What will happen when 911 is mainstream?

If we are going to make an intelligent guess of the outcome of the 911-truth movement we have to look at the broader picture.

Who is behind the attack?

First of all i beleve that 911 was carried out by international criminals, probably related to secret societies. Thay have had help from the media and also from the intelligence community throwout the word.

What are there plan?

If you play chess you often think several moves in advance. This is also true with real life tactics. They probably have several plans on with to do in different situations.

So when the 911 movement is to large the media is probably going to turn there position. They are going to say that they are the tool for exposing this crime. The problem is that this is part of the damage control system and it will bu used for the elites own purpose.

Order out of chaos. Focus the anger on for example the Bush-administration or on Israel or anything they want and use the anger to continue the plans for a word order.

Of course they know that 911 can be exposed, of course they have a plan. But do we? How should we tackle this question?

We need to make people aware of the broader questions, we need people to think for them self and start being skeptical about all information.

the msm has been in on it since day one.

All owned by Zionists. And they count on scumbags like Hannity and O'Riley to keep their sheep herded.

Dr Griffin's appearance on FOX was cancelled, Malloy was fired.

How big will the Truth Movement need to get?

Obi-Wan Malloy...

I'm hoping that Malloy, much like Obi-Wan Kenobi, will become far more powerful as a Truth advocate after the shell of his Air America show has been vanquished...

with any luck, some foreign

with any luck, some foreign nation will gather a "coalition of the willing" and come and topple the regime in Washington. Unless some people in the military decide to do the right thing and arrest certain members of the current administration for treason our only hope as a truly free nation may well be an international investigation on warcrime charges.

We need a deep throat. If

We need a deep throat. If that happens there may be a coup. Either way the US will become a dictatorship. There may be a period of civil war. It doesn't look good, frankly. I don't think the US government will surive for very much longer. That may be a good thing in the long run. States are violent institutions that oppress people. We need to start looking at small-scale alternatives to centralized power.

With all the reams of

With all the reams of evidence we have, no "Deep Throat" is needed. We have everything but their dental records.

What is needed is a working government with the check and balances working. We don't have that, and we need to make it know we are replacing the present admin., Congress, with another.

That means voting for the non-GOP that has the best chance--probably Dem, unless a Ind/Green is leading in the polls over the Dem. From Dog-catcher to President, the GOP must be ousted. Treat Liberman as GOP. We will vote, and make them cheat.