9/11 SYNCHRONICITY: Coincidence... or Premeditated

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Our Guest is: Michael Wolsey, host of the Visibility 911 Podcast (www.Visibility911.com ) who elaborates upon the common experiences that many of us struggle with in trying to wake people up to the Official Myth, and how one might go about podcasting- giving you the knowledge of how to get your voice out there, so when you’re ready to take that step, we’ve already started a process to help you hit the ground running.

Fix this

How about We ask people if

How about We ask people if they think that what We are doing in Iraq is winning the war on terror? A recent poll reveals that a majority of them don't think so..Next question should be ..well,why don't you think we are winning? Are We not committed enough? Don't We have enough troops? Do you think it was just about oil? Or was it really about spreading democracy? Do you know what the Patriot Act is for? Do you know why it was passed? Do you think the government is acting in the best interests of it's citizens? If so,do you think that spying on its on citizens,without your knowledge, is a responsible act? do you think the world is better off now,since 9/11? Or were you surprised when your own government told you just how many "terrorists" are out to get Us? Do you believe that there are more "terrorists" now than there was on or before 9/11? Did you know that the 1993 trade center bombing was done on 9/11/1993? did you know there are a significant amount of terrorits acts done on various 9/11 dates?
Did you know there were 15 countries that warned Us of an imminent attack on our soil,before 9/11? Did you know the Taliban was one of those who warned Us? Do you think with these advance warnings that our government would pay more attention to ANY suspicious activity? Planes got hijacked,they flew with virtually no resistance to their destinations,and how did the government respond? Did you really think they didn't know anything? Wouldn't you like to know if they did?