Oprah 'investigates' 911 ?

On Thursday, October 12, 2006 this is what is going to be on Oprah...

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An Oprah show special…what is the truth? 9/11, the war in Iraq, Hurricane Katrina, media reports…are we getting the whole story? Do you really want to hear it? A controversial hour. Share your thoughts and join in the discussion.

Here is a link to the message board.



I assume Oprah is going to talk about foreknowledge of the attacks, as that is in the news right now, and becoming a more acceptable concern for public discussion. The line between foreknowledge and LIHOP is easy to cross, but I'm quite sure that she's not going to cross it.

In fact, this may be a classic example of the leftwing gate in action. Oprah is very careful not to insult her commercial sponsors, so what we are likely to get is the best case she can make for the Administration's incompetence.

Thanks for the head up.

International Truth Movement


One person on this planet more people will listen to than any other is Oprah so I would suggest bombarding this message board immediately with 9/11 truth.


This woman can get the word out,and sending e mails with all our questions to address would be awesome!
Would love to see Dr. Ray Griffin on her show!