Can I just say..... WTF? Honestly....

I mean really...




You get it.


oops, 10 word minimum... minimum ten.... words....

and WTF to the first 1.0 rating... really


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mockery is the sincerest form of admission of truth

Thanks, DHS! I've always felt that people like you are invaluable in that by your petty and obviously desperate retorts you light the way for those who want to know when they strike the right nerves.

Since you seem to be mocking my last post on Israel/Neocon involvement/complicity in 9/11, I can tell that is an area that needs further discussion. I will focus my posts increasingly in that direction, thanks!

Perhaps we could start by proposing that the number of Israeli spies deported after 9/11 (around 200) represents a large enough pool of manpower to have provided Zionist Larry Silverstein with a clandestine and highly trained demolition team able to conceal their activities under the guise of being movers, technicians, etc.

This would explain why Fox had to remove the story from their website, for sure. Also, after the rigging was done, the Israelis no doubt scattered to the four corners of the US in order to give the impression that they were not associated with 9/11 if caught, but some "friendly bit of spying". Of course that leaves Sivan Kurzberg and the other solid gold dancers in New York to "document" the events, take back some souvenir pictures to the motherland, plus attempt to frame Palestinians for the crimes.

Throw in AIPAC spying and some members of congress still supporting them, the dual Israeli-American citizen Chertoff attending fund raiser dinners for them (when he's not running the, uh, DHS) and the mass media's refusal to cover Israel honestly (Zionists control the media? Nonsense!)

Yeah, I think you know what what I'm saying, and thanks to you I will continue to say it, and more loudly than before. ISRAEL did 9/11, and much besides.

And sorry, the anti-semitism card is worn out to the point of illegibility--go ahead and whip it out, I dare you!


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weird how you just assume

weird how you just assume that this blog entry had something to do with you.. i don't get it. i think everyday 'WTF?' everytime i watch the news.

you seem to be pretty confrontational, and in this case completely out of the blue.

So what in your opinion WAS the point of this post?

If I may ask, dear anonymous and opinionated poster?


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um...... no it had nothing to do with you....

but hey if you feel good thinking it had something to do with you, so be it.

If you look at my post history you would see that I am no "Zionist Denier"...


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I concur.

Hell, there have even been times when you've been so much a "NON-Zionist-Denier" that you've freaked me out (although I generally get over it.) I'm not sure where RT is coming from -- I would think he would recognize you as an ally, unless some pissing contest took place of which I am unaware.

I don't know how RT thought it was about him....

but rest assured, no one is safe from DHS. :-)

Sorry for freaking you out casseia. I'm on your side and always have been.

This, of course, should be self-evident

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Yeah, it is.

That's why I always get over it. :)