McNiven!!

Congress to Hold Hearings

Congress to Hold Hearings into OKC Bombing

By J.D. Cash and Lt. Col. Roger Charles U.S.MC. (retired)
McCurtain Daily Gazette

New windows possibly opening on old cover-ups here. Let us pray this inquiry moves beyond the intended search for the hidden "foreign hand" to explore the indisputably indigenous fingers, figures and agencies that have aborted this investigation for a decade. - Ed.
In what some on Capitol Hill are calling a surprising decision, U.S. Rep. Henry Hyde has given the nod for hearings into the long-debated question of whether those responsible for the bombing of the Oklahoma City federal building had help from any foreign source.
Spurred to action by Rep. Dana Rohrabacher, R-Calif., Hyde has given Rohrabacher's Oversight and Investigations Subcommittee of the House International Relations Committee the wide-ranging authority to conduct interviews and subpoena documents related to the April 19, 1995, terrorist attack that left 168 dead, 19 of them children.

Interviewed Wednesday, Rohrabacher confirmed that his nearly two-year-long personal investigation into the Oklahoma City tragedy had finally received the necessary support for an official congressional investigation.

"Congressman Hyde has approved my request for hearings into the OKC bombing. The congressional investigation will be limited to our area of focus, which is whether there was a foreign connection to the conspiracy," Rohrabacher explained.

foreign connection? try domestic assholes.

>foreign connection? try

>foreign connection? try domestic >assholes.
>Chris | Homepage | 06.12.06 - 4:16 >pm | #

Theres an Iran-connection, i'm sure...

yeah,and then it will switch

yeah,and then it will switch to a Saudi connection when it suits them.....

the fact that most of the

the fact that most of the "hijackers" were Saudis will be used when we go to war with them, and the part of the 9/11 Ommission Report that had all those Saudi pages blacked out will be de-classified.just wait.

somebody ask Sander who Vox

somebody ask Sander who Vox Fux is. he almost got jailed over reporting on 9/11 and other stuff.

Just an FYI - the market is

Just an FYI - the market is down another 100 points.

How low can it go?

Here's a great article:

Whenever I engage anyone on teh subject of the possible war against Iraq - I usually get the typical response forged in self-denial - "Oh no, they would never do that. They could never be that crazy. They could never be that stupid."

People really should remember their history. If history has taught us one thing it is that humanity has an almost infinite capacity for insanity and stupidity.

Taken in this context - these plunging markets do little to ease my concerns.

Take a look at the markets immediately proceeding 9/11.

“Two things are

“Two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity; and I'm not sure about the the universe.”

Albert Einstein

@ John: I share your

@ John: I share your concerns and watch all hints.

SCO news:,20867,19453012-31477,00.html

I'm certain that a new

I'm certain that a new investigation into OKC will reveal the real perpetrators - the gov't of Iran.

LOL @ rumpl4skn haha best

LOL @ rumpl4skn haha best one i heard all day

When I went to

When I went to I saw a list of issues, including Mass Transit and Marriage Equality, but no mention of 9/11. So I went to and there, too, I found no mention of 9/11.

So Hawkins is just one more false hope. None of the claim-to-be-for-9/11-truth candidates (incl Bob Bowman and Carol Brouillet) have taken the pledge that, if elected, they will question President Bush, on the record, about Bush's repeated, self-implicating, incriminating 9/11 witness statements. IOW, when it comes to questioning Bush about Bush's loose-lips-sink-ships blunder, they're no better than any other candidate or any of the existing corrupt complicit conniving CongressCritters.

Please, people: demand of your candidates that they take "the pledge" to demand answers of Bush!