A little off topic....but I feel very important.

This is a compilation of Videos that have been banned on Youtube and Google showing how the war is really going over in Iraq. Our guys don't have a chance in hell. Thank Jon for archiving has been removed from all other sites!! WARNING....VERY GRAPHIC.

This is a must see video for anybody thinking we should remain in Iraq.

This is the video they

This is the video they should force Rummy to watch...

Cheney would probably get a stiffy, that degenerate. 

Why is that video banned?

Does the Bush regime want us to pretend that things like that aren't really happening?

For those of us already convinced...

that the war in Iraq is a travesty and must stop now, what does the video depict? I am curious about why Google and YouTube would "ban" the video, unless the violence is just too graphic.

Damn, wish I could read Arabic

This video is not at all graphic, but I can understand why it's been banned. It shows that the Iraqis hate us so much they are making snuff music video propaganda films about killing US soldiers!

We can't have that. Might present an awkward press conference for Tony Snow.

Oh, and as for the Cheney arousal factor, not enough blood & gore.