David Rockefeller, The NWO, and his "Boys" continue to feed off of the 9/11 tragedy...CASH ONLY

This is completely disgusting and outrageous!!


*(notice it's a DONATION drive to build the memorial....nevermind the billions upon billions of federal disaster relief and reconstruction funds that have disappeared since right after 9/11)


Board of Directors:
Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg

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Board Members
Dr. Josef Ackermann
Paula Grant Berry
Debra Burlingame
John P. Cahill
Russell L. Carson
Kenneth Chenault
Keating Crown
Robert DeNiro
Samuel A. DiPiazza, Jr.
Christine A. Ferer
Maurice R. Greenberg
Dr. Vartan Gregorian
Patricia E. Harris
William B. Harrison, Jr.
Lee A. Ielpi
Monica Iken
Robert Wood Johnson IV
Thomas S. Johnson
Robert Kasdin
Anthoula Katsimatides
Peter M. Lehrer
Howard W. Lutnick
Julie Menin
Ira M. Millstein
The Right Hon. Brian Mulroney
Peter G. Peterson
Emily K. Rafferty
Kevin M. Rampe
Thomas A. Renyi
Dr. Judith Rodin
Thomas H. Rogér
E. John Rosenwald, Jr.
Andrew M. Senchak
Jerry I. Speyer
Anne M. Tatlock
Daniel R. Tishman
Savita B. Wakhlu
John C. Whitehead, Founding Chairman
John E. Zuccotti

Honorary Chairman
Governor George E. Pataki

Honorary Board Members
President George H. W. BUSH
President Jimmy CARTER
President William J. CLINTON
President Gerald R. FORD

Honorary Trustees
Governor Jon S. Corzine
Mayor Rudolph W. Giuliani

President & CEO
Joseph C. Daniels