9-11 Truth Movement: Focus or Die

Kind of a long article, I posted the most important parts below...

So we must ask: Is this the time for sectarianism, name-calling, jealousy, territorial squabbles, and McCarthyist witch-hunt tactics where everyone is labeled an agent? Have some individuals become so egostistical that they are blind to the need for rationality at this critical time? Do they truly believe their own selfish needs and pet theories outweight the effort to actually arrest the criminals who engineered the terror attacks of September 11?
And most importantly, by focusing on our best points, rather than our weakest hypotheses, we can stop World War III.

For the 9-11 truth movement, the camera is rolling and America is watching.

Focus or die.

I don't mean to question

I don't mean to question Prof Jones ideas. But I hope you will see that he is a weak spokesman for the movement. His one-on-one interviews really suck. Don't suggest that he be used in media interviews.
He needs to stay on panel discussions, etc., or get a voice trainer to come across more directly, as our blogger suggests.

Attitude is very important.

Is Israel Allowing Hezbollah

Is Israel Allowing Hezbollah to Kill Its Citizens?

Kurt Nimmo | August 7 2006

For the honest historian, it comes as no surprise government either kills its own citizens or allows enemies to do the same in an effort to score propaganda points or as an excuse to commence hostilities.

Examples are numerous, from FDR denying Americans passport and travel documents to let them flee the Japanese onslaught of the Philippines in the lead up to the Second World War (see US prisoners claim Roosevelt left them in Philippines deliberately) to Operation Northwoods, a plan drawn up by the Joint Chiefs of Staff to stage fake terror attacks in America (including assassination, airplane hijacking, and sinking of boats) in order to devise a pretext to invade Cuba.

Indeed, some of us, routinely dismissed as tinfoil hatters, believe elements within the United States government engineered and executed the terrorist events of September 11, 2001, as a way to get the ball rolling on the “war against terrorism,” that is to say the war against Islam, currently heating up big time in the Middle East.


This falseflag article can

This falseflag article can work up paranoia. Be careful...

Thanks for the post, I am

Thanks for the post, I am the author of the article.

Before the sectarians can swarm this message board and accuse me of being a limited hangout gatekeeper agent, let me make it perfectly clear:

1) Those pushing their pet theories are free to continue their research and put it in the public domain for inspection. But their libelous slander, name-calling, and self-loathing sectarianism does nothing to advance the cause of 9-11 truth. It merely divides and conquers at the worst possible time, when the movement is going mainstream.

2) When we actually are lucky enough to get TV time, we have to remember that many Americans have not woken up. We can win them over with WTC7, controlled demolition, terror drill/war games that day, CIA insider stock trades, "Angel is Next" call to Bush, and the ensuing cover-up.

However if you want to lose the audience of middle America, the best method would be to start pushing frothy speculation.

It's called compromise. Strategy. Maturity.

I am asking that we grow up a little. We can still discuss the details of "what really happened" and agree to disagree. But when we have a national audience, is it too much to ask for a little focus?

Finally, those who waste their time slandering Dr. Steven Jones need a serious priority check. The witch hunts need to stop, or that shrill faction of the movement will render itself irrelevant.

(now go ahead and label me agent... :-)


nice article Dan. I just

nice article Dan. I just wish it were a work of fiction


Oops, how could I forget the

Oops, how could I forget the NORAD stand down?

Again, let me make it clear: The fringe theorists are perfectly within their rights to write papers about their evidence. But if others dare to disagree, labeling them as agents and idiots is destructive and cowardly. If their theories were so strong, they would not resort to such McCarthyist tactics.

I am asking us to build a real political movement and begin to integrate middle America into the 9-11 truth party.

How about if instead of wasting time destroying ourselves, we call Air America radio and break through to more of their hosts? Why not copy some DVD's and hand them out in the town square?

How about focusing on solutions instead of disrupting message boards? How about we grow up and focus on our best points, rather than the vulnerable hypotheses?

just saw this message in the

just saw this message in the IMDB WTC board:

I notice that WTC has not only bombarded MTV with commercials, but also has a half-hour special on the movie which I assume they are going to play twice a day until the movie comes out.

Does MTV have many call in shows or something similar?

"And most importantly, by

"And most importantly, by focusing on our best points, rather than our weakest hypotheses, we can stop World War III."

Our best points are the tip of the spear for our movement. Please keep this in mind when talking to new people about 9/11.

Thanks Agent Dan. ;) I agree

Thanks Agent Dan. ;)

I agree with you and I think it may be now or never. This mouvement should focus on the basic.
I tell you, I'd totally freaked out if I hear sometime something like... Faux News will have an interview with a real 9/11 thuther, Nico Haupt. :o(

"Tom Ricks, you've covered a

"Tom Ricks, you've covered a number of military conflicts, including Iraq, as I just mentioned. Is civilian casualties increasingly going to be a major media issue? In conflicts where you don't have two standing armies shooting at each other? THOMAS RICKS, REPORTER, "THE WASHINGTON POST": I think it will be. But I think civilian casualties are also part of the battlefield play for both sides here. One of the things that is going on, according to some U.S. military analysts, is that Israel purposely has left pockets of Hezbollah rockets in Lebanon, because as long as they're being rocketed, they can continue to have a sort of moral equivalency in their operations in Lebanon.

KURTZ: Hold on, you're suggesting that Israel has deliberately allowed Hezbollah to retain some of it's fire power, essentially for PR purposes, because having Israeli civilians killed helps them in the public relations war here?

RICKS: Yes, that's what military analysts have told me. "


Great article and ideas!

Great article and ideas!

Hear Hear!! Down with egos,

Hear Hear!! Down with egos, down with pet theories, down with divisiveness and petty squables. Up with solidarity, Up with cold, hard, testable, verifiable and falsifiable FACTS! Just between you, me and the lamp post, each and every one of us is utterly insignficant and extremely important at the same time (It's a paradox, like light being both particle and wave at the same time). What matters most is the movement, getting the truth out and getting something done about it. Focus on the first thing first and the second thing second. Please! Thanks!

Dan, that was a great

Dan, that was a great article. Thanks for writing it. I agree totally with your premise. The "out there" theories need to be shelved (if only for a little while) so we can take this thing supernova with the solid, 100% verifyable evidence.

The various details can be worked out later by the prosecuting attorneys and historians.

if by "out there" you mean

if by "out there" you mean controlled demolition, you couldnt be more wrong.

"When we actually are lucky

"When we actually are lucky enough to get TV time, we have to remember that many Americans have not woken up. We can win them over with WTC7, controlled demolition, terror drill/war games that day, CIA insider stock trades, "Angel is Next" call to Bush, and the ensuing cover-up."

He doesn't consider Controlled Demolition "out there".

I happen to agree with Dan, we need to focus like a razor sharp spear in order to penetrate this mile thick wall of Cognitive Dissonance that the mainstream media is building.
There needs to be about 5-10 HARD FACTS that need to be continuously repeated adnauseam, while we have MSM coverage ALL speculation needs to take a back seat and STFU.

By "out there" I meant no

By "out there" I meant no planes, etc.

Now let's take Dan's line of

Now let's take Dan's line of reasoning and ALL MOVE FORWARD TOGETHER. Time is ticking. No time for egos. No finger pointing. I'm sure Barrett would agree with this. Perhaps we needed to witness some of the fringe topics being disseminated publicly to make us refocus, regroup, and refine our mission. How we move forward today is what matters. Let's take this experience and turn it into a springboard as we continue to build momentum! Yes, we are potentially all critical components to the effort, but let's remember and remain cognizant of what's at stake!!! The world as we know it!!! Be positive, prayerful, and know that with our efforts, good will triumph over evil.