Alex Jones prediction

So how many people in here think that Mr. Jone's prediction is correct? I personally could very easily see it happen. Also, does anyone know of any groups in the Syracuse NY area?? please email me

Fright Fest

I think there is no doubt that something will happen by the target date. There are so many things happening at once: fear driven media, "foiled" terror plots, anniversaries of real terror 9/11 (and Katrina), the mid-term elections. The Neo-Cons do not want to lose control!

The question is, what exactly will happen? It could be anything from Alex Jones' predicted "bone shattering" attacks to an October Fright Fest in the media. If you will remember it was the Bin Laden video that came out just before the 04' election. Kerry was quoted as saying that the timing of that video release cost him the election.

Dynamics Abound

First time blog here but you are probably right! Problem, reaction, solution scenarios likely necessary to redirect the focus. Let’s face it, with China dropping US dollar holdings , Standard and Poors , David Roach - Morgan Stanley Chief Economist (and others) many economists predict economic Armageddon coming to a theatre near you, SOON! From what reading I have done the 9/11 movement has gone well beyond fringe expectations – simply stated, all of this is making a loud noise and this is a “real” problem. Make no mistake, money is at the center of all of this and the dollar will not be allowed to collapse! More media proliferation has extended to which is intended to provide real-time Homeland Security notifications. Just added is an integrated message (coupled with the Homeland alerts) that NIST now offers a complete compendium of data to quell alternative theory speculation. A lie always falls apart in the presence of truth but sometimes at a great price – ask the people that have fought for our country. To those that conceal truth, give it up and the conspiracy ends! Just like Jack Webb said on Dragnet, “just the facts ma’am.” I never though I would be writing a message like this however, when you smell fertilizer there must be a source. America is a blessed nation and quoting Samuel Adams, "It does not require a majority to prevail, but rather an irate, tireless minority keen to set brush fires in people's minds."