Sources: August Terror Plot is a "Fiction" Underscoring Police Failures


Here's my take...

This is a brave and bold piece of journalism. As such, Raw Story has made this its headline item. Concurrently, Drudge has as his headline "The Pope Must Die: Says Muslims".

Think about that for a minute. An article written by Nafeez Ahmed, no less, is published that purports to blow the lid off of one of the largest cross-continental "homeland security" anti-terror initiatives, credibly exposing it as nothing more than a lie. A multinational lie between the U.S. and Great Britain (with Israel playing a collateral role)... and how does the MSM respond????


Enter Drudge: "The Pope Must Die: Says Muslim"

Meanwhile, as it's headline, is running a story about a baby snatcher that looks like some weird John Mark Karr/Michael Jackson love child (Boyyy they are pulling out all stops!!!)

It does kind of look like "they" needed a major diversion doesn't it? Kind of looks like the Pope was all to willing to oblige. Either that, or the Pope is an extremely stupid man. (Perhaps that's a dunce cap he has on?)

I consider Raw Story to be one of the more credible progressive media oulets. At last check on Google News, Raw story was the only media outlet BRAVE ENOUGH to run this story. Nafeez Ahmed is an imminently credible journalist in his own right. The fact that he is an American Muslim is not lost on me either. Who else would have the courage to write this?

This is a bombshell of major proportion. The fact that it is NOT 9/11 "Conspiracy Theorist" related, makes it all the more powerful, in my estimation. Now we get to see if so-called "progressive media" organizations such as "The Nation", "Buzzflash", "Truthout" and "Mother Jones" (to name a few) have a much more sinister loyalty to "the neo-con agenda" then it would seem on the surface. In other words, are they brave enough to run this story, or is this deeper than just 9/11? My guess is that it is, and they won't. My guess is 9/11 was just the beginning.

Update: Was Pope Speech Vetted?

Beyond the anger among Muslims, the pope’s comments have also provoked a complicated debate in Italy and among many Catholics, on issues including whether he appreciated the reaction he would provoke and whether the pope’s speeches, which he usually writes himself, are properly vetted by a Vatican undergoing a bureaucratic transition.

Several Vatican officials, who spoke on condition of anonymity because they were not authorized to discuss the issue publicly, said they had expressed concern before the speech was delivered that it might be negatively received by Muslims or be misconstrued by the news media as an attack on Islam.

Source: In a Rare Step, Pope Expresses Personal Regret

Muslims are being lured into

Muslims are being lured into another trap by the West.