William Rodriguez Launches Website!


William Rodriguez, is a native of Puerto Rico, a citizen of the United States, and a resident of the State of New Jersey. On September 11, 2001, and for approximately nineteen years prior thereto, Rodriguez was employed as a maintenance worker at the World Trade Center (WTC) in New York, New York...

Rodriguez says that he will be digitizing his interviews archive and posting the works online over time. Good luck, William!

Is he MIHOP or LIHOP, or

Is he MIHOP or LIHOP, or non? He seems to think islamic terrorists did it.

i think hes MIHOP but

i think hes MIHOP but believes terrorists did it as well in some capacity, but honestly, with this guy it just doesnt matter. hes extremely brave for speaking out, being that he is directly connected and worked in the towers. his testimony is very valuable. but i would certaintly like to know more about his claims that he saw "terrorists" casing the towers weeks before. i dont know if hes ever really elaborated on that much. personally, i think the "terrorists" were drug smugglers and patsies at best, but thats just me.

Yes, Atta & pals were likely drug trafficers in-training and

made great patsies for the real perpetraitors.

Whether Rodriguez is correct that he saw some terrorist-looking people casing the towers before 9/11is just a side-note compared to the tons of info & evidence this brave guy has presented so far!


Atta and his buddies were patsies just like Oswald was the patsy on 11/22/63. That is how the game is played. I am sure Rodriguez knows this. I can assure you he is MIHOP. The government is the only one who could have pulled off something as big as 9/11. LIHOP is laughable. As far as his web site goes, I liked it although the music must go. Same with the picture of Hillary. Also it could be a little more hard-core 9/11 truth. I did like the fact that there was a link to this site which just happens to be the very best 9/11 truth site on the net bar none!

OT - Oswald

Photographer Who Snapped Infamous Oswald Photo Said "No Blood At Crime Scene."

- this is off topic, but it goes to show what media-manipulations the govt. and CIA are capable of

he may also want to consider

he may also want to consider losing the Don King photo.

he may also want to consider losing the Don King photo.


What did he hear rolling around?

When Mr. Rodriguez spoke in LA he said he heard something being rolled around on the 34th floor, and that was the only floor he didn't examine...have we ever figured out what caused this sound?
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This needs to be

This needs to be investigated

there was another witness

there was another witness quoted in one MSM report, and he said there had been construction work ongoing on that floor. I don't have a link, it was discussed here some months ago, and we were wondering how this would fit into the picture.

How does this fit? They

How does this fit? They could have been doing anything they wanted on that floor....as well as many other floors.... the elevators didn't stop there without a special key..

The normal security or Janitorial staff would have no reason to go to these floors.... they could have had the building completely stripped to bare bones on that floor.... which would have also allowed them to plant as many explosives as necessary..... they could have had the entire floor prepared for a massive explosion.

We would have never seen it because it would have been shrouded by the falling debris. and the sound muffled by the collapse.

It may have sounded like heavy equipment moving around but it could have been something entirely different...

That could have been the access point to the entire core

JJ thanks, I hadn't considered that. All they needed was one floor stripped to the core, then they could just climb up and rapel down to place explosives throughout ALL the floors, since no one could look into the core from any of the floors. Maybe I'm simplifying too much but I think in principle that would work.
The sound WR heard may have been some kind of elevator mechanism used to lower and raise scaffolding within the core.


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John O'Neill was supposed to

John O'Neill was supposed to have his office on the 34th floor.

oh man don't tell me that!

I've always kind of suspected he was one of the ones who faked his death! But then I recall seing a report somewhere that his body was recovered--however much one can believe any reports from that day!


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and who identified O'Neill's

and who identified O'Neill's body? Jerry Hauer.

"As regards New York, there is another element involved in germ warfare operations. Actually, a multi-million dollar bunker - serving as a command and control center in the event of a biological attack - was set up at 7 World Trade Center at the direction of Rudolph Giuliani, who also oversaw the mass spraying of malathion over the boroughs of New York City when the West Nile Virus hit town a few summers previously. The man Giuliani placed in charge of that operation, Jerry Hauer, also happened to be the man who found John O'Neill the position at the World Trade Center, as well as being the one who - by his own admission - identified O'Neill's body."


oh dear it seems suspicion was warranted (again!)


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Maybe O'Neil was carefully "murdered" elsewhere, to make

certain he couldn't reveal anything about the towers/9/11? Hauer could be covering-up this fact by having falsely identified O'Neil's body at the WTC. (It was even O'Neil's first day on the job at the WTC. How convenient!)



"It was all about finding a way to do it. That was the tone of it. The president saying ‘Go find me a way to do this."

Congrats as well...but

is there anyway to make your theme tune accessable via a click, rather than jammed in to the page load?
Those kinda sites always bother me, cause I am often listening to rbn or gcnlive.com.
I went to your site but didnt look at it becasue of that annoying feature. I dont care if its a good tune or not.
Just a suggestion. There's another one out there, cant remember now, but it locked up my computer twice so I dont go there no more.

Remains of two 9/11 victims

Remains of two 9/11 victims identified


NEW YORK (Reuters) -- Remains of a flight attendant and passenger on the first plane to hit the World Trade Center on September 11 have been identified.

The New York medical examiner's office said in a statement that it had now identified remains of Karen Ann Martin, the 40-year-old head flight attendant on American Airlines Flight 11, which slammed into the trade center's north tower. Remains of Douglas Joel Stone, 54, who was a passenger on the same flight as Martin, were also identified.

The identified remains were not among those turned up by recent searches in the Ground Zero area.

whoa...there's a party going

whoa...there's a party going on at that website. i don't know wether to laugh or cry.

agreed--i'm not liking the direction William's been taking

Not to take anything away from his heroism that day or his courage in speaking out since, but the website is irksome in various ways--the music, Don King, I mean come on...


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You can now digg William's new website

In William's defense, I

In William's defense, I think he's just showing that he's "credible" by being congratulated by famous people.
I agree that the site should be more hardcore...but at least he has this site on his front page.
Good job, Willie!

Don King what?

Oh, come on; let the man have his picture of him and the esteemed Mr. King. Heck, if I had a picture of myself and Don King, I wouldn't just put it on my website--i'd put it in my passport. I'm not saying I'm a fan or anything but the man is, as I believe you say, "larger than life". Do you think people will ignore what Mr. Rodriguez has to say just because there's a picture of him with Mr. King on the website?

...on second thought, knowing the American people mostly by proxy, maybe there is a chance they'll do just that... Is your tradition of Guilt by Association really that strong? I really don't mean this as ...prickishly as it probably looks--I actually want to know. Being naturally optimistic and a big fan of the US (as an idea, at the very least) I have grossly misoverestimated the inhabitants of your red states in the past (presupposing, of course, ever so humbly that I am right about everything) and, assuming they will prove me wrong once more in the coming days, I evidently still have a lot to learn about them. I am not, and absoultely refuse to, call these good people ignorant or make any comments on the hue of their necks, mind you. I've never met a "red-stater" that I didn't find absolutely delightful to talk with and be around.

...sorry about the rant; I had a point when I started writing this but we make spectacularly strong coffee up here in the arctic. To ..summarize, I salute Mr. Rodriguez and all of you fine people fighting the good fight. I can't imagine how frustrating and difficult it must be to adress this in the US, knowing what a pain it's been (although it gets easier by the day) way over here in Europe. You've come such a long way and you can't be far away from an ...event horizon of sorts, where no one will be able to escape from the truth (the metaphor needs some work...). Take your country back. Please.


What's that song in the background?

Ah... "The Ballad of William

Ah... "The Ballad of William Rodriguez", by Vic Sadot.
Can't find the mp3.


Thank you!! I listen to all of you! I made the changes as asked. I have no experience in websites so all your comments were welcome. I removed Don King!!! Some of you are right that what I am trying to show, is the high levels of personalities I have been involved to bring the truth to. As you know a lot of people (not in the 9/11 movement) you need to bring this images so they will relate to the message. Remember that I did take the trainig to run for political office and as part of the trainig is to use your image in a way to bring change. For those who still ask questions... I am Mihop until proved the opposite. I do believe there were patsies and I have talked with high level intelligence officials from here and above about that. Check past visits here and you will find answers. I do mention 911blogger at the bottom of the initial page. I hate doing this kind of promotion type of website but it is the only way to let everybody knows all the events happening. More stuff will be coming as I get the time. Please tell me your ideas and will be trying as I go along. The idea is to motivate and not to shock, that I do with my presentation, but links will be posted. All help is welcome.

About the event today at ground Zero, I will post it later tonight, hmm I think I write with an accent as well!!
William Rodriguez

Congratulations on the site,

Congratulations on the site, Mr. Rodriguez. I, for one, will be following it closely.

Now ...all due respect--and I have an inenxhaustible amount of respect (I'm positively brimming with it)--William Rodriguez thanking us is, to me at least, like Lincoln thanking the slaves. Thank [i]you[/i], sir. I am not a relegious man by any means but if you surviving 9/11 to go on to doing what you have for the "movement" is not a sign of some sort of divine intervention, I know know what the heck would be.

...I miss the Don King picture already :)



Thank you Gisli.

I am humbled by your words. Working on the videos. more later.

i was very moved by your

i was very moved by your story you related at the LA conference on CSPAN. the testimony of the bombs in the basement is powerful...people have three options with it: you're telling the truth, you're mistaken due to the stress of the situation, or you're pulling a fast one....i for one trust that you're telling the truth.

PS put a clip of the Minetta (i don't remember how to spell his name off hand) testimony up on your site and WTC7 if it isn't already there...in my opinion those are two videos every American should see. God bless you brother.