The Radio Event of the Day Award... my opinion, goes to Randi Rhodes of Air America for plugging the C-SPAN broadcast, and stating her case, yet again, that NORAD was either a) told to stand down or, b) crippled somehow (terror drills?) to disable SOP that should have prevented ALL "hijacked" planes from crashing into buildings on 9/11.

Col Robert Bowman (Ret.) is sampled and played several times, his Air Force experience speaks to Randi Rhodes, (also former Air Force), and shores up her interpretation of the "failure" of NORAD on 9/11. In other words, NORAD didn't "fail" on 9/11, it wasn't allowed to "succeed"... by design.

The archived program can be downloaded from Ben Burch's White Rose

MP3 download. (The first half of the show is a thorough deconstruction of Neocon foreign policy; including extreme criticism of Israel's current military action in Lebanon and how Neocon radio jocks are conducting a campaign to dehumanize Lebanese civilians to facilitate their deaths as "collateral damage". It's gutsy radio well worth sitting through until you get to the 9/11 "good stuff". There is also an interview with Mike Papantonio about those nasty fascist voting machines. All of this frames 9/11 as a pretext/facilitating event for Neocon foreign policy.)

Randi's previous NORAD cover story tear down was on May 15th, you can listen to it here.

My favorite quote, "Wake up."

Vince Foster was murdered as

Vince Foster was murdered as a lesson to teach Bill Clinton the rules of the game.

When Katrina flooded New Orleans, Bush looked surprised. Two weeks later, he sat in the Earth Monitoring station and observed the second Hurricane as it hit the Texas Coast. He was shown in no uncertain ter4ms exactly how much control the so-called 'Secret Government's' control is.

NORAD, actually CSOC completely orchestrated 9/11. I agree with the latest post, there's no time left for an "investigation." All we need is a trial, and they should kick-off the party by sending all members of Congress to G'tmo for a two-week 'reminder' of their current committment to US "Law."

those computers look like

those computers look like crap.

they didn't confirm it was

they didn't confirm it was the flight that hit?

They better call the

They better call the President.

And tell him people are getting pissed.

I started listening from

I started listening from 2:27:00 to the end of the mp3, and Randi did exceptionally well-- a firm but gentle, and most of all thorough, yank up to deprogram Level One.


KUDOS KUDOS KUDOS...To Randi Rhodes for FFFFIIIIINNNNNAAAALLLLLYYYYY...Talking about 9/11 AND inviting listeners to call in with questions, concerns, comments about C-SPAN's airing of Sept. 11 attacks. on the American Perspective segment. I called several times last week begging to talk to Randi about the 9/11 attacks as Professor Jones of BYU has examined some steel samples from WTC, once the "missing ingredient' or "smoking gun" that proves positively that incendiaries (controlled demolitions charges) brought down WTC buildings 1,2 and 7. NOW IS THE TIME TO DISCUSS THIS BECAUSE WE MAY WELL BE ON THE WAY TO ANOTHER SET OF DOMESTIC ATTACKS/AND OR MORE ILLEGAL WARS TO TAKE OUR EYES OFF THE 9/11 BALL. don't fall for it.

I still wish Randi would be

I still wish Randi would be more willing to hop on the controlled demolition board.

Here's my letter to

Here's my letter to Randi:

Randi, you are so completely right about forgetting our "theories"
and focusing on why we do not know what happened on 9/11.
No-one has been held accountable, the 9/11 Commission was a joke,
and as Bob Bowman said, if the government had done nothing, standard
operating procedures would have worked as they do approximately 100
times every year.

I've been obsessed with the physics, which as an engineer, are clear
proof to me of the official story's falsehood, but I have not modeled and
proved another explanation, let alone being able
to convince someone outside the engineering field. I support this research, but we are not there yet. The crime scene has long since been wiped clean. [In quite a hurry to ship the steel overseas, without proper forensic analysis weren't they?]

So I applaud your candor and courage in the face of a truly horrendous
reality -
that our government would hide the facts on the Event that started so much
and misery, and if they would lie about that, what else are they capable of?

Thanks again, and Blessings,