Tim Ryan owns President Bush

We need a few 100 more politicians just like this guy!!! I love this man!!!


So good! I love to watch Ryan and the 30-Something Dems Group. They've got their facts together and they "tell it like it is!" I would love to see them running things at the House.

This was almost Galloway caliber.

Very nice to see there are American politicians with some spine.

Uh, do you have any idea what he's actually saying?

His whole point at the end is that we have to implement the draft: "We need more troops, we need more troops, we need more troops...we're not getting them from other countries, there's only one option. I yield."

This guy's stringing you along with the same limited hangout bullshit as all the other "institutional dissenters," to get you to ultimately start vibing with the same old agenda.
Don't fall for this shit.
Fuck this guy.

hold on a second

No he's not for the draft, he's against it. The "rumor" he's talking about that's going around the internet is the rumor of a draft. He's not for the draft mofo!!

And please don't use bad language!!!!