Able Danger

As John Albanese pointed out in regards to Able Danger, there is more reason not to believe the Inspector General's report than there is to believe it.

Everything I have on Able Danger and Rep. Curt Weldon.

Truth be told, since Weldon was recently claiming that Osama died in IRAN, and claimed that there are WMD in Iraq, and refused to meet me for lunch, I have a problem with Able Danger. That's not to say I don't think it's incriminating. I have met Lt. Colonel Anthony Shaffer, and he seems nice enough, and sincere enough.

Incidentally, I once delivered the following to Weldon's office.

Think he read or watched it?

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Able Danger' Officer's Clearance Revoked

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I think the connection between Atta and the Blind Sheikh is the El Shukrijumah family. Gulshair El Shukrijumah worked as the Blind Sheikh's interpreter and then moved to Florida, where his son was seen with Atta. Atta and Al Shehhi attended a Florida mosque (according to the Joint Inquiry) and I think it may well be Shukrijumah's in Miramar - the FBI went there and asked about Atta and the other hijackers after 9/11 (plus it was right near where they lived). I posted more details and links under the Able Danger entry in John Albanese's blog. If you ever meet Shaffer again, could you show him a photo of Gulshair El Shukrijumah and see if it jogs his memory.

There's one here:

And another here:

I'm still looking for more. Have fun.

speaking of Osama

Looks like he died... again

Since youre*Jon Gold) one of

Since youre*Jon Gold) one of the main people on here who follow the ISI link to 9/11, thought you'd
be interested in this Fox News article with a famed political comic strip artist who insists
that the focus should be on Pakistani and Saudi involvement in 9/11:,2933,119096,00.html

Ted Rall also did a few good 9/11 truth type comic strips, and did this great 9/11 truth article:

Also, I think youd like this big list of ISI-9/11 news links: