9/11 Revisited on TV

Can anyone in the Seattle area confirm this?

Monday, July 31st at 9 PM Pacific, on cable Channel 77/29 in Seattle, SCAN TV -- and world-wide on the web at the newly-revamped SCAN website http://scantv.org.

The 'All-Ways Pursuing Truth' show will be featuring the powerful evidentiary video "9/11 REVISITED".

Whats up with these new

Whats up with these new pentagon pictures? Has anyone seen them or know of any links? This could be huge!!
ChrisB | 07.30.06 - 11:00 pm | #
did i miss something? new pictures of the Pentagon? little help?

i heard something about an

i heard something about an A-3 Skywarriors wings being present at the scene. is this right?

pls. stop the small talk at

pls. stop the small talk at the moment and call the media while the cspan link exist..


Comments or story idea?


PO Box 693, New York, NY 10013

Call us: (212) 431-9090
Fax us: (212) 431-8858

Dutch 9/11 Poll. Please

Dutch 9/11 Poll. Please vote.

Denkt u dat de Verenigde Staten het WTC op 11 september 2001 zelf opbliezen?

Do you think that the US blew up the WTC on 9/11?


At least 36% thinks they did... With a rather conservative paper... Pretty amazing because nobody ever mentioned anything about 9/11 possibly being an inside job on any `official' dutch news outlet.

Following Zakheim And

Following Zakheim And Pentagon Trillions To Israel And 9/11

That is, in 2001 Dov was CEO of SPS International, part of System Planning Corporation, a defense contractor majoring in electronic warfare technologies, including remote-controlled aircraft systems, and the notorious Flight Termination System (FTS) technology that could hijack even a hijacked plane and land or crash it wherever.

Whats up with these new

Whats up with these new pentagon pictures? Has anyone seen them or know of any links? This could be huge!!
ChrisB | 07.30.06 - 11:00 pm | #
did i miss something? new pictures of the Pentagon? little help?
Chris | Homepage | 07.31.06 - 8:16 am | #
nobody knows what im talking about?

Does anybody have a link to

Does anybody have a link to that short article that was posted in the last few days about why WTC 7 was wiped out?

shit, im sorry, i didnt even

shit, im sorry, i didnt even notice it was in the open thread. my fault.

Another Dutch article in

Another Dutch article in mainstream paper.

Consipary theory about the attacks on the WTC no longer controversial.


Hey Chris, thats a somewhat

Hey Chris, thats a somewhat old article regarding the wings at the Pentagon (a month or so), I could never find the supposed pictures that go along with it. If you have any luck, let us know...

who was the original source

who was the original source for this info? this is the first ive heard of it.

"...A vast majority of

"...A vast majority of Iraqis and even 70 percent of US servicemen and women want us to bring the troops home. Lest we forget, it was Wolfowitz, Perle, Abrams, Wurmser, and other neocons who argued (well before 9/11/2001) that an attack on Iraq would serve Israel..."

Hey Chris, here is the info

Hey Chris, here is the info from the original article:

The Idaho Observer
P.O. Box 457
Spirit Lake, Idaho 83869
Phone: 208-255-2307
Email: observer@coldreams.com

I'll drop them a line...

Another Dutch article in

Another Dutch article in mainstream paper.



Consipary theory about the attacks on the WTC no longer controversial.

-The movement that believes that the Bush-goverment itself destroyed the WTC, goes above ground.

-Prof J. Vambersky refuses to work along. He was asked to help the students who are investigating this summer if the Twin Towers where demolished, instead of being destroyed by the attack with airplanes. "Totaly not serious", says the prof. civil technic and geo-science. The project went further without him.

-Financial journalist Willem Middelkoop thinks the initiatif is just "very good". "this is what we need" Because conspiracy theories about 911 are past the "internet only" stage. It are no longer a few nut casses, but millions of people around the world. Bush can't avoid it any longer.

-Middelkoop himself - Freelancer and commentator on RTL Z -believes the attacks where done by moslims extremist. "some people say that Bin Laden doenst even exists. That's not how far I go. But i'm convinced that the Bush goverment knew the attacks were coming and placed explosives in the buildings to destroy them - after the planes had crashed.

-According to Middelkoop the american goverment wanted a big disaster, because it would give them the possibility to go after their long planned wars to defend there economic supremacy. The world economy is controlled by a small elite around the American stock exchange, the CIA and the American president. "The United States attacked Iraq among other things because Saddam Hoessein wanted to sell his oil in Euros instead of dollars.

-As from day one alternative theories for the events on September 11 went around. Especially on extreme left orientated internet pages the idea arose that powerful industrialists had a hand in the tragedy. This idea was fed when it was confessed that authorities had had indications for the attacks, but had not reacted adequate. And because America falsly stated that Iraq had mass destruction weapons.

-Numerous websites are dedicated at the way the WTC collapsed. "Experts say that skyscrapers can't collapse by fire", says Middelkoop. He points out that WTC 7 collapsed while it was not hit by an airplane.

-In Holland the alternative theories took a flight after the American millionaire Jimmy Walters talked about this subject in Amsterdam. Since then Dutch same minded people
organize meetings. "Its getting mainstream".

Middelkoop writes about the alternative theories. Vara program 'Zembla' works on a documentary. Maker Kees schaap said recently in this newspaper that he does not reject the conspiracy theories . Also he will speak at the TU. According to a press woman of the TU, the studium generale program is indeed less heavy than a research by university staff, but 'serious' and 'no joke'. The students have two weeks and get 300 euro.

From the Idaho

From the Idaho Observer:

"And now a third theory surfaces and appears supported by the photographic record: Pictured is a crane at the Pentagon cleanup site hoisting up for all to see two wing sections that reportedly match specification of a small airplane, the A3 Skywarrior. One thing is for certain, these are among the only large pieces of airplane wreckage found at the scene and none of them have been identified as parts of a Boeing 757."

Wow. Would love to see those pictures.

Interesting article from

Interesting article from Aljazeera on the question of whether World War III is immenent. What also caught my eye were the hyperlinks. Click on Blair and you're linked to a bio on Tony Blair. Click on Hezbollah and you're linked to a bio on Hezbollah. Interestingly, click on George W. Bush and you're linked back to the article on the imminence of WWIII. Just a glitch, or is this Aljazeera's way of saying GWB's bio will be forever linked to WWIII?

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The Bush Regime Card Deck.

The Bush Regime Card Deck. Thought I'd share.

Osama and Colin are the

Osama and Colin are the Jokers! PRICELESS!!!

Pentagon Plane debris, Note-

Pentagon Plane debris, Note- composite material used is same as that used in Global Hawk Technology - (see below)

“Official version”: http://americanhistory.si.edu/september11/collection/record.asp?ID=28

Osama and Colin are the

Osama and Colin are the Jokers! PRICELESS!!!

...And Kissinger is the Two of Spide. :)

Oh, I see, they have WMD's

Oh, I see, they have WMD's as one of the jokers. I don't see Jeff Gannon anywhere in the deck. He would of made a nice Queen.

Nineeleven.co.uk: "All, I`ve


I`ve just spent half a day (god I`m sad!) searching through over 500 interview transcripts with NY emergency workers who attended the WTC.
Some of whom actually witnessed the collapses, although this stuff has been mentioned before I`m certain I`ve found some new evidence."


Official Presbyterian

TNF: Bush is the King of

TNF: Bush is the King of Diamonds??

Why is he not the Jack of Shit?


9/11 Revisited on TV? So

9/11 Revisited on TV? So what!

I have a lot of loose change. I believe Dylan Avery secretly endorses
Nico Haupt and his 9/11 CGI Theory. In America you have the freedom
to choose which researcher you wish to plagiarize in your documentary,
right Dylan?

“I want to tell you something very clear: Don't worry about American
pressure on Israel. We, the Jewish people, control America, and the
Americans know it." — Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon

"Our race is the Master Race. We are divine gods on this planet. We are
as different from the inferior races as they are from insects. In fact,
compared to our race, other races are beasts and animals, cattle at
best. Other races are considered as human excrement. Our destiny is to
rule over the inferior races. Our earthly kingdom will be ruled by our
leader with a rod of iron. The masses will lick our feet and serve us
as our slaves." — Israeli Prime Minister Menechem Begin

“One million Arabs are not worth a Jewish fingernail."
— Rabbi Yaacov Perrin (NY Daily News, Feb. 28, 1994, p.6)

Ask your local Jew to tell you the history of Israel. And then catch
him in his lie.

Israel is allowed to do what it does because the rank-and-file of
American Jewry permits it. All Jews support the existence of Israel as
a homeland for Jews because they are persecuted all over the world, or
so the story goes.

The key question to achieving a sane peace on this planet is .... why
have Jews always been persecuted?

And how is this persecution related to what is happening now in
Lebanon, Gaza, Iraq, and so many other places?

There is a reason for this persecution, isnÂ’t there? The real question
is .... do you have the courage to see it?

Or will you continue to keep your mouth shut because of fear of losing
your paycheck?

Can you possibly understand that the lives of billions of people depend
on how each of us answers that question?

How could Howard J. Rubenstein do business with a mass murder?
(Could it be because they are both Jewish?)







Wait... I thought Dylan and

Wait... I thought Dylan and Co. were CIA operatives! ;-)

P.S. Forgive me, I am watching too much "Alias" reruns on DVD.

While 9/11 truth takes

While 9/11 truth takes forever to trickle out in dribs & drabs, the pepetraitors are probably plotting another false-flag attack on us!

Anonymous... You can pretty


You can pretty much count on another "false flag" operation a month or two before the November elections. Oh wait... we have a false-flag operation going on now... Israel decimates Lebanon, killing over 500 civilians (mostly women and children). The provocation was two CAPTURED Israeli soldiers caught in Lebanon. However, this attack was planned well in advance. Watch for Israel to "accidentally" lob a bomb into Syria. Of course, Syria has to retaliate, thus getting Iran involved. Then of course, the U.S. has to step up to defend their buddy and bomb Iran... It will happen, just a matter of when.

Kurt, Do you really think


Do you really think the Bush/Cheney Administration is going to attack Iran?


My Great-great-great

My Great-great-great grandfather was Ralph Russell.

Valley of God's Pleasure


Book Specialisation- U.S. Military, Aviation, Aeronautics, Lighter-than-Air, Ohioana & Old Northwest, Maps, Atlases & Postcards, Americana

'United 93' Terrorist


Regarding the Pentagon

Regarding the Pentagon attack:

I know that the attack on the Pentagon is a bit of a touchy subject. But this 9/11 Truther believes that indeed a plane did hit the Pentagon. But not a 757. That is literally impossible thanks to the photographic evidence provided. The Pentagon has 5 rings... The section of the Pentagon that was hit (thanks to a very skilled "Hani Hanjour), was the least populated, most heavily reinforced side of the building. I am sure all of you have seen the pictures of the C ring with the distinct hole that was punctured thru the C-ring wall. There is absolutely NO WAY a 757 plane made this "signature" (i.e. an 18 foot hole in the wall).

WTC 7 is the smoking gun regarding 9/11 as it relates to video evidence. But that hole in the C ring of the Pentagon is a very close second.

TS... I believe that Israel


I believe that Israel will provoke a war against Iran. News reports, even on the MSM have stated that Israel has come as close as one mile from the Syrian border in their bombings. I predict that one "errant" missile into Syria (which Israel will of course apologize for) will get Syria, thus Iran into this war. The U.S. government is looking for any excuse to go to war with Iran. This latest conflict, planned months ago by Israel (using two "kidnapped Israeli soldiers") is our government's golden opportunity to warrant a war against Iran.

But, I could be wrong. I believe that Mideast Wars, including Iraq and the imminent war on Iran is all about the oil.

I know, this Israel attack

I know, this Israel attack on Lebanon with all those civilian deaths, what the hell was the point?

Also, 2 "kidnapped" soliers = hundreds of dead women & children? I don't get it.

If the I.R.A. kidnapped 2

If the I.R.A. kidnapped 2 British soldiers, would Britain then be justified to bombard Dublin to pieces? I don't think so. Why does Israel always get away with murder?

Anony I agree with your


I agree with your post, except I would say that in war, it's not called kidnapping. Its called capturing. There is credible info that says these soldiers were captured in Lebanon. MSM lying for Israel again.

No. 1.. the soldiers were

No. 1.. the soldiers were captured in Lebanon... not "kidnapped"

No. 2 ..The attack on Lebanon was planned months ago... not due to the "kidnapped" Israeli soldiers.

No. 3 Israel knows that the U.S. is beholding to them (their government, not the people)... God, Allah, Elohim only knows what the Israeli Secret Service has on both Republicans and Democrats .... Would you really want to see Nancy Pelosi "carpet munching"?

All news now is on Mel Gibson's "anti-Semitic" remarks. In these remarks he stated that "Jews" have been responsible for all wars in the last 60 years... Any of you want to dispute that? And I am pretty sure that Mel meant Zionists as opposed to Jews

Why do we as Americans,

Why do we as Americans, support the State of Israel.?

They seem to be baby, children killers...

My girlfriend is Jewish and she is appalled with what is going on between Zion and the rest of the world

road66, what did you use for

road66, what did you use for the translation of the Dutch article? Babelfish doesn't seem to produce as good results.




"I helped solve the crimes of 9/11 and all I got was this lousy T-shirt".- Harry Potter