New Flyer, download and distribute

Our movement has gained a lot of credibility over the last year, the following flyer focuses on this fact. Download it in PDF format here:

A version in HTML format is also available for quick viewing without starting up a PDF viewer. This version is not suitable for printing, but is good to get a quick look at the contents of the flyer. View HTML format here:

Check it out, if you like it, print out a few copies and hand them out.

Hey guys, if anyone runs

Hey guys, if anyone runs across a better image to use, let me know. I can't find anything.

I was picturing a Wanted posted, possibly with the word "NOT" stamped across it, but couldn't find anything good. It should also be in Greyscale so that it shows up fairly well after being photocopied...

@ DHS: Got no clue, but I

@ DHS: Got no clue, but I don't doubt it- look at his lips, his nose, his ears... No way this is not OBL...

Actually, I think that

Actually, I think that picture of Tim Osman does look like OBL...

Thanks everyone for the

Thanks everyone for the recommendations. I'll make a few changes to the flyer and update it...

Excellent flier! I will use

Excellent flier! I will use these

Great flyer! This is a

Great flyer! This is a perfect summary of the most important information, especially the bin laden issue. thank you thank you, I will be posting EVERYWHERE.

This pic of USAma bin Oswald

This pic of USAma bin Oswald is better.

It was USAma bin Oswald, in the Afghanistan cave, with the karaoke machine. Yahoo I win!!!

Thanks, this is great. I

Thanks, this is great.

I will paste this flyer on my freeway blogs that will be going up soon...

That way, anyone ripping my signs down will at least have something to possibly think about.


I like the flyer except for

I like the flyer except for one thing. The Bin Laden thing at the top. I know this information is accurate, I just think the attention getter should be less "Bin Laden sympathizer-ish", if that is a real word. Is there anyway you can make this point differently? Remember, to most people Bin Laden is Enemy #1. Lets not paint this guy as a saint which was the first reaction I had. No doubt, Bin Laden is a bad man.

i think it is good. i agree

i think it is good. i agree somewhat with T-bone but what are you gonna do.

it might be better if above the picture it says "FBI confirms Not Wanted" or something that draws attention to the authority or legitimacy of the "Not Wanted"

I think it is the not wanted

I think it is the not wanted poster that I have a problem with. The title alone gets your attention.

Can anyone of you research

Can anyone of you research intensive people (newbies) come take a look at this...

Phalanx Close-In Weapon System (CIWS)

Yes, a bit lame on the

Yes, a bit lame on the lead-off Osama link. The link page isn't clear that OSM is not wanted for 9/11.

Excellent 9/11 Truth

Excellent 9/11 Truth Outreach Materials Available for Free On The Internet. This is the best computer CD IÂ’ve seen by far.

Download a great flyer 8.5x11 for free.
Also download and burn a great CD which you can make copies of and give or sell to others, all for free.

Download Instructions:
Go to URL
Type the 3 digit number shown in the window at the bottom
Press “Submit” button
Wait 30 seconds as there is a brief pause and a countdown before the “Download” button appears.
After the pause, “Download” button appears. Now press the download button.

1. DOWNLOAD ONE PAGE 8.5 X 11 INCH FLYER (Total download time a minute)
Download for free at:


Folder A – 1st

Folder B – 2nd

Folder C – 3rd

The three folder files are in zip format. Unzip each file, and it will become a folder. Use a free file like Winzip to unzip the files.
(If you donÂ’t have a zip extracting file, Winzip can be downloaded for free at )

You can use the information on Folders A through C either on your own computer for your own educational purposes, and/or you can also use the folders to easily create a distributable information CD useful for outreach, if you have a CD burner.
To make the CD, use your CD burning software (e.g. Nero) to add all three unzipped folders onto a blank CD and burn the CD. All 3 folders will fit together on one CD. Label the CD “Building 7” or “Bldg 7”.
Each of the three folders takes about 20 minutes to download with broadband.

The positive features of this CD once you burn it is:

1. The CD very-user friendly, and does not overwhelm the user when they first look at Folder A, which has only a few files in it.
2. The title of the CD itself is low key and non-threatening to the newbie: “Building 7.”
3. The CD begins with the most interesting and obvious issues first, and progressively tells the story of 9/11 truth in a logical, progressive, methodical order.
4. The CD is packed with hundreds of hours of audio and video for those who are really interested in this topic, yet it is so compact that it fits onto a CD. (Some of the multimedia is via web links).
5. Because it fits onto a CD, almost anybody with a computer has the ability to make copies of your CD to distribute to others.
6. The contents of the CD have been specifically created and edited to eliminate red herrings, conjecture, disproved theories, and disinformation to the greatest extent possible.


If you have time, review the CD to get a feel for what is on it. You might learn some information you have not seen before.
Give CDÂ’s to your friends, family, and/or acquaintances. You can also give them out or sell them to strangers.
You can either give them away for free, or, if you consider this as an incentive to go out and do the work, you can charge up to $2 max. “donation” to reimburse you for your materials and labor.
Think about it, if you want you can earn some money while you are spreading the word about 9/11. You have the choice of giving the CDÂ’s away for free or selling them, whatever works for you.

Print the flyers. Use the flyers to get strangers interested in 9/11, and then try to give away and/or sell the CD. Go to public parks, or other places were people congregate, or start conversations with strangers. Also put them into any prepaid postage envelopes you get and mail them for free.

A good opening question is, “Do you believe everything the government has told us about 9/11?” Two good follow-up questions are:
1. “Do you know how many skyscrapers taller than 40 floors collapsed to the ground in New York on 9/11?” Most people say of course 2.
2. “Do you know approximately how long after the 2nd tower was hit that Osama bin Laden was both named by the FBI as wanted for 9/11, and at the same time formally indicted for the crimes of 9/11: Closer to 1 minute after the attack, 1 hour, 1 day, 1 month, 1 year, or 2 years after the attack?” Whatever they say, it will be wrong, because it is a trick question. The answer is OBL has NEVER been named as being wanted by the FBI, has never been indicted for 9/11, and furthermore, the FBI recently admitted that there is “no hard evidence” linking OBL to 9/11.
Those two questions are surprising for most newbies, and gets them interested in learning more about 9/11.

You can give the flyers away free to known people or strangers, or leave them in a group of one or more in lobbies, on the floor next to elevators, or other public places where people are likely to take them and read them.

Once you start doing this, spread the word, and teach others to do this.
Everyone can make an impact spreading the word about 9/11, and if you are so inclined, you even have the option of earning a little small change in the process by selling the CD’s for a “donation.”

Another way to disseminate this information to friends or family who are far away is to email them these instructions, and they can download the information themselves from the Internet, and can follow the instructions so they can get the materials, learn about 9/11, and spread the word themselves.

P.S. when distributing CDÂ’s to total strangers in mass in a public, trafficked area, you might want to consider the advantages of asking for a token donation, even if itÂ’s only 25 cents, for the following 2 reasons:
a. Only those who really want to see the CD will pay you something for it. You may be otherwise giving out CDÂ’s to strangers who are not going to watch it, and maybe just throw it away.
b. There is a psychological incentive for people to value something they have paid for more than something they have gotten for free. Once they pay you, they have “invested” their money, so they are psychologically “invested” in getting something out of their purchase. In other words, everything else being equal, they are more likely to value and watch a CD they have paid for versus one they have received for free at no cost.

Please post what you think.

Dear Somebigguy, Thank you

Dear Somebigguy,
Thank you for the flyer. I like it a lot. I have one thing about it I would have changed if I had made it.

In advertising, it is important to have an action statement, and you have one. I like a lot of your action recommendations at the bottom.

However, I think that, although I like a lot, I don't think it and should stand alone as websites for newbies. This is only IMHO of course. But the reason is this. As you know we get occasional trolls posting nonsense. Then we sometimes get flame wars going between the trolls and the non-trolls. And that kind of stuff I think can be a turn-off for the newbies. I think newbies should have additional sites given to them, such as and/or and/or or even

If a newbie comes to this site only and goes into the comments section, they might be turned off.

Now I LOVE this site. I am not putting it down. But I think this site is best suited for people who know enough about the scene to know what trolls are and what they are doing.

IMHO. I would love to see an alternative version with those other websites. Thanks for listening.

Have you seen my flyer? Any ideas for improvement on mine?

P.S. I posted this on the other thread by mistake.
jj111 | 07.27.06 - 11:51 pm | #

Grassroots Organizing 101 -

I like the flyer. I'd

I like the flyer.

I'd consider distributing it as I've advocated deception dollars in the past. But these flyers are much bigger than DDs, so...

Print the flyers at Kinkos or similar, use color paper, like red, or goldenrod etc. White's not dramatic enough.

NEWSRACKS: the free weekly rags are good, coz you don't have to pay to open the newsracks. These papers are often distributed on Wed or Thur for the paper dated the following week. But if you're willing to part with 50-100 cents, definately hit those other MSN news racks: NYT, WSJ, YourTownRag etc. Put a flyer in between section 1 and 2 of each rag, that way the people will definitely find them as they open the paper to read. In "tabloid" (magazine) style rags, put them inside the front cover, near the table of contents. For the daily rags, hit the newsracks EARLY, to reach the maximum # of people.

It takes several minutes of standing there to insert these flyers into the papers. One idea is, make quick work of opening the rack, take about 3/4 of the stack of papers and return to your nearby car. In the car you can insert the flyers more easily and less conspicuously. If you paid to open the rack, obstruct the spring loaded door from closing while you do your biz in the car. Then return the new and improved papers to the rack for sale.

SHOPPING CARTS: these are often collected in the parking lots of stores. Whether they're separate or inserted into one another like a freight train, you can toss a flyer into them. The ones together like a train make the quickest work- just insert them at the top of each cart, where they'll sit waiting to fall into the cart when the cart behind it is removed. The store grunts who collect the carts won't take the time to de-flyer them... and you can flyer them 10X faster than they can de-flyer them.

CAR WINDSHIELDS, prolly under the wiper. This is more hazardous, use your discretion.

These are just a few avenues. Remember it's illegal to open mail boxes so don't do that. But you can leave a few in the area, or insert one folded loosely where the red pick-up flag hing is, etc.

Hey Jon, When is the Chicago

Hey Jon,

When is the Chicago conference? I am here in Chicago and would definitely attend.


Can anyone of you research

Can anyone of you research intensive people (newbies) come take a look at this...

Phalanx Close-In Weapon System (CIWS)
-- --

It was always my impression that these were in place in and around the Pentagon. I have no proof of such. On ships, they are sometimes referred to as R2D2's, or Zippers (because of the sound they make), and on shops they can be fitted into a "pop-up" format hidden belows decks until needed.

oops... and on ships...


and on ships...

"Hey Jon, When is the

"Hey Jon,

When is the Chicago conference? I am here in Chicago and would definitely attend.


It already took place...

I found a picture of Tim

I found a picture of Tim Osman.


Sitting-Bull: How can we


How can we verify that photo is authentic?

This is a digression, but

This is a digression, but there is a poll at the new Stephen Colbert site, and we are barely winning.

Also there are many threads on 9/11 that could be helped out. Please.

So far, this is one liberal Blog where we are allowed to post.

I think it looks a lot like

I think it looks a lot like OBL and it also looks seriously fake, IMO.

I do not have a color

I do not have a color printer, can someone repost the flyer in only black and white? I need the all important web links!!!

Hey Paul, that should print

Hey Paul, that should print out good on black and white...