Communicating 9/11

Mike Anti Neo-Con writes:

The thought struck me about how some people just won't listen or look to plain evidence on 9/11. Either they just don't think the Military could carry this off because we support the troops(a paradigm paralysis,so to speak)and that they just don't think We could kill our own. That is just crazy, or as you hear Sean Hannity say,"Sick and twisted".

Perhaps the bridge to this gap is more knowledge about the CIA and how they have operated in the past. I realize the "Operation Northwoods" is in Loose Change 2nd edition,but that is soon forgotten as the video goes along.

I do think if there was a section on the 9/11 blog site dedicated to show past covert operations,and a caption or message indicating this section to show how pulling this kind of operation or some of many other operations. It could be used as a measure of how insane and bizarre lengths the CIA would go to achieve the mission.

The best one to start with,I believe,is the web site;, Mark Zepezauer. It is called CIA's Greatest Hits and it gives brief overviews of the most significant special operations of the last 60-some years. I think this could show people that there is nothing sacred about how the empire is kept running and it would be a shocking history lesson for people to learn,and would psycologicaly prepare them or make them more receptive to the truth of 9/11.

I agree, definitely check out the site he suggests, lots of information:

Also Alex Jones' latest flick, Terrorstorm, does a great job of exposing the history of false flag terror attacks. If you haven't seen it already, check it out here:

Finally, how could we forget the Incubator Babies lie to garner support for the first Iraq war, check it out here:,,882326,00.html

I think a collection of well sourced material exposing the lies of the ruling elite would make a great resource for all of us to use in spreading the truth. Please list your own examples in the comments section below and if we get enough good responses, maybe we'll put together a page specifically for this purpose.

I would like to see much

I would like to see much more research on the alleged passengers of 9/11. There are likely some smoking guns there.

Stewardess Betty OngÂ’s audio tape sounds very much like a previously-recorded practice drill. Just as Thomas Kean cut her tape off, it sounded like Ong was saying she was calling medics--In a moving plane, destination unknown? Also, why in the world was OngÂ’s call made to a reservations desk in North Carolina???

Why did hero Mark BinghamÂ’s mother, a very outgoing stewardess, make so few tv/radio appearances??? Why no hour-long Oprah show with some of the other UA93 relatives of heroes? Why no books written by any of them?

I saw Bingham's mothers do a

I saw Bingham's mothers do a very short interview with Larry King on CNN. One of the first things she did was blurt out that her son had called her on 9/11 & said, "Hi mom, this is Mark Bingham."

It sounded as if Bingham's mother herself was trying to validate the bizzarre call. It still sounded phony, even when she repeated it.

Does anyone have any idea

Does anyone have any idea how much each of the victims' families were paid by the U.S. Government? Also, what were the conditions these families had to agree to to accept restitution?

There is another pretty

There is another pretty well-respected guy out there that also feels that 9/11 was a coverup. His name is Robert D. Steele. He is an Amazon Top 100 reviewer (Google his name and read his reviews on Amazon). He has reviewed Ruppert's, book, Griffin's two books and the book by Sander Hicks. It would be great to also get this guy more involved in the movement. Here is a link to his profile on Amazon.

if BBC claims some

if BBC claims some "hijackers" are alive, why can't we get them on video?

For the gov't, it would have

For the gov't, it would have been so, so MUCH EASIER to NOT have any real commericial flights: AA-11, UA-115, AA-77, UA-93 to worry about on 9/11!

No problems re: desposing of passengers; nor any interceptions, nor any shoot-downs, etc.

Just use drones & imposters as per Operation Northwooods was prepared to do over 40 years ago.

^They wouldn't even have to

^They wouldn't even have to worry whether NORAD would stand-down or not, because there would be no airliners to intercept anyway! Only disguised drones taking off a few miles from their targets.

Jack Cafferty asked an

Jack Cafferty asked an analist if Bush was lying about the budget deficit numbers. The analist said, "well . . i wouldn't use the word lie, i would use the word spin".

which in of itself is spinning the meaning of lying.

JC is having nothing of it.

CNN staff are calling Bush a liar and laughing at other talking heads that suggest that it is spin and not lying.

Tremors in the M$M

Kevin Barrett Explains 9/11

now CNN staff is talking

now CNN staff is talking about how the interstate highway system "derailed" mass transit in the United States.

Kevin's a good debater.

Kevin's a good debater.

Damn, a Kevin Barrett and A

Damn, a Kevin Barrett and A Stephen Jones interview! Now I got something to look forward to tonight when I get off work. :)

Kevin's a good debater. Jon

Kevin's a good debater.
Jon Gold | Homepage | 07.16.06 - 3:45 pm | #

Some might call him a Masterdebater


btw, is a great site,been going there for years.

Masterdebater, ha!!!

Masterdebater, ha!!!

Kurt wrote: "...His name is

Kurt wrote:
"...His name is Robert D. Steele. He is an Amazon Top 100 reviewer (Google his name and read his reviews on Amazon). He has reviewed Ruppert's, book, Griffin's two books and the book by Sander Hicks. It would be great to also get this guy more involved in the movement..."

This is a clear misinterpretation of Robert Steele.
Steele worked for the CIA for years.
His wife is still working for the CIA as reconfirmed by himself 2 years ago.

Steele states that 9/11 was the result of incompetence and is a popular person among the hacker community around

They bought into his statements and deceptions since 2001.
Steele argues it must have been "outdated soft- and hardware" and the majority of script kiddies are buying into this nonsense.

Steele is a slick limited hangouter.
You should really reconsider your opinion about him.

Its hard to trust any ex

Its hard to trust any ex CIA. Hell Robert Baer was saying 9/11 looked like an inside job, then says Iran did it. What a bullshitter.

Regarding Robert

Regarding Robert Steele....

Here is a quote of his review of "The Terror Timeline:

"I believe that if such an endeavor is successful, it will demonstrate that the CIA and the FBI were both corrupt and incompetent prior to, during, and after 9/11; that the U.S. military was put on "stand down" to allow 9/11 to happen; and that Dick Cheney specifically, but the Bush Administration neo-cons generally, mis-led the President, Congress, the media, and the public with a web of lies intended to further their pre-conceived ideological fantasies.

We the People need to get our collective public intelligence enterprise going before November 2006. America is close to a tipping point. This author, and David Griffin, give us a slight taste of the power that can be restored to the public if we pay attention. That makes them national heros."

Here is an excerpt from his review of "The New Pearl Harbor"

First, I am absolutely persuaded by all my reading, that the Administration, the CIA, and the FBI, at a minimum were complicit in allowing 9/11 to happen, as a pretext for invading Afghanistan (for energy and drug reasons, since Rumsfeld let 3,000 Al Qaeda escape when we had them surrounded) and Iraq.

Second, I find the objective case, from Fire Engineering and other serious sources, against the buildings having been brought down by the fire, and instead that they were brought down by pre-placed explosives, to be sufficiently compelling so as to cast a reasonable doubt on the Administration's story, and hence a need for a full and open investigation.

Third, I find the objective case for a U.S. missile hitting the Pentagon, instead of Flight 77, to be, again, compelling enough to raise a reasonable doubt, particularly since no aircraft parts were recovered at the Pentagon and all bodies from the flight appeared in Dover without every appearing to have been transported from the Pentagon.

So I am not sure what you are getting at Nico. Steele's own words say he does not buy-in to the official story.

i wish researchers with

i wish researchers with resources would track down ALL the players involved with 9/11. im talking vitctims family memebers, people who worked at the airports, cabbies that were nearby, all media that happened to be first on the scene,flight school instructors,alive hijackers etc. i dont understand why we as a movement havent found more of these people.maybe like with Operation Northwoods, there really were no passnegers and only stolen identities.and i can never stress enough how important it is to expose how the media operates and is set up and who owns it.this is crucial when trying to open peoples eyes to 9/11 and much more.

Kurt, Nicos purpose is to

Kurt, Nicos purpose is to destroy the 9/11 truth movement. you must be new.welcome.

Chris... Thanks for the

Chris... Thanks for the welcome. I kind of figured Nico was a troll considering his/her post didn't make any sense.

Yes I am new to 911blogger but not new to the movement. I swallowed the red pill about two years ago when I read "The New Pearl Harbor" after reading the "official" 9/11 Commission report.

I brought up Robert Steele only because he reviews a lot of the types of books I like to read. Earlier this year, when he reviewed both of Griffin's books and Rupperts, I was stunned that he was opened minded enough to at admit that at the very least, our government was complicit in 9/11. Yes, Steele is ex-CIA which gives his opinion even more credence.

The following is part of his bio... "I am a former Marine Corps Infantry officer, a clandestine case officer, the senior civilian responsible for founding the Marine Corps Intelligence Command, the author of books on intelligence, and since about 2001, the #1 Amazon reviewer for non-fiction about national security matters, into which category this book certainly falls".

Sounds pretty credible to me....

Kurt,Nico believes that no

Kurt,Nico believes that no planes hit the towers, and the planes we saw on tv were computer generated and were not really there in reality. he believes anyone who doesnt believe this theory is an "agent" or "limited hangouter".you'll get used to his slander and bullshit.on the other hand though, trusting a CIA guy is always tricky. its good to hear what ex-CIA guys have to say, but like pocky said, Robert Baer may have said 9/11 was an inside job, but he also said Iran was behind it.always be suspicious of ex-agents motives.

Chris and Kurt, are you out

Chris and Kurt,

are you out of your mind?
Kurt just provided us with an exact quote of Steele, where he points out his thoughts on "incompetence":

"...Here is a quote of his review of "The Terror Timeline:

"I believe that if such an endeavor is successful, it will demonstrate that the CIA and the FBI were both corrupt and incompetent prior to, during, and after 9/11..."

Chris' sickminded hatred of

Chris' sickminded hatred of my person is his own right, but if he can't even read, it is his credibility, which has to be questioned first.

We will figure out later who really "destroys" something, but i was talking with Kurt and therefore why don't you just let him decide, what kind of conclusion we should have on Steele.

If everything which comes out of my mouth is a lie for you, then something must be very damaged in your sensibility of fact- and quote checking.

out of desk

not everything, not by any

not everything, not by any means. any good agent mixes fact with truth. thats how you stay effective. dont put words in my mouth Agent Nico.

OT -If you were running

OT -If you were running surveillance and cointelpro internet operations ( shills and plants ) how would you go about it ? We must learn to think like our enemy.

well colin, i would probably

well colin, i would probably attack prominent people in the truth movement, promote crackpot theories like CGI that make the movement look like the Bigfoot crowd(no disrespect) and attack people on message boards that dont agree with my pet theory.funny how i just explained Nico.

Would you set up lurkers in

Would you set up lurkers in shifts , is there a little alrm that alerts them to sudden leaks in the truth dam? Are they given talking points by Gingrich , like: WW3 is the new meme , push it around the aipac trial time. Double agents? Could we infiltrate THEIR movement?What incentives are offered to compensate for the conscience crushing job of being a apologist shill? Or is there a nihilistic mindset among some that draws them to this sort of work?Are Nico's posts monitored for quality control purposes? Some vast telemarketing room filled with jaded twentysomethings?

Does Nico secretly admire

Does Nico secretly admire our efforts and root for us /help us articulate our positions via devil's advocate routines.

What did they do with the

What did they do with the people is the last stumbling block question out there ,. If we could prove that the passengers were fake we would be able to answer that one . This would only require a little combined effort. Secure a picture of each "passenger" and one by one match a real history to that person.

:lol: Chris, nice work

:lol: Chris, nice work slapping around agent Nico.

On 10 April 2006 a

On 10 April 2006 a Washington Post article by Thomas E. Ricks pointed out that a specific US military propaganda program was in place in regard to Zarqawi, a program which also targetted Western domestic audiences.

The article described how the Pentagon had concocted FAKE Zarqawi letters boasting about suicide attacks and then leaked them to Dexter Filkins of the New York Times, who published one of the letters despite having good reasons to believe it was fraudulent.

All of this was done, of course, specifically to ramp up the importance of al-Zarqawi and to publicly tie the Iraq war to al-Qaeda and 9/11.(link)(link)

So we have proof that the US govt is prepared to fabricate evidence in relation to terrorism when it suits them.

Ok,how could the government

Ok,how could the government pull this off? Yes they would actually kill people,and point the finger at someone else,the American public would believe it(they did)..and squelch any mainstream press,while diverting their attention to "Believed to be AL-Queda while at the same time pushing lobbyists that have ties to the BIG MONEY Global Dogs that know how to silence key members of congress who have ties to the campaign funding part of the lobby bucks,and therefore know themselves if they say anything they will be exposed.In more ways than one...check out the movie on this site.."Who Killed John O'Neil?" This will give you a fairly good idea of the people involved and their connections and the corporations.We need to learn more in order to know what We are up against and stand together as one or We will get nowhere.

"i wish researchers with

"i wish researchers with resources would track down ALL the players involved with 9/11."

Chris | Homepage | 07.16.06 - 5:54 pm | #

On some previous comments section I saw a list of all the "alleged passengers" indicating that most of them had not been listed on some Social Security list of dead persons. Has the same list been checked for the "alleged victims" who were in the WTC towers or in the Pentagon?

Anyone here going to get

Anyone here going to get around to providing physical evidence that "9/11 was an inside job" rather than repeating the same old tired innuendo?

I've asked Jon Gold to repeatedly here and over on 9/11 Conspiracy Smasher. As always, he refuses every time.

S. King, why don't you make

S. King, why don't you make your bitch ass useful and go scrape us up some samples from the Deutschebank building so we can test it for thermite?

I've just come up with a

I've just come up with a "PERFECT" idea. Since we supposedly invaded Iraq because of a 'possible' WMD attack, their argument basically comes down to: "PRE-EMPTIVE SELF DEFENSE". Now, if I use that SAME logic, then theoretically I should be able to go rob a bank and claim that it was to "Keep from Pre-emptively filing bankruptcy".
Think it will work?

Gee, what a "thorough"

Gee, what a "thorough" investigation of the 9/11 crime scene back then!

The bones of murder victims overlooked until 5 years later!!! What a f*cking joke!

Here's an essay on the use

Here's an essay on the use of false flags in the past by the U.S.:

The history of false flag

The history of false flag terrorism is a big focus in Barry Zwicker's "The Great Conspiracy". It's well worth having in any DVD collection.

He spends more time on Operation Northwoods and Gulf of Tonkin type incidents. Does a good job on the Incubator Baby psyop too, if I remember right.

A history of False Flag Terrorism is a great first step in deprogramming peoples "paradigm paralysis". And it doesn't require engaging any Trigger Issues.

Haven't seen Zwicker's new film but I expect it' great.