Anonymity on the internet

In this day and age of big brother surveillance by the government, and the unwillingness of our congresspersons to put an end to it, I am increasingly concerned about how to keep myself anonymous on the internet. Sure, they aren't rounding up dissidents and terrorist sympathizers (9/11 truthers) and putting us in those Halliburton detention centers yet, but given the fact that the Bush administration continues to reign its terror on the world, with no end in sight, how can we protect ourselves and still communicate with one another (while we still have a free internet)?

Has anyone done research on the best ways to go about this? I recently looked into this and came upon a site called where the company makes a lot of claims about how it keeps your IP address from being seen. Looks like a good system, but how can we know for sure? If anybody has suggestions and especially direct experience with this, I'd appreciate some advice.

Tor: An anonymous Internet communication system

ever tried tor? can't speak specifically about it anomonity, but there are plenty of docs and white papers available to read. you can grab the source with signature and compile it yourself, if you'd like.
but, IMO, anomonity on the internet just doesn't exist. if someone wants to, they'll find out who/where you are. sitemeter tracks hits on this blog, doesn't it? (not certain). if you're concerned, i think one way to maintain your anonomity would be to not register at 911blogger ;-) but what fun would that be!
i took a quick look at and i give it a big thumbs down because that's a company basically advertising the play 'middle man' for you while you surf the web. to top it off, you've got to fork over $6.95/month. no thanks.
tor has its +/- sides, check it out.

The prob with Anonymity is

The prob with Anonymity is you never know if the site is honeypot. Use Tor if you're really concerned; or try cotse. Bottom line is just don't worry too much there are too many truthers anyway.