Another Leaked Memo: Government Covered Up 9/11 Health Hazards

Raw Story has the goods:

"An Environmental Protection Agency whistleblower who has long argued that her agency failed to issue proper warnings about air quality at the World Trade Center disaster site, has leveled new accusations against the agency, RAW STORY has learned.

As RAW STORY reported this past August, Cate Jenkins, an EPA biochemist, sent a letter to the New York congressional delegation, alleging that the inconsistent official reports about inhalant alkalinity were part of an intentional cover up by government scientists and officials.

Jenkins' latest sixty-page document, addressed to the acting Inspector General of the EPA, is in large part a compilation of her previous allegations, but also claims to offer new evidence that criminal fraud is to blame.

In the latest report, Jenkins contends that by failing to report that some of the particulates in the air constituted a severe health hazard--and by suppressing the results of tests for the presence of other toxic chemicals--the EPA misled the public about the dire health consequences of remaining near ground zero or participating in the clean-up effort in the days following the attack.

Tens of thousands of cases of lung disease have reportedly resulted from exposure to the smoke and debris that hovered in the vicinity of the disaster site for months after the towers collapsed.

Earlier this year, federal judge Deborah Batts ruled that then-EPA director Christine Todd Whitman had misled residents and rescuers when she pronounced that the air quality in lower Manhattan met public safety standards and necessitated neither a surgical mask nor a respirator.

John Manibusan, spokesman for the office of the Inspector General, told RAW STORY that he had not yet received the complaint, but added, “[Jenkins] has issued a number of complaints to our office, about the World Trade Center and other things. We always take a look at them. In some cases we issue a response. How long that takes depends on a lot of factors.”

Manibusan directed Raw to a 2004 official response to earlier Jenkins allegations of a conflict of interest in the peer review of EPA's assesment of ground-zero health hazards. That investigation found that though the “EPA's Contractor did not inquire whether the three panelists had received funding from industry or had publically expressed viewpoints on the issues to be reviewed,” they “did not find that the panel's input was biased,” or “that any of the panelists should have been excluded” from participating.

Jenkins' full memorandom may be read here."

Something to keep in mind about 9/11 truth.

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Cate Jenkins, an EPA biochemist

Thank heaven there are some true patriots out there!

“it is possible to fool all the people all the time—when government and press cooperate.” George Seldes - "legendary investigative reporter"

Remember the IMPORTANT point

Just this once, you all, don't go into hysterical fits of denial. ALL of the dozens of studies done on the dust NEVER showed even one trace of residue from ANY kind of explosives.

Ooops....there goes your "explosive demolition" theory!

BTW, all of the studies are available through a Google Scholar search. Sorry to ruin your day but you'll thank me one day for constantly bringing you the REAL Truth of 9/11.


The only study I know of that studied the dust was the one that declared that the air was safe to breath at ground zero. If you have been reading the news lately, you know that the dust was deadly as many first responders are now very sick. They got that study wrong, the current evidence proves that the air was unsafe. And of course considering that this study was so completely wrong, simple logic dictated that the following studies could be wrong as well.

Could you please list the dozens of studies that analyzed the dust for explosives residue? Thanks.


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The Dust is the Achilles Heel to the "Official" Fairy Tale

The dust.

"...we are sure asbestos to a degree, is in material fabric, YOU WILL NEVER GET IT OUT. It may get cleaned to an acceptable level of exposure, but you will never get it out.' Clothing, carpet and even stuffed toys can facilitate exposure to toxic substances from the dust. Some New Yorkers have opted to throw everything out they owned and move because it was the only way to be free of the WTC dust."

The University of California found elevated values of tritium on 9/13/2001 and 9/21/2001 within bounds of the WTC.


By far, the most abundant non fibrous particles in all samples are gypsum and concrete. Particle size distributions for these components (Figs. 8 and 9) suggest relationships to distance and elevation. Percent frequency is compared to area and maximum diameter, as measured on the SEM. The majority of these non fibrous particles in each sample have similar particle area distributions with the majority of particles in the range from 0.3 to 3 µm (micron). Sample L18-2, collected adjacent to the WTC site, is characterized by a somewhat higher concentration of particles in the 3 to 300 µm2size range. Particles in samples USGS 4 and 6 fall at slightly higher values of total area, between 1 and 300 µm2, than in the other outdoor samples.'

Further reading on the USGS 4 and 6 samples reveals the following:

Figure 9, of the report shows that almost all outdoors samples peaked with sizes of 3 microns...

The indoor samples peak with 2 micron and 10 microns...

The report indicates a "relationship to distance and elevation"...a hallmark of a bomb.

So, closest to the center of the building L-18-2 peaked at 10 microns (250m) and USGS-36 (400m) particle sizes peaked at 2 microns...

So, if we first have an implosion (the first stages of a bomb) larger particle sizes would be created (10 microns), then comes the blast wave delivering the most energy as effect of the device expands, reducing particle sizes to 2 microns...

As it expands further, it will reach an average force, which is reflected in the rest of the particle sizes peaking at 3 microns, which is mostly concrete...and spreading that over a 1Km area...

No doubt about it, the hallmarks of an explosion, the only question is this, what form of device can pulverise concrete to 2 and 3 microns?

To achieve particle sizes of 30 micron, it would take about 2-4 months worth of energy from a power station (1,000,000 KWH)...when operating under normal conditions.

That means...

1. 20-40 months for 3 micron particles (10,000,000 KWH).
2. 200-400 months for 0.3 micron particles (100,000,000 KWH).

To achieve particle sizes of 30 micron, it would take about 2-4 months worth of energy from a power station (1,000,000 KWH)...when operating under normal conditions.

That means...

1. 20-40 months for 3 micron particles (10,000,000 KWH).
2. 200-400 months for 0.3 micron particles (100,000,000 KWH).

That's assuming a linear relationship...which of course it is not, so the power requirements are EVEN HIGHER again...

So, it would take between 2-4 YEARS worth of power to produce 3 micron particles and 16-33 YEARS worth of power to produce 0.3 micron particles and all this supposed to be from the potentional energy of a collapse of the WTC...

"We analyzed approximately 50 peaks based on statistical significance (counting/lack of interferences). These included thorium, uranium, actinium series, and primordial radionuclides"

Now where on earth did thorium, uranium, actinium series, and primordial radionuclides come from? Were they laying around in someone's desk?


Now, do you think the government would rather tell you the towers came down because of fires, or do you think they would tell you about the thorium, uranium, actinium series, and primordial radionuclides that were found along with elevated levels of tritium that are consistent with a pure mini hydrogen nuclear device?


If hydrogen mini nukes were used, surely health issues would be apparent.

70% of all health workers on the WTC site 911 are sick. "Nearly 70 percent of recovery workers who responded to the attacks on the World Trade Center have suffered lung problems, and high rates of lung “abnormalities” continue, a new health study released Tuesday shows."


4 Trillion dollars missing from Rabbi Zev's DOD. Billions missing in Iraq. Hundreds of millions of gold missing from WTC. 18 Billion estimated insider trading profits world wide 911. Billions in no bid contracts to Halliburton and Bush buddy companies. Billions for the military industrial complex, billions for the oil companies...Do you sheeple really think fire brought down the Towers?



Here you go. "coated with combustion products"

Vanadium also does not easily absorb neutrons and has some applications in the nuclear power industry.

The group noted that very fine particles were found at levels not previously found in ambient air, and that the particles included metals such as vanadium. They also noted that particles of concrete and glass were coated with combustion products. 6

You know what I think...

I think the Bush Administration, especially Condoleezza Rice, and Christie Todd Whitman, should be put into a room, and let it fill up with the same types of toxins the heroes of 9/11 were breathing. Let them sit there for a week. In the background, have a recording of Christie Todd Whitman saying, "The air is safe to breathe, and the water is safe to drink."

"It was all about finding a way to do it. That was the tone of it. The president saying ‘Go find me a way to do this."


I would given anything to see the look on there faces when that was proposed.

Wasn't something like that done by the protaganist in the movie Erin Brockovich? (With contaminated water at some sort of legal meeting?....I haven't seen the whole movie....).

EPA coverup

It's been done before... Sept 2001, EPA administrator Christie Whitman went to Libby, Montana, which hada big problem with mined vermiculite used in soil conditioners and insulation,. They stopped mining in 1990 because a substance called tremolite contains lethal levels of asbestos fiber and has killed and seriously injured thousands of Libby miners and families. The EPA's records show that almost 16 BILLION tons of this deadly ore have been shipped to some 750 fertilizer and insulation manufacturers throughout the US. and estimated 15 to 35 million homes have been insulated with this toxic material. UNBELIEVABLY the Bush-Cheney White House killed the EPA's planned emergency announcement. Dick Cheney has been working to get Congress to pass legislation removing liability for companies with asbestos problems... such as Halliburton who was involved with lethal Libby ore. --John Dean, Worse than Watergate.

Off Subject....LOL

If anyone is looking for entertainment value.... you must read this from the annals of Kevin Barrett

I hope he wasn't cherry picking too much here..... but these emails are great fun.

Really makes you wonder where rationality lives in this country? You can really smell the influence of mass media on the words of the feeble minded.

haha, jesus that was

haha, jesus that was depressing. i really DONT want to hate my fellow americans, but after reading e-mails like that its really hard not to. thank god for people like the ones that come to and run this site. it just seems like the morons greatly outnumber the enlightened . very depressing. and im not claiming to be smarter than them, im not smart at all. it doesnt take a genius to see there is something very wrong with this country/system. sorry, im having one of my more hopeless days.


Yes, it is depressing, but very enlightening when you view it from the standpoint that the anti-Kevin Barretts were the morons, and the Barrett supporters spoke with some intelligence. Remember the war on science...that is why so much is being mocked here. Bush opened up the doors to mocking scientists and their oh-so-dangerous theories, and it has stuck. All part of the plan my dear!