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Another Smoking Gun? Now CNN Jumps the Gun: On 911 CNN Announced WTC 7 "Has Either Collapsed or is Collapsing" Over an Hour

In an amazing redux, new video has been unearthed of a CNN report on the day of 911 in which a CNN anchor announces they have received word that WTC 7 is on fire and "has either collapsed or is collapsing." The problem with this is that WTC 7 is clearly visible behind the anchor.

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This is Cutting Torch Slag?

The interiors of some of the jumbled support columns that littered Ground Zero contained molten metal (slag), as shown by this FEMA photo No. 4210. The slag is newer than the solidified surface of the cuts made in the column members at manufacture, evidenced by its darker, bluer color. The older cuts are oxidized to a light brown.

In places, this slag was apparently forced out of the joints between the column sections. Since the direction of the flow of the slag is from the center to the periphery in various directions, it appears that the slag is not the result of cutting efforts during the cleanup, but rather that the molten metal flowed while the columns were upright. FEMA photo 5709 also shows slag.

Since no official investigation questioned the origin of this slag, its determination remains an action item for independent efforts.

9/11 Solution

The big clue everyone missed

How the key 9/11 myths were implanted

Two major 9/11 anomalies have been thoroughly documented, specifically:

1) The stand down of US air defense on the morning of 9/11 that permitted commercial jet aircraft to fly erratically and in restricted air space without challenge

2) Overwhelming physical evidence that World Trade Center buildings #1, #2, and #7 were brought down by controlled demolition

A third significant anomaly has not been discussed, let alone acknowledged: the reporting by the major US TV news networks in the first hours few hours immediately after the attacks.


1. MSNBC presented an elaborately detailed story about the lifestyle and anti-US philosophy of Osama bin Laden - while both towers were still burning and long before Bin Laden had been accused by anyone.

322 = 911 - You CAN Handle The Truth

322=911 Refers the concept that the elite secret societies whom uses 322 in their logo. Are ultimately culpable for the events occurring on 9/11. Highly connected individuals from the top ranks of the government, media, military, wall street, are complicit in the crimes and cover up.

These secret societies place a lot emphasis on symbolism. 322 can be morphed into 911. 3*3 = 9, 2/2 = 1. Reflections of each other so to speak.

Desire. People Desire the Truth. This 60 second clip is intended to create a sense of wonder in the viewer. What are they missing? This clip is going to be used to promote our new show, You CAN Handle The Truth.

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Announcing the Iraq Veterans Memorial

Dear friends, activists, and colleagues,

As the country finds itself in the midst of a terrible battle over the outrageous efforts to send more troops to Iraq, the four year anniversary of the war is fast approaching on March 19th. We all hoped that after the election, this anniversary would herald a withdrawal -- a
beginning of the end of this tragedy. That is not happening, and it will
take all of our efforts to make it happen.

In thinking of how we at Brave New Films can contribute, and inspired
by the AIDS Quilt, the Vietnam memorial, and the New York Times
biographies of the 9/11 victims, we decided to create a living online memorial
to U.S. soldiers killed during the Iraq War.

The Iraq Veterans Memorial will bear witness with the 60-second video
testimonies of family, friends, co-workers, and military colleagues of
those killed. Memories and anecdotes that will always remind us of the
impact their lives had on those who loved them.

The memorial will be unveiled on March 19th all across the internet.

Jim Miller at the Brave New Foundation in partnership with Gold Star

Down Da Rabbit Hole - You CAN Handle The Truth

A 90 second promo that will appear at random times during the day. The idea is to create a sense of intrigue and curiosity. While at the same time providing information that can be researched.

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You CAN Handle The Truth - On Air

Desire. People Desire the Truth. This clip is going to be used to promote our new show!
How do you like it?


You CAN Handle The Truth
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You CAN Handle The Truth
Is a 60 minute weekly series examining the dark truths of our reality.
The main focus is 9/11 Truth.

Pentagon Can't Find $2.3 Trillion!

This CBS news segment shows the Pentagon is unable to keep track of 25 percent of the money it spends, or about $2.3 trillion a year. No one knows what this money has been spent on; there are no records of it.

Despite this, defense spending has continually increased over the past few years, and few attempts have been made to ascertain where the "missing" money is, and accurate accounting alone could be used to reduce the military budget.

In all, $2.3 trillion comes to about $8,000 for every man, woman and child living in America. continued

Holiday Impeachment Card

Holiday Impeachment Card
Let's everyone fax this to Pelosi, Waxman, Conyers!!

United States v. George W. Bush et al.

Tomgram: Elizabeth de la Vega, Indicting Bush

Think of it as a Tomdispatch.com milestone. This is now the first website to "indict" the President, the Vice President, and their colleagues for defrauding us into war in Iraq. I put that "indict" in quotes because what follows, as former federal prosecutor Elizabeth de la Vega makes clear in her new book United States v. George W. Bush et al., is "not an actual indictment." It can't be, of course; but consider it the second best thing.

De la Vega has, in her career as a prosecutor, prepared numerous fraud indictments and, as she argued in the first excerpt from her book posted at Tomdispatch earlier this week, "A Fraud Worse than Enron," what George W. Bush, Dick Cheney, and their senior officials committed was a crime, not just in the colloquial sense of the word, but in the legal sense too (and not a victimless crime either). While their crime was of a magnitude that puts even Enron, no less run-of-the-mill fraud cases, to shame, it also has all the elements of a typical, small-time scam.

De la Vega's "hypothetical indictment" of George W. Bush, Dick Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld, Condoleezza Rice, and Colin Powell that you are about to read remains, unfortunately, in the realm of fantasy. But only for now. Until our world comes more fully to grips with the criminal nature of the Bush administration's acts, you can at least turn to the full de la Vega book. A Tomdispatch.com special project, produced in conjunction with Seven Stories Press, a wonderful independent publisher, it's officially published on December 1st (but available now).

Noam Chomsky - Controlled Asset

Noam Chomsky - Controlled
Asset Of The New
World Order

By Daniel L. Abrahamson

"Since 9-11, he has steadfastly refused to discuss the evidence of government complicity and prior knowledge. Furthermore, he claims that the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR), Bilderberg Committee, and Trilateral Commission are "nothing organizations." When critiquing poverty, he never mentions the Federal Reserve and their role in manipulating the cycle of debt. Similarly, he claims the CIA was never a rogue organization and is an innocent scapegoat; that JFK was killed by the lone assassin Lee Harvey Oswald; that the obvious vote fraud in 2004 did not occur..."

Noam Chomsky is often hailed as America's premier dissident intellectual, a fearless purveyor of truth fighting against media propaganda, murderous U.S. foreign policy, and the crimes of profit-hungry transnational corporations.

He enjoys a slavish cult-like following from millions leftist students, journalists, and activists worldwide who fawn over his dense books as if they were scripture. To them, Chomsky is the supreme deity, a priestly master whose logic cannot be questioned.


We are all familiar with the Chicken and Egg dilemma. Lucky there remains a balance between the two and the poultry thrives.

What if the Chickens had a powerful spin machine: a White House of their own and a “rubber stamp” Congress to assist the propaganda? Those eggs would suffer! The chickens could enjoy their power, but gradually they would diminish and ultimately disappear.

In this modern day we have the greatest economy the world has ever seen. We working people very much appreciate our investors who create the business that gives us our jobs.

Our rich have contributed heavily and now have a White House and Congress they have bought. The rulers use their power and even our taxpayer money to hoodwink us into believing how well off we are under this new system which actually results extreme advantage to the rich at the cost to the middle class.

Tax cuts: How wonderful. So now you get $10 or $20 more on your paycheck. It pales compared to the hundreds of thousands and even millions of dollars that the rich benefit. The cloak of deception: Money that the federal government could have spent on infrastructure, maintenance of infrastructure, and national programs that would be help the population in general has passed on to the rich. Essential programs have become the responsibility of the States. This heavy money circulation removed from the economy. The spin: the people will spend it. Yes, I’ll spend my $10 but the bulk of the tax breaks going to the rich, already have their needs fulfilled have no incentive to spend more. Worse yet: the States for the need to pick up services now increases taxes. Most of these taxes come from the middle class: Sales taxes, property taxes, gasoline taxes, auto registration, driver’s license fees, tuition etc. Deduct your $10 and you are still way in the hole! Clever!

The War CNN Ain't Bringin' Ya!

Insurgent mortar fire ignites U.S. ammunition dump

American ammunitions storage site had been destroyed by rebels in Iraq.

original article

Over 300 American troops, including U.S. Army and Marines, CIA agents, U.S. translators and contractors were killed or injured

DoD LIES, but VA Admits 153,000 Disability Claims

DoD LIES, but VA Admits 153,000 Disability Claims
November 1, 2006

Finally some reliable figures are coming out from the Veterans Affairs department concerning the Global War on Terrorism (GWOT). or more simply the latest ill-advised US military adventure in Iraq, started in March 2003...

Instead of the 30,000 casualties reported by the DoD, the latest VA report shows that 153,000 US soldiers - out of a total deployed of 567,000 - were injured enough to claim for disability. The accepted ratio of Wounded to Dead in the latest Iraq War is 7.5 to 1, according to the Washington Post, which extrapolates to around 20,400 US soldiers DEAD up to June 2006

"The number of wounded in Iraq through March 31, 2006, was 7.5 times the number of dead"

Progression: in a six months period claims have increased from 115,500 to 153,000, or an increase of some 32%. It therefore seems reasonable to assume that the ANNUALIZED increase in casualty claims is of the order of 60% from year to year!....

It took 15 years for the claims relating to the much shorter Gulf War, where 580,000 US troops were deployed to reach the incredible number of 518,000, or nearly 90% of deployment. Because of the extensive use of Depleted Uranium this time around (2000 tons against 350 tons) one could reasonably expect that 90% of all soldiers deployed will claim disability within 10 years of the beginning of the War, the other 10% being DEAD...

Expanding Awareness

Oct 29, the Raleigh 9/11 Truth group aired 9/11 Mysteries at the public library. I counted at least 25 people in attendance..
No descent from anyone. I think we might have gotten 3 or 4
new members maybe more.

There was a medical doctor. She described
a new disease similar to lymes disease. That has not be identified. And cases are found here in NC.

I understand lymes disease was a biological military invention.

We had a marvelous discussion after the movie. Media complicity
was discussed. Along with the pipelines being built. And its looks like they were the central purpose for going to war.

There was discussion about wealth consolidation. Bringing about a one world government.

Most new people had their doubts about the official story before
coming to the airing. A couple people said they believed the jets
bought down the buildings before the screening. They did not stick around to voice their opinion afterwards.