We are all familiar with the Chicken and Egg dilemma. Lucky there remains a balance between the two and the poultry thrives.

What if the Chickens had a powerful spin machine: a White House of their own and a “rubber stamp” Congress to assist the propaganda? Those eggs would suffer! The chickens could enjoy their power, but gradually they would diminish and ultimately disappear.

In this modern day we have the greatest economy the world has ever seen. We working people very much appreciate our investors who create the business that gives us our jobs.

Our rich have contributed heavily and now have a White House and Congress they have bought. The rulers use their power and even our taxpayer money to hoodwink us into believing how well off we are under this new system which actually results extreme advantage to the rich at the cost to the middle class.

Tax cuts: How wonderful. So now you get $10 or $20 more on your paycheck. It pales compared to the hundreds of thousands and even millions of dollars that the rich benefit. The cloak of deception: Money that the federal government could have spent on infrastructure, maintenance of infrastructure, and national programs that would be help the population in general has passed on to the rich. Essential programs have become the responsibility of the States. This heavy money circulation removed from the economy. The spin: the people will spend it. Yes, I’ll spend my $10 but the bulk of the tax breaks going to the rich, already have their needs fulfilled have no incentive to spend more. Worse yet: the States for the need to pick up services now increases taxes. Most of these taxes come from the middle class: Sales taxes, property taxes, gasoline taxes, auto registration, driver’s license fees, tuition etc. Deduct your $10 and you are still way in the hole! Clever!

The rich, with no resistance from Congress, and often with their assistance, suppress the demand for working people. This economic formula results in lower pay, less benefits, heavy employer dictates, and difficulty of finding work. This results in increased corporate profits, which wind up in higher pay and bonuses for the officers. The spin: the economy is doing well. To further enhance corporate profits, regulations are reduced resulting in excess pollution weaker safety standards etc. Antitrust laws are ignored resulting in reduced competition and followed by increased prices. Of many cases one easy to see: there have been many oil company buy-outs, the justice department looks the other way. No wonder the price of gas has skyrocketed. Further increases will follow.

The suppression of the working people is achieved by outsourcing jobs, inviting guest professional workers at lower than American wages, promoting purchase of cheap foreign goods resulting in shutting down of our manufacturing operations, reduced infrastructure spending (above), lip service to uncontrolled immigration lead to this oblique economic condition. A massive increase in working people for the reduced jobs available puts tremendous downward pressure on the price for working people

The immigration lie: “---jobs that Americans will not do”. Americans do work at many unpleasant tasks. Undocumented workers provide cheap (and often untaxed) labor for the rich. If this source were cut off they would have to hire Americans at a rate the market would bare. The solution is simple. Enforce existing laws and fine or lock up a few employers who are breaking the law, with the threat to continue to do so. If employers quit hiring the illegal workers, “ there would be a swishing sound to the South”. The illegal would head back home. That would solve the fence problem. Incidentally much of the money made by these immigrants is sent out of the country, and does not circulate here, a further loss to our economy.

The other end of the chicken and egg situation: yes we do appreciate the jobs the investors bring us but do not forget the consumer, the customer. If we do not consume the products and services that business need us so badly for the chickens would ultimately become extinct. If the consumer does not have means to consume, the rich will not invest their new wealth we bestow on them. An economically well off consumer is the lifeline for business. We need both groups equally strong.

We need to break the strangle hold Congress has on us: The higher corporate profits the larger the political contributions the more TV ads condemning the opponent, (usually the challenger), the more of us vote for the lying candidate the more secure the politician resulting in more legislation enriching the corporations while diminishing the working people. Corporations now offer even larger contributions, and so the spiral expands!

It would be great if each district across the country could assemble an organization of middle class people, an “Aid for Voters”. The group should encompass all parties. Members should examine all contributions to the candidates and reveal them. Expose voting records that were unfavorable to the middle class or working people. Lean towards challengers, as they have little to no obligations to corporations. There should also be a master organization to help local groups to communicate and share ideas also to counter spins from the corporate Congresspersons. A typical spin: Money is freedom of speech. It is not. In fact it shuts out the freedom of speech of those that do not have money.