9/11 Meetup Groups

I just joined in on a meetup.com group for the first time. It was the 9/11 Truth group in Cincinnati. I met some really interesting people, and I hope more people who read this site will do the same. Right now we are working on getting some movies showen at local universities. I hope everyone here will visit the 9/11 Truth section of meetup.com, and join a group. If there is not a local group in your town, than create one. Really, it's a lot of fun, and you get to meet like minded people. Most people say, I understand the information, but now what? Join a group and get active. Also, if you run a blog or a 9/11 site, please link this groups front page: http://9-11.meetup.com/.




"It was all about finding a way to do it. That was the tone of it. The president saying ‘Go find me a way to do this."

Thanks Jon. It was really

Thanks Jon. It was really fun. I was worried that I would be the only person there, because not many people submitted an RSVP. I was wrong. It was a good size group. They had already shown Loose Change at a school in KY. People from that showing were at the meeting. If I didn't go, I'd be angry right now. They say all politics is local. Well, that's where people need to start. If you feel the urge, get excited and go do something. You'll be happy.

This is EXACTLY the kind of

This is EXACTLY the kind of thing we need right now.

"The Uber President" brief video commentary by Jonathan Turley

Passports will soon be equipped with RFID chips...

Passports will soon be equipped with RFID chips, and you don't want one of these chips in your passport:

im pretty sure in the near

im pretty sure in the near future that all drivers licenses and IDs will also have RFID. i forget where i heard that though, so im not %100 sure.

Get yourself a RFID


Looks like those early DHS warnings to stock up on duct tape proved eerily prescient...

Quact! Quact! Quact!

BTW, according to an old Utne article, the biggest investors in RFID technology are the DoD and DHS.


Why didn't I see this day coming?

Whatever it takes, we have a single-minded responsibility to attend to:

And, without our ACTIVELY causing people to actually 'mingle' over the facts during these next few weeks, we have less than nothing!

We've put all our eggs into the internet basket, and most of us have just been complaining our way into the poor-house.

NO MORE VOTE FRAUD! - That's the basic thing everyone has to use first to get the silent ones to actually listen to us. "Terror Storm" is just too much for these idiots to take in!

Totally agree but...

Hi Tom,

I totally agree with what you're saying but I thought I should point out that 911 is a world issue as much as it is a US issue. This is the time to leave patriotisms asside and realise that anyone in the world can have an impact in our country and therefore personal lives. So we should be urging EVERYONE in the WORLD to get involved because pressure from ouside is just as important as the activism from within.

Now lets all sign up on this website and find out who can we work with locally, to get the truth moving :)

Peace everyone.

Thank you slipgrid

So far our methods of trying to get the word out about 9/11 Truth has been through flyering, handing out dvd's and trying to have 9/11 documerntaries shown at the local universities in our area. I would be very interested in hearing other ideas that everyone has come up with for spreading the word.

"A nation of sheep will beget a government of wolves" – Edward R. Murrow

Yeah, I think we should have

Yeah, I think we should have a section here for people to contribute ideas.

Sticker campaign...

Recently me and my girlfriend went on a sticker mission. We got dozens of "911 was an inside job" stickers with websites and we placed all over the city center. Mainly in places where people are expected to queue or wait. Such as cash machines, phone boxes, bus stops, trafic lights, etc... The stickers can be easilly removed but the chances of a great deal of people seeing them before tehy get removed are great.

I'm curious to hear other people's creative methods.

This is a brilliant idea and

This is a brilliant idea and should be given special focus on this website. Like the header os somewhere people will find easilly.

I've signed up.

the meetup.com website is NOT free

Note, meetup.com is NO longer free. That's why our NYC monthly 911 meetup discussion group switched to yahoo long ago. (http://groups.yahoo.com/group/911nycmeetup/ ) and see http://portland.indymedia.org/en/2005/05/317784.shtml generally . It is helpful to use the internet to arrange for the logistics of meeting people with same interests in real life but use free websites instead so anyone can get all details and have free meetings, like yahoo or groups google.



I just haven't been able to bring myself to cough up the money to do a Meetup group, though I've been tempted.

I do attend a weekly meeting of 9/11 activists. We have two yahoo groups 9/11 Truth Portland, which is open to anyone, democratically moderated, and still quite small, and PDX911TruthAlliance (which is bigger, older, and moderated by a monomanical freak who is mentally ill, lol.) Blogspot blogs are a good tool as well, and can be set up so a team (group) can blog together about local events and plans.

What I'd really like to hear from people is how they position their yahoo groups within the yahoo system (or google group in google) so that they are readily found when someone is searching the general topic. Meetup seems to be a lot better for this.

$15.00 per month

$15.00 per month is what I pay for the Dallas Meetup Group. I spend 10 times that each month burning DVDs.

Centralizing 911 Meetup Information Logistics for all

To Casseia’s very good question.

Yes, the meetup website is (or was the last time I looked at it)
truly well designed to assist in helping people to get together
with similar interests. And the free websites even with calendar
functions like yahoo and google groups don’t come close to that
functionality, ease of use, and ease of finding the kind of group
you’re interested in. When they started charging fees, I did research
but there was nothing comparable out there for free at the time although
there were those trying, see for example this website which was called
“Meet the Meetup Replacements”, http://www.allen.com/cgi-bin/gt/tpl.h,content=122
I haven’t done any internet searches on this since that time. Maybe somebody
did come up with a just-as-good free alternative that’s out there. I don’t
have time these days to look or even use our local meetup as an outreach
or activism tool, so for the time being I’m content with it being a small cozy
discussion only group unfortunately.

If there still aren’t comparable free alternatives out there, another suggestion would
be to point people to one particular 911 website where contact information or location/time info
for people meeting about 9/11 truth in different geographical regions is listed and linked to, and asking
other 911 websites to link to it. The website for that (you can see with
a trip to the web archive) used to be http://www.septembereleventh.org But this is
a cautionary tale, which warns those to be careful about what websites they
will associate with or link to or allow themselves to be listed on. That website,
http://www.septembereleventh.org , now for example, still bears at the top of it’s front
page an article by it’s webmaster, Emanuel Sferios called “9/11 Five Years Later:
What have we accomplished” which notes in its conclusion that:

“In the Spring of this year, I gave a presentation on 9/11 truth to the Howard Dean
supporters during a Democracy For America conference in Portland, Oregon. I felt bad
afterwards because there were a lot of new and enthusiastic 9/11 truth activists in the
audience, folks who had only recently broke free from the matrix, so to speak, and I basically
told them that I felt the movement was over, that we had failed, and that the window of
opportunity for obtaining justice for 9/11 was closed for good.”

And earlier this month, I kid you not, Sferios advised ALL PEOPLE WHO SIGNED UP TO RECEIVE EMAILS FROM THAT WEBSITE that he’s resigning from the website, moving to Latin America, and oh yeah that he’s SELLING FOR $500 each to get money for his travel expenses on a first come first serve basis the following three domains “September-11.com; September-11th.com; and septembereleventh.net which currently point to SeptemberEleventh.org. (it takes all kinds and I am NOT making this stuff up.)

Anyway, now the local group information that used to be at Septembereleventh.org is now
at this website http://www.911truth.org/page.php?page=grassroots_contacts and that’s
another decision to be made, whether one wants to affiliate themselves with that 911truth.org
website, which has, for example, of late announced that their website is not just about 9/11 any more:

“We’ve made a host of significant improvements to the layout
of our site, www.911truth.org, and you will also notice that
our front page has recently been home to a number of articles
on subjects other than 9/11. Given the seriousness of the political
situation in the US and the continuing assault on civil liberties and
the rule of law, you can be sure we will continue to host articles we
judge to be politically important.

I’m blown away by the audacity of those who seek to be the 911
clearinghouse and who have the generic “911truth” name to think they
can judge for the rest of us what’s politically important, as if
there was a universal consensus of that in the 9/11 truth movement.
I’ve certainly had my differences with this website in the past, over
both 9/11 (for their negligence supporting and lihop supporting
prominent limited hangout lines among other reasons) as well as for
their peak oil scam supporting, fake 2 party “democracy” supporting
politics, so bottom line warning - website linkage beware at your own risk.

I suggest it’s better to use a free website which is FREE for all and beholden to NO ONE
and no one’s politics and which could always be displaying a post
with local 9/11 contacts and/or meeting info letting people in the specific geographical
regions decide for themselves whether that region’s different 9/11 meetups are ones
they would want to interact with. Portland’s 9/11 indymedia webpage could
be a good candidate for this as it has sufficient member strength to maintain a pro-911 truth
line & its 9/11 posts (on its far right column) are uncensored. It’s low
traffic I think, so the turnover of posts is not fast, and its where people could
add their own local meeting info as comments to the original post, and maybe someone could periodically organize and repost the page of info (complete with past page links just for proof all included) so it’s always on its 9/11 mainpage at http://portland.indymedia.org/en/topic/911investigation/ in the far right column, or better yet, perhaps those in Portland could arrange to have their 9/11 page
include such a post in their center column with a fixed link so it could be included in flyers and other
9/11 promotional materials to advertise to all newbies.

Of course if someone does come up with a place for a central repository of only
local 9/11 contact meetup information and gets 911 sites to link to it, it should first be passed on to interested parties already having such meetups so that it would start off with the information on the most currently existing groups one can find, not just the ones currently listed on 911truth.org's page. And unfortunately, that would require time consuming searches through yahoo and google groups with different query terms and also the non-free 911 meetup website would need to be surveyed for those 911 meetup groups which chose to absorb the fees and stay with the website. To get that meetup.com info, someone would have to either pay the membership fee or find a meetup member and ask to borrow their logon information (like from Joe in Dallas in the above post). Back in the day, it was very tedious & time consuming to contact all other meetup users who had expressed an interest in a 9/11 groups in their area, you could only contact them individually through their mail system as they didn’t provide you with the person’s email address. I remember once sending 500 separate emails through their system (that was the monthly maximum) when there was a problem with the meetup website having renamed all of
the 911 meetup groups & also changing the group’s definition so that the groups sounded like
911 commission SUPPORTER groups, but around the time the meetup.com website began instituting fees, I think they began creating ways to make it easier for meetup members to contact en masse
other meetup members with similar interests and they also began adding discussion groups to their website features making it all the easier. Maybe Joe from Dallas could advise if that's the case.

Good luck to anyone working to centralize information and make it easier for people to meet in person with others about 9/11 - whether their logistical meeting information is currently located at the fee-charging meetup site, or the free yahoo/ google/ riseup, 911truth.org and all other groups all in one website on the internet beholden to no one and free to all.


Thank you for a very helpful post.

I really appreciate the time you took to write it.

Yes, that Emanuel Sferios thing is pretty legendary around here, and his departure for Latin America, coming on the heels of Ruppert's departure, is the kind of thing that makes you start wondering how extreme it seemed in Germany, in the 30s, for people to say "Okay, we're outta here." I'm sure that certainly, in the initial stages, people probably thought it was overreacting. In retrospect, not so much.

Portland Indymedia is a good resource, but one with "many issues," shall we say, connected to it, here on the local level.

Thanks for that, I honestly

Thanks for that, I honestly thought it was a free service as I didn't see any references to a charge during signup! Oh the joys of deceiving marketing.

In this case, I guess that following the comments below is the way to go.