Improbable Collapse : The Demolition of our Republic on Google Video

Improbable Collapse : The Demolition of our Republic

This is the best video on the collapse of the 3 World Trade Center buildings that I have seen. Has video, photographs and interviews that I have not previously come across. Most notable being video of the damage sustained by WTC 7 (maybe the pics the PM guys claim to have seen). Professionally done.

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Improbable Collapse : The Demolition of our Republic


By far, the most moving and complete film on the topic.
I was enraged beyond words. And I've see them all.

This is THE docu to watch

This is THE docu to watch when it comes to the demolitions. Well produced and all the right ppl.

Just started watching it ...

Is it better than 9/11 mysteries? I thought Mysteries is the best so far.

the history channel has a

the history channel has a show on about skyscraper firefighting followed by a documentary on the history of explosives in warfare....strangely familiar.

Yes, I was involved in the making of this film as a...

research consultant.

But I have no financial interest whatsoever in its sales.

I mention that because I am about to make a plug for your actually buying the DVD at

The DVD obviously features much higher resolution, better audio, extras, and a nice package. It's the better gift, but you can also order wholesale (at a reduced price), organize showings to your friends or the public, and finance that by retailing the DVDs.

IC is special compared to most of the documentaries on this subject because a lot of original work went into the content - traveling to the interview subjects (Ryan, Jones, Corbett, etc.), obtaining archive footage never before seen, paying for several researchers, achieving a professional standard for broadcast (as well as product packaging), having a complete script and coherent, unified story, original music, etc.

In other words, it cost a lot of money and time to make and the producer should be rewarded for that, at the very least by having sales cover expenses, so that further such films can be made.

Thanks. Now click here.

Yes, never underestimate the importance of good video & audio...

in any 9/11 physical evidence type of video! It can make a huge difference in revealing the key facts/proof of the crime, IMO.

As soon as I finished watching it...

I went to the website and purchased it. Great job and your team should be commended for uploading it to the internet. I hope Mr. Russo decides to do the same with his documentary.

I've been waiting for this

It hits on all the subjects surronding the collapse of the towers and wtc7.

What I want to know is, where has Steven Jones been lately? Also, I thought he was going to have more on his research and experiments of the steel found at the wtc. Along with other research groups backing up his findings.
Anybody have any idea about this?


Show "No planes at the Towers ....." by theSaiGirl (not verified)

Kick-ass reel...fills in all

Kick-ass reel...fills in all the little details...but its a damn shame that seeing is not believing in this post 911 fog of msm mindnumber...

Why are you posting this on this thread?

What tie in does this movie have with NPT? If, as I suspect, it has none, could you please STFU and go post it elsewhere?

Support the Producer of this documentary!

Hi Everyone-

Just a note to let you all know that there was a significant investment, all provided by Michael Berger, to bring this documentary to the public. Not many can spend the kind of money it took to produce something like this without getting something out of it. and I certainly know that Michael is not in the position to absorb these costs indefinately. If great truthers like Michael Berger are to continue using their talents to bring light to truth, we must support their efforts by PURCHASING their offerings. No one is getting rich off of 9-11 and it is up to us to make sure that those who would make such a contribution to the 9-11 library are able to continue their work. If you like this video documentary, I strongly urge you to consider making a purchase of the DVD and support the work of Michael Berger.

This is off topic, but I was

This is off topic, but I was just watching court tv and there was this show on about the aclu and a bunch of activists, and supression of first amendment rights and stuff. I didn't tape it... well, because I don't know how to and make it into something that can be posted on the internet. I couldn't tell if it was a pro first amendment call to action, or something they put out just to sortof say... if you protest, you might get shot at, but I liked it, and thought it was strange that it was on a pretty mainstream cable tv network.

I bought my copy of

I bought my copy of Improbably Collapse a few weeks ago, and I would say it is the best film on the subject, with 9/11 Mysteries, another excellent film, a close second. One of the things IC does well is cite the FEMA and NIST reports, to demonstrate how woefully inadequate they are. I think this is an excellent strategy, because it undermines the people who say, "but the government studied the collapses with hundreds of scientists and wrote this big report..." Yes, the government wrote a report, and even the government cannot explain these collapses with its ridiculous theories. We should be confronting OCTs with the government's own words more often! Despite what OCTs think, the FEMA and NIST reports are far from conclusive.

Great work. And kudos to Andrew Watson for the music.


I'll be the first in this reply chain to state that 911 mysteries was the better film.

If I were not already convinced of the cover up, I firmly believe that 911 mysteries would be the more effective presentation. The content of IC is of more interest to those seeking additional detail. It just doesn't hit as hard...can't put my finger on it exactly.

So far as IC goes, I found the column 80 WTC7 discussion and related video of the east penthouse to be the most interesting aspect of all that is presented.


I agree with your statement. As someone who saw 911 mysteries and loved it, this seemed more emotional and powerful and damning at first.
But now reflecting on it, if I had to show a film to someone to "convince" them, I'd have to go with 911 Mysteries. This is an excellent follow up to that....
the closing "argument" was brilliant and so charged.

I think this film will be appreciated by anyone who is familiar with the background more than a newcomer.

That being said, no film has moved me more emotionally than this one for some reason.... I think it's so in your face obvious with this film. The images are presented so well and so strongly.

I'm just glad Loose Change

I'm just glad Loose Change isn't the darling of the movement anymore.

Me too, it seem to have run its course.

But when 911 history is written LC will be seen as the most important one. No video have had more impact, it really spread the word. It was the first one I saw in January this year.

And who knows, when LC final cut is released? Them boys are still in the game.

More dissent

I had high hopes for this film, and I'm not saying it's bad exactly, but I guess I'm always looking for stuff to give to people who are on the fence or who just haven't thought about this at all, and this is not one. I personally found the information quite interesting, but I don't think what we need right now are more films for "us."

Also, the weird juxtaposition at the end of the comment about the use of violence to take back liberty and the looped "you know what you have to do you know what you have to do" was just weird and inappropriate.

It was much better than Cats.

I'm going to see it again and again.

Just kidding. I like this film a lot. An extremely well produced 9/11 documentary about the controlled demolition of the World Trade Center. I highly recommend it to anyone and everyone.

I also give kudos to Andrew Watson for the musical score. Top-notch!


I haven't heard that line in such a long time, but my college theater crowd used to apply it to virtually every situation.

Confessions of the 9/11 Perps: Much better than Cats. I want to see them again and again.

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Just watched Improbable Collapse

Well Done. Thanks.

Right toward the end of the film there is a clip of the new WTC 7, and it occured to me, that if done properly, some large scale act of civil disobedience at or in the new WTC 7 could draw attention to the lack of media attention regarding the mysterious collapse of WTC 7 and to the incomplete explanation/investigation by NIST.

If WTC7 is to be the key, the smoking gun, then why not focus efforts on the new one. A powerful symbol stands again. It is a symbol that this government and its media cohorts do not want emphasized. Unite fellow New Yorkers. Come together peacefully en mass and protest the unfinished story behind the destruction of WTC 7.

Demand the truth and demand that WTC 7 collapse be explained to the people.

very, very good, just

very, very good,
just watched improbable collapse, and i must say this is definitely going to the very top of my list of films, to copy and hand out. it is very convincing. but most of all, like 911 mysteries, it is a very sober, factual look at what took place on that day, and not so polemic and emotional as a number of other of the great films that we have at hand.
this is really an important film to get out to people that are open for objective discussion to the events of that day.
great work gentlemen!

Very persuasive

That might be the most well done 911 video yet. That one taken from a Hoben,
New Jersey pier is probably the best raw footage that speaks for itself though. Excellent and Kudos to the makers.