9/11 Blogs Infiltrated

Is there really any question that all of the 9/11 blogs and websites have been infiltrated by the government and FBI? It is of great importance to some people that the truth not be known and they have come into our internet spaces to give us hell until we give it up! We can usually tell who they are because they don't identify themselves and the comments they leave are meant to discourage us. This is the work of people who wish that the truth not be known. DO NOT BE DISTRACTED.

These people spend most of their time trying to correct and mislead us instead of offering ideas or solutions. They don't have any interest in finding out the truth of the events of 9/11. Their main objective is that we turn against each other and begin to question the 9/11 truth movement. The reality is that no matter what they say, no matter what they try to do....this movement is not only happening on the internet.

We're using the internet to spread the word but that doesn't mean that the 9/11 truth movement is dependent on it. Those who are infiltrating our sites might think that they are making an impact when a few website owners and bloggers get discouraged. The reality is that it goes way beyond the internet. The movement to find the truth is in every country in the world and those who have infiltrated our sites do not matter. How will they discourage the THOUSANDS of people already in route to New York City to meet with the crew members of the film LooseChange ? How will they discourage the THOUSANDS people already in route to Washington, D.C. to meet with the members of 911citizenscourts.com ? And how are they going to stop the THOUSANDS of people on their way to Crawford, TX. to join Campdemocracy.org ? Most of those people didn't find out about those events by visiting our blogs or websites at all. And the best idea comes from the crew of Loose Change who have asked that everyone attending their event bring camera's and record everything they see and turn their cameras onto anyone who causes any violence or disruptions.

Our websites and blogs are only a little part of the 9/11 truth movement. Those who infiltrate them are really just wasting their time. Those who comment on our sites and don't offer anything but to be asses....we know who you are and what your doing....if that isn't a true statement then identify yourselves and offer your help to find the truth of the events of 9/11 and not be anonymous know-it-alls who try to make us believe your crap or distract us!

We know what you're trying to do.


The movement continues.

I agree 100%

We shouldn't be distracted from those who discourage others from looking at facts and scientific data. That's the same technique the MSM uses, and it has no place in 911Blogger. Those who distract are the true problem. I agree 100%.

^ That's all you assclown!

^ That's all you assclown. Go fly a CGI plane to someplace, and don't forget to pack your disinfo!

Look here

hey dummy...

Watch the videos. You'll see no change in the plane's behavior as it enters the building. Wings don't snap off, tail doesn't break, plane doesn't crush. Its direction doesn't even change.

When a plane changes from flying through an "air" environment to flying through a "structural steel / reinforced concrete" environment, the plane's behavior should change.

Only in the twilight zone will an airplane glide through structural steel and reinforced concrete in the same manner as it glides through the air.

Dem Bruce Lee Styles, you're making a fool of yourself. Wake up already

If you like CGI planes so

Dem, if you like CGI planes so much, here is another one for you :)