Share thoughts on 9/11

Share thoughts on 9/11

As the fifth anniversary approaches of the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks, we'd like to hear from you about how that day has changed your life in ways large or small.

You might have started volunteering to honor those who died or decided to spend more time with loved ones. Or maybe your world view has grown pessimistic.

Please share your thoughts and any specific actions you've taken. Be concise. We will publish a selection of responses.

Please send your comments by Monday. Include your name and daytime telephone number so that we can verify authenticity. To respond by e-mail: To send by mail: 9/11 Anniversary, Newsroom, The Seattle Times, P.O. Box 1735, Seattle, WA 98111.

most profoundly

9/11 plus the subsequent finding of information on the Internet has changed my world-view and outlook in life in the most profound way. It has initiated spiritual journey on which I still am today. I have started becoming an activist and given up my old job. I have started making a new circle of friends who all share this insight.

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"I do believe that the

"I do believe that the “young” (younger than 50) crowd that goes to anti-war rallies and junk like that are people that read about the 60’s and felt bummed that they missed them so they try to recreate what was not theirs to begin with."

Somebody actually posted this as part of how 9/11 changed him. What is it that we are trying to recreate from the 60's that was not ours to begin with? Is he referring to our "freedoms?" Does he feel that even freedoms are not ours, and we shouldn't try to get them back?

This is not the 60's. This is much more serious and far reaching.

How has it changed me???

I am a much more cynical person.
After learning 911 was an INSIDE job, I distrust authority/gov bodies etc.
I have zero respect for the republican party. And not much more for any other party.

I woke up and learned about the New World Order
I learned about the Illuminati, the Monarch Children, JFK etc.

Its hard to like humanity after learning about attrocities created by the human race, especially the Monarch Children.

Can we really get any more cruel.

At least I will go to my grave knowing the truth!

My "crusade" in life is to make as many people as I can aware of the TRUTH!!


Stand for SOMETHING...or you'll fall for ANYTHING!!

How 9/11 changed me.

I have learned more in the last two years about how the world works than in all my preceding years combined. 9/11 truth opened my eyes and forced me to look deep into the human condition. What I have found has shocked and amazed me. I think what has shocked me the most is how a small handful of people can manipulate the entire human race into a series of wars simply to push their own sick agenda. I had no idea such evil existed. Thank God for the internet.

Thoughts about the truth of 9/11