Video: Operation Gladio - BBC Documentary.

This 3 part BBC documentary has gained legendary status since it has been cited by virtually every researcher seriously looking into False Flag terror, the "Strategy of Tension", etc.

Big thanks to T.M. for uploading. If you haven't seen this, drop everything, settle in, and prepare to have your paradigm shifted. (be patient, takes a minute to load)

Part 1: (The Ringmasters)

Part 2: (The Puppeteers)

Part 3: (The Foot Soldiers)

Daniele Ganser on Operation Gladio

Download Available?

Does anyone know of a downloadable version of this film? Thx.

Yes, Here Is How to Download It

You can try to find it using eMule:

You can use the below webpage in order to download the video:

Video Downloader:

All that the above webpage does is find the URL where the video is streaming from and allow one to download it to one's hard drive. So the video should be bit-identical with what is streaming. One can also use the above webpage to download streaming media files from many other media-hosting services, such as from, etc.

There also exists software that one can download which can be used to capture streaming media files unaltered (i.e., bit-identical). This is good because the above webpage only covers the popular media-hosting services, and not things such as news websites; as well, when one has software on one's hard drive that can do this then one doesn't have to rely on a webpage being "up," since often websites go offline. Such software for this task are Offline Explorer, HiDownload, StreamBox VCR Suite, etc. See the below website for more on that:

Streaming media recording:

See also URL Snooper (URL Snooper simply finds hidden URLs, such as from streaming media files; one then needs an appropriate downloader [such as from the above listing] in which to download from the URLs derived in this manner):

By principle, one can save a bit-identical copy of any streaming media file, since the data has to be sent anyway for one to be able to view it. It's just a matter of capturing that data stream, e.g., via finding the obscured URLs and, if applicable, sending the proper referrer information (since some URLs won't activate without the proper code being sent to them; but this information is on principle knowable, since said information has to be transmitted in order to activate the stream), etc.

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Off Topic_Thanks!

Hi James,

Thanks for the plethora of interesting suggestions. eMule didn't have the file, but it looks like an interesting software just the same. :)

I'll check out the stream capture software as well.

I was actually hoping for a better version of the Operation Gladio files. I'm not certain what screen size and resolution the Macromedia files on GoogleMedia are, but I suspect that they won't provide a high quality file for conversion to a DVD file such as a .vob.

All the best, Ray

USS Liberty: Dead in the Water

Another great example I always cite.


just yesterday I came accross it, too

Download from here

Eventually you are aware of

the State Department website which try to contradict Gansers (and others) claims.

Swiss researcher Daniele Ganser, who works at Zurich's Center for Security Studies, has also been fooled by the forgery. Ganser treats the forgery as if it was a genuine document in his 2005 book on "stay behind" networks, Secret Armies: Operation Gladio and Terrorism in Western Europe and includes it as a key document on his Web site on the book. Ganser writes, "FM 30-31B is maybe the most important Pentagon document with regard to the stay-behind armies." He goes on to speculate that the bogus document may provide the blueprint for terrorist acts that occurred during the Cold War in Western Europe.


I contacted Daniele and ask him about that- he will do a response soon, it will be published in a intelligence magazine, as soon as the text is online I'll put it on here.


I didn't know you posted this...

"It was all about finding a way to do it. That was the tone of it. The president saying ‘Go find me a way to do this."