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The recent Scripps poll has papers big and small across the USA trying to make sense of it all. Here is an example of a Scripps paper, (the Independent-Mail), spinning the data in Anderson, SC, "Is the government to blame for Sept. 11?".

Yesterday, Webster Tarpley had Lt. Col. (Ret.) Robert Bowman on his show in the second hour, you can download the show from the RBN archive. (Server seems to be swamped right now.) Tarpley will be a featured speaker, along with Andreas Von Beulow, Gerhard Wisneski and Thomas Meyer at a 9/11 conference next month in Germany called; "Five Years After - A Summing Up," which will be held all day long on September 10th, at the Rudolf Steiner Academy in Holzen, near Basel, Switzerland. (If anyone attends, please send us photos and a report).

Poster u2r2h has made an ultra-compressed web version of "Loose Change" for your poor Uncle Doug in his Rocky Mountain survival shack with the Dial-Up internets. Torrent here. It's Real Player 10 format, a remarkable 70MB.

The 9/11 Automaton Jon Gold who never sleeps has a recent Michael Woolsey interview with Don Paul posted on his site, as well as new press release from Kyle Hence for "Press for Truth" inviting all 9/11 activists to get DVD copies of the film and host house parties across the country. Sounds like a good idea.

If you've never been to Jeff Wells' Rigorous Intuition blog, check it out, his most recent post, "Area 9/11" is good stuff. Here is some local NY reporting at Devlin Buckley's The American Monitor blog, about a recent showing of "Loose Change". The author of last month's favorable "Loose Change" article in Vanity Fair has a new blog, you can send her a note of thanks there.

Love it or hate it, "Loose Change" set folks a talkin' and sets writers writin'. Here's yet another Hot and Cold review in the Ashland, Oregon, Daily Tidings, "The rebirth of conspiracy theories".

Here are 8 well-formulated questions about Flight 93 for the Coincidence Theorists by "stickdog" at GNN. has a 4-camera mix of the LA Symposium free to view on their website. You can also directly hop to the and rate it up!

Finally, a 9/11 attack photojournal that I hadn't seen before.

Thanks to everyone who sent stuff in.

Inspirational quote: Truth

Inspirational quote:

Truth always rests with the minority, and the minority is always stronger than the majority, because the minority is generally formed by those who really have an opinion, while the strength of a majority is illusory, formed by the gangs who have no opinion—and who, therefore, in the next instant (when it is evident that the minority is the stronger) assume its opinion ... while Truth again reverts to a new minority.
Soren Kierkegaard.

Rigorous Intuition is the

Rigorous Intuition is the shit. that coincidence theorists guide to 9/11 is still one of the best resources.

Webster Tarpley's 3rd

Webster Tarpley's 3rd Edition of "9/11 Synthetic Terror: Made in the USA" is amazing! Here are 25 pages from chapter 6, the collapse of the WTC:

Here is much more about the book & how to order it:

Great article at GNN about

Great article at GNN about Flight 93. IMH, it's just an impossible plane crash site as the OV would like us to believe how it append. Personnally, I've always thought that F93 was the biggest and more obvious smoking gun of all. Is it just me?

Christian Faith and the

Christian Faith and the Truth behind 9/11: A Call to Reflection and Action, by David Ray Griffin--Read the preface to this fantastic new book here:

More info about the book here:

Go help the good doctor out

Go help the good doctor out by writing a good review.

I had forwarded this article

I had forwarded this article (and more) on 9/11 (Exposing the 9/11 Conspiracy Wingnuts - By Bill Douglas talk show host Ed Schultz after his comments about the 9/11 Truth Movement were 'pychos' and 'nutcases'.

Obviously he didn't even read any of it and made no comments regarding it, but his reply to me was "Get a lifeÂ….Somebody else can be your wacko heroÂ…not meÂ… ed."

Just a reminder of the

Just a reminder of the nature of the fake "Left/anti-Bush" sites we have in our midst, and how they labor to censor & control the discussion.

For kicks I created a profile ("GoldBuff") and posted a "Recent Glut of MSM 9/11 Truth Coverage (Audio, Video)" thread at Left Gatekeeper site messageboard. It points to 911blogger pages and images throughout.

The message appeared *exactly* as it does HERE, which is an alternative, uncensored BBS. It was a straight copy/paste job of the BBS code.

As you can see from the AIPAC-Whipped-Chimp thread, it took all of 8 minutes for BoardNanny (who also clandestinely doubles as unassuming member "BoloBoffin") to screech,

2 of 2. BoardNanny | Member 1902, Joined Jul 02, 2001 | 2276 posts

Posted: 2006-08-04 17:54

We already have a thread talking about the Washington Post article and the recent release of evidence. That's all the glut we want here, thank you very much, please feel free to start your own website.

This topic is locked; no new posts may be added |

Notice he doesn't address how the post covers vastly more than just the WaPo and NORAD storys... so he deleted all the text so their whipped flock don't learn of this. I suspect the evidence of BoardNanny/BoloBoffin's left-gatekeeping will be deleted shortly, the book burned, in which case, the above URL will have no subject line, and will say, "post 0 of 1". What else is new out there in Zionist-Whipped Left Gatekeeper Land?

He also banned my "GoldBuff" profile from the site, after only ONE POST. I musta posted something VEWY BAD. :(

Oops... sorry for the

Oops... sorry for the repetitive post above. I didn't think it went through.

Ok...this is weird.

Ok...this is weird.

What else is new out there

What else is new out there in Zionist-Whipped Left Gatekeeper Land?

Just to substantiate the "Zionist-Whipped" description, here's another locked thread at SmirkingChimp,

Israel's Man at the UN (John Bolton's dual loyalties)/TomBarry/Counterpunch

Notice ZOA-Whip "cerwiller" chimes in to drop the hollowed out anti-Semitic bomb on Bolton/Israel's critics, and shortly later the thread is locked by the ostensible site owner SmirkyChimpster. This sort of censorship is completely pervasive there.

As to banning 9/11 discussion by the site's (clandestinely) Zionist management, which country was the top beneficiary of 9/11 again??

"By Way Of Deception, We Shall Make War" (motto of the Mossad)

Repost: My educated guess at


My educated guess at the moment is that on 9/11/06 we should have a fairly small, well-behaved group with signs/posters at Ground Zero, and politely give out free literature & truth DVDs.

A huge gang should go to D.C. and scream like hell that 9/11 was an inside job to enable Bush/Cheney to conquer Afghanistan, Iraq, Iran, etc.; while trying to get as much media coverage on 9/11 truth as possible.

Cincy, your link didnt work.

Cincy, your link didnt work.

Chris, just get rid of ')

Chris, just get rid of ') to' at the end of the url in the browser address field.

damn, i should have noticed

damn, i should have noticed that,haha. thanks.

Is the government to blame

Is the government to blame for Sept. 11?
By Samantha Epps
Anderson Independent-Mail
August 4, 2006

Local residents said it is not impossible to believe the White House was responsible for the terrorist attacks in New York and Washington on Sept. 11, 2001, but they really donÂ’t want to believe it.

If they did believe that, however, they would be part of a large group.

More than a third of the American public suspects that federal officials assisted in the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks or took no action to stop them so the United States could go to war in the Middle East, according to a new Scripps Howard/Ohio University poll,1886,AND_8203_4895005,...

Hmmm...thanks Chris. Let me

Hmmm...thanks Chris. Let me try this. I'll break up the url into parts. Just put them together in one line.

www.informationclearinghouse + .info/ + article13969.htm

I'll also post other links to the article.

The impressive thing about this article are the links to all of the members of the 9/11 Truth Movement such as:
David Ray Griffin
Morgan Reynolds
Stephen Jones
Bob Bowman
James Fetzer
Michael Meacher
Kevin Ryan
Dr. Paul Craig Roberts etc.

The author states that it is impossible that all of these people can be 'conspiracy wingnuts'.

It's obvious to me why we

It's obvious to me why we attacked Afghanistan, Iraq, and had our sights on Iran next, in that order.

Aghanistan was the weakest to take over, occupy, & set up base. Iraq was 2nd weakest (but far more fierce than expected).

If they had taken over Afghanistan & Iraq as planned, they'd have bases on either side of the 3rd & biggest prize, Iran!!! (Just look at a map, Iran is right in the middle of these countries!)

= + = Organizing Notes blog

= + =
Organizing Notes blog - by Bruce Gagnon

+ =
= + =
= + =
Please support the fundraiser this
week! And write them requesting they open up to theURGENT "9/11 TRUTH" Movement, BEFORE the NEXT 9/11
occurs, which likely will be SOON, if not sooner.
+ Kev +

A few more words... I'm just

A few more words...

I'm just back from Wacken Open Air festival in northern germany.

Ministry was on stage friday night, and they played "Lies Lies Lies" as the sixth oder seventh song.

I was in the first row and hold my banner up.

"Thx Ministry 4 "Lies Lies Lies"
in front,

backwards: 911 = inside job.

I'm quite sure they saw it.

It was impressing to hear Dylan's voice in front of several thousand people. Nearly 50000 in Wacken overall, I guess at around 7000-9000 attended Ministry.

Don't know if I made it to the tv screen. Unfortunately I have no photos from me and my banner at night, only in daylight. I'll post them as soon I got them.

And, yeah, Al Jourgenson rocks. I'm sure he made many many new fans. It was great. Several people I talked with were interested in Loose Change and in Ministry's new album Rio Grande Blood...

I'm jonesing to hear

I'm jonesing to hear yesterday's Tarpley show on RBN, but all their archive pages including Tarpley's:
have been down since last night, with no end in sight. Can someone who got the MP3s before the site went down, post them somewhere for us? thx

That Vanity Fair writer

That Vanity Fair writer seems to be on-board with 9/11 Truth. Check out her blog. She has a lengthy interview with Korey Rowe about his time in the army. I didn't see any contact info for her, though, to thank her for covering LC.

Also, I tried several days ago to place a review of the American Scholars Symposium at C-Span, but to date I don't see it posted. Must remember to keep trying. It continues to be on their list of popular and recent programs.

Sitting-Bull, Can you attend


Can you attend the Tarpley lecture next month?

@ reprehensor: Where and

@ reprehensor: Where and when?

I could not listen to his yesterday program so I'm not up to date.

Tarpley will be a featured

Tarpley will be a featured speaker, along with Andreas Von Beulow, Gerhard Wisneski and Thomas Meyer at a 9/11 conference next month in Germany called; "Five Years After - A Summing Up," which will be held all day long on September 10th, at the Rudolf Steiner Academy in Holzen, near Basel, Switzerland.

Nancy Jo Sales'

Nancy Jo Sales' email;

That is an interesting

That is an interesting theory, that the reason parts were found miles away is because the plane began to break up in the air from pressure or mechanical explosions, and not from a missile. maybe even a bomb. See, but even this was never investigated by the NTSB.

@ reprehensor: Switzerland,

@ reprehensor:

Switzerland, Germany??

I'll ask Gerhard Wisnewski what's that about.

for your poor Uncle Doug in

for your poor Uncle Doug in his Rocky Mountain survival shack with the Dial-Up internets.

You could have been less cynical. Why not frame it positive?

a small version for the brave people excluded from high-speed internet

thanks for the plug. Now we need someone to host it on http ... someone?