Bill Christison (Former CIA) on Alex Jones today

Bill Christison will be a guest on Alex Jones today.

"I think that the odds are that Griffin was right and this was an inside job..." - Bill Christison on 9/11, 9/6/2006, Alex Jones Radio Show.

Show starts at 11am Central.

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"Alex welcomes former senior official of the CIA and member of Veteran Intelligence Professionals for Sanity, Bill Cristison. He was a National Intelligence Officer and the Director of the CIA's Office of Regional and Political Analysis before his retirement in 1979. Since then he has written numerous articles on U.S. foreign policies."

i just hope Alex doesnt drop

i just hope Alex doesnt drop the ball again, he had Pat Buchanan on and failed to talk about anything but immigration. i respect Alex Jones, he does important work, but he does drop the ball sometimes. i know he wants to get all the guests on he can, and asking them about 9/11 might scare some off, but i was pissed when he failed to ask Buchanan about it.

He tried it, for sure.

He tried it, for sure. Something like "...these attacks greatly help the Bush admin. justify war, would they not make it happen..." and he asked it 3 times until Buchanan agreed that wars are the cookie-jar of the govt. 9/11 is just so taboo in Washington D.C. that not even third party people dare to talk about it.

ok, then he actually went

ok, then he actually went further than i thought he would,but still not far enough. do you know where i can find the audio to this show?

I read it here

see, thats my problem

see, thats my problem though, the caller made a vague statement like "if 9/11 is indeed legitimate..." and Alex didnt follow up and talked about the next terrorist attack as if it was going to be real and not a false flag. he didnt get specific about 9/11 with Buchanan. it would have been great to see where an elitist like Buchanan stands on 9/11 inside job theories/evidence. Alex dropped the ball, he should have tried to get him on record.

I very much assume the

I very much assume the condition for Buchanan to do the interview was not to discuss 9/11 directly. That's like censorship, but i guess it also took Paul C. Roberts a long time until he talked about 9/11 in his editorials.
But you're right, no more of that, the ice has to be broken and all the elected officials have to be challenged on it.

i suspected as much, because

i suspected as much, because its certaintly not like ALex Jones to pull his punches. i suspect your right about setting conditions and surely Buchanan wouldnt talk about 9/11 even if he is a closet truther.

massive AJ archive here

chris, not sure if you're referring to the alex jones show or not but i grab archives of AJ's show from here:

thanks man, you dont

thanks man, you dont remember the date that Alex had Pat Buchanan on do you?

don't know the date...

but this article seems to say 8/29/06:

i actually never listened to AJ's show when Buchanan was on... think i might hit that up this evening.

"9/11 is just so taboo in

"9/11 is just so taboo in Washington D.C. that not even third party people dare to talk about it."

That's not entirely true. You're right that it's very taboo, but on the 9/11 Truth Statement from October of 2004, linked in the upper left hand corner of this site under "Citizens demanding a new investigation into 9/11", Ralph Nader, Michael Badnarick and David Cobb all signed it. The statement doesn't make any claims about an inside job but it does ask very good questions that, when one investigates for him/herself tend to lead to that conclusion.

Also on the list is Janeane Garofalo, who was mentioned in a recent post.

Janeane Garofalo

Air America canned Janeane Garofalo just like they did with Mike Malloy. I am sure Randi Rhodes will be next on the hit list. Yesterday she talked about Prescott Bush financing Hitler, about Karl Rove's and Arnold "The Terminator's" Nazi connections. ( I can't spell the assholes last name)

Relatives of the Highjackers

I know thats not the right topic but i have a question.
We have all heard of the reports that maybe up to 7 highjackers might actually be still alive.
And then of course there are the debunkers who say that if that was true,the media would have found out where they are and pulled them in front of a tv camera.That might sound convincing to me if it were not also true that i have NEVER seen a RELATIVE of ANY of the highjackers in front a camera EXCEPT Mohammed Attas father,who also claimed that is son is still alive and hiding.
Now even if this old man was totally nuts i assume that the other 18 highjackers must also have parents and lots of relatives.Why havent we seen ANY of them?Usually after every wicked crime we see the poor relatives countless times being interviewed.
But then maybe i didnt google hard enough...did anyone else?
That might be interesting what they have to say right?

Hardly saw anything of Mark Bingham's mother also...

Mark Bingham's mother, a talkative flight attendant, made very scarce appearances in public. I saw her on CNN Larry King for about 3 minutes, and she blurted out that her son indeed said, "Hi mom, this is Mark Bingham..."

Why hasn't she written a book on her "courageous" son? Why no hour-long interviews on Oprah or Leno? I thought Mark was some kind of American "Superhero"?

Is Bingham's mother under a gag order or is she hiding from us on her own?

Tracking Down the Hijackers

There's a pretty good file on the "hijackers" who self-reported as being alive after 9/11 at the Complete 9/11 Timeline. Scroll down and you'll find the entry for the hijackers on the left hand column of links.

Look for this:

The Alleged 9/11 Hijackers

Alhazmi and Almihdhar (83)
Marwan Alshehhi (43)
Mohamed Atta (83)
Ziad Jarrah (11)
Hani Hanjour (33)
Other 9/11 Hijackers (60)

thanks ray, some good info

thanks ray, some good info there.

team8plus has alot of research on the hijackers and their 'doubles' located

Anyone got Part 2 of the

Anyone got Part 2 of the interview?