Pentagon 9/11 Video Being Held Back by FBI

Pentagon 9/11 Video Being Held Back by FBI
Government says it needs "more time" before releasing a video that shows nothing

Steve Watson
Tuesday, November 7, 2006

The FBI has further delayed the release of a video that many bloggers have speculated may show the impact of flight 77 into the Pentagon on September 11th 2001.

Following last week's article detailing the imminent release of the Doubletree hotel video, a reader has informed us that after calling Judicial Watch and asking when the video would be made public, he was told:

'The Government said they needed more time'. When asked when enough time would pass before they could release the tape, they said they didn't know and it was indefinite...

Judicial Watch had previously announced that the video would be released before November the ninth and even speculated that it may be used as a political tool in order to sway mid-term election votes.

Ongoing FOIA requests and subsequent lawsuits should now have forced all known video tapes of the Pentagon attack out into the open. It seems that abiding by judicial law is something that the FBI refuses to be a part of however.

Judicial Watch Director of Investigations & Research and former military intelligence officer Chris Farrell, previously appearing on the Alex Jones show, agreed that the DoD only released the original Pentagon parking lot tape back in May 2006 because they wanted to for their own reasons. We have witnessed numerous times over the government claim national security in refusing to release evidence and they could have done the same in this instance yet they deliberately chose to relent and release the new tapes.

Why does the government need more time to release a video that is admitted by the FBI, under penalty of perjury, to show absolutely nothing? What are they cooking up? If they are not cooking anything up why are they flouting the law by refusing to release this and the other 83 tapes?

We have previously documented our concerns that the Pentagon issue may be used as a honey pot trap to bait 9/11 truthers into a distracting debate over what hit the building, deflecting attention away from the fact that whatever it was was allowed through the air defenses and performed incredible high speed military style maneuvers that even crack fighter pilots would find near impossible.

We can nip this baited trap in the bud by once again demanding the release of all videos they admit they have in their possession. We can then re-focus on demanding plausible explanations as to how the air defenses were bypassed at every stage and as to what brought the buildings down, including a 47 story building that was not attacked.

ACTION: Email and call Judicial Watch and demand they follow up on their promise to get the Doubletree and the other 83 videos released as per their ongoing lawsuit.

"The FBI has further delayed

"The FBI has further delayed the release of a video that many bloggers have speculated may show the impact of flight 77 into the Pentagon on September 11th 2001."

Horse Manure. Most bloggers believe that NOTHING hit the Pentangle. Nothing that is apart from possibly one of those shoulder held tube missile launchers that are being deployed against civilians in Iraq also.


Either a drone, a (cruise) missile, or planted explosives

blew-up the Pentagon, IMO.

Why the hell do they need more time? 5+ years isn't long enough to doctor some hotel security video?

Yes, there were reports of

Yes, there were reports of two explosions at the Charnel House that is the Pentagon.

I do believe there were renovations going on, AMEC. And a military drill too which simulated a plane hitting. You can see the fire crews on standby in some early photos. Then comes the squiggle purporting to be an airplane later. They obviously reckoned the initial damage wasnt plausible enough so they had to make it more plasuible by firing something at it, and setting that bloody generator alight which produced lots of black smoke.

Is that the hole, behind & to the side of the white car, that

the "Boeing 757" supposedly made??? That's insane!

That hole is only 12 to 14 feet high above the ground, for

Pete's sake!!! How the hell could a Boeing 757 make that???

Fly over?

We need to request all videos confiscated on or after 9/11/2001 which show a plane within the view showing the Pentagon... the video need not show the plane hitting the Pentagon.

If a plane flew over the Pentagon the witnesses from the road would not have been able to see the plane if it passed over the roof of the building.... the vision angle from the road would have obscured the plane as it flew away from the Pentagon.

If a plane did a fly over... it could have gradually gained altitude as it flew away and the angle of vision from the road would have allowed it to fly away virtually undetected.... it could have evn landed at a near-by airport.

all attention would have been focused on the burning government building right in front of the wintnesses.

Can we not request all videos confiscated that day?... no matter what they do and don't show


You are soooo right! Said it before and I'll say it again, REGARDLESS of what hit the Pentagon, the more important question is why was the air space around the Pentagon, of all places, left unprotected 1 hour after NY was hit? I think these theories about what hit the Pentagon are indeed a honeypot trap (great analogy) as I have seen more energy spent on this site debating this issue than probably anything else about 911 except perhaps no-planes theories. Thank you for pointing this out.

those are Watson's words, not mine...

but I share the sentiment. :-)

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Yes, except that overwhelming evidence indicates that AA-77

did NOT strike the Pentagon.