Rudy's 9/11 Snag




December 28, 2006 -- A group of 9/11 victims' families who have criticized Rudy Giuliani's record vowed yesterday to reveal the "truth" of his performance during the terror attacks.

The angry words came after The Post reported that supporters of Giuliani have started discussions with 9/11 family members about backing him in a 2008 White House race.

His moves may be an attempt to head off criticism from relatives like Sally Regenhard, the mother of a late firefighter who vowed months ago to make "Swiftboat"-type criticisms of the ex-mayor.

"I can't see why any 9/11 family member who knows the truth about the failures of the Giuliani administration . . . would not be outraged about the failures," said Regenhard.

She co-founded a group called the Skyscraper Safety Campaign and heckled Giuliani when he testified at 9/11 commission hearings in 2004. She has long blamed Giuliani for communications failures, including faulty radios, at the World Trade Center on Sept. 11, 2001.

"My role, and the role of other family members, will be to bring this truth to light," she said.

Regenhard said she didn't want a fight with other victims' relatives, but said, "If these family members knew the truth about the failures of this administration . . . they would reconsider support for someone like him."

Giuliani gained renown for his calming voice and handling of the recovery effort immediately after the attacks. That fame launched him as a national figure and a GOP star.

On Tuesday, Lee Ielpi - a former firefighter who lost his son on 9/11 - said he had approached a Giuliani aide about supporting the former mayor in 2008. Asked how he would respond if other families criticized Giuliani, Ielpi said, "I would address their questions to the best of my ability without having a conflict . . . with other family members."

Giuliani spokeswoman Sunny Mindel said, "We have received a lot of calls from people from all walks of life and from all parts of the country who support Rudy."

Monica Gabrielle, who works with Regenhard and lost her husband on 9/11, said Giuliani is "riding on a myth that he created, and if he were truly a leader, he would have discussed the [communications] failures."

But she said she had no issue with his supporters discussing the presidential race with any 9/11 family members.

Lorie Van Auken was one of the "Jersey Girls" who helped push for the creation of the 9/11 commission, which examined the intelligence failures leading up to the attacks. She said she has no plans to try to counter Giuliani's positive publicity.

"I am not planning anything yet, but I wouldn't be averse to making my opinion clear," said Van Auken, who has strongly criticized Giuliani.

Kick his ass Sally. - Jon

I hate to say it, but Rudy

I hate to say it, but Rudy running for Prez would be a gift to 911 truth. We'd have tons of opportunities to catch his with his pants down. Now if he actually won that'd be a different matter. That wouldn't be a gift for anybody. Rudy's a fascist through and through and would relish the opportunity of turning the US into a replica of Mussolini's Italy. Rudy is as low as it gets, lower than a jackal with none of the bestial charm.

Rudy is slimier than the

Rudy is slimier than the ickiest, gooiest slime on the most scum-infested sewer rat. There's not only a special place in hell for Rudy Guliani, there's a whole sub-section awaiting him. From covering up pedophile scandals at army bases, to brutalizing the poor in New York, to defending cops who shoot people 41 times for no reason, to desecrating the bodies of the 911 victims, to attacking the firemen in New York, to covering up the 911 atrocity in general, this man is a blotch on the face of mankind.

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A Reconwith, I think you post got voted down because in most of

your other posts (probably in this one too) you mix info & disinfo.

Send Mrs. Regenhard...

Sally needs to go harder!

Why is Sally talking about "faulty communications, walkie talkies" etc...

She is acting as if Guliani was merely incompetent... when in fact, Guliani is one of the main perps complicit in the attack

Come on Sally! Press for the whole truth! We know that Guliani is one of the criminals who played a major role in pulling off the attacks!


How do we know that Rudy is complicit?

Please explain.... I have not researched his role that much because I felt he was but a useful idiot!... being led around by the hand.

If he was complicit.... I want to know why?

Just because someone told him the buildings were going to collapse?

I guarantee he's been involved in some of the cover-up.... but as far as I can tell .... the main things he's involved in covering ... he's doing so to protect himself and people in New York emergency management.

I don't he has ever seen any of our solid arguments....and he has no concept of physics..... he's just a puppet like Bush.... he just happens to be taking advantage of the situation.... starting a little Terrorism Security Consulting Business....

maybe that's where he's getting his payoff.... Bush is getting his through Cipro.... Rummy's getting his through the Bird Flu.... Cheney is getting his through Halliburton.... Everyone else just got a promotion and a raise

and when you see all these banks and financial companies making record profits.... they can't do this without turmoil in the world which causes great fluxuation... peace is not in their playbook.

When you know what the plays are... it's much easier to score!

How?! Are you serious?

If Rudy was not complicit in the attacks, he would have had no problem setting up an investigation of 9/11.

Instead, he was against the investigation. He also helped remove all the evidence from the crime scene.

If you were the mayor of NYC, and the biggest disaster in American history occurred in YOUR city, wouldnt you want to get to the bottom of it? Who were the perps? How did it happen? Why was there such a governmental failure to stop it from occurring?

You would want to know...Unless of course you already knew these answers by means of complicity in the crime! RUDY is GUILTY!!!

Yes....I'm serious.... Do I

Yes....I'm serious....

Do I think that he's guilty... yes... but only of handing the reigns to the Federal government.... he was taking cues from them.... by the time they thought to investigate the remains of the WTC structure.... they had Gulliani..... he was covering any mistakes that he may have had one that day as well..... But I don't think he was in on it.

May he have been aware of threats to the WTC?

May he have been aware of the need or desire to demolish the WTC by conventional means?

During the day.... he was as scared as anyone else... and he was being led like the puppet he was to where he needed to be and what he needed to do..... and who was holding his hand? The people making this happen.

Gulliani is a stooge.... and if he gets into office and does not re-open the investigation into 9/11.... and allow an independent panel to do the job.... then we've got them.

If he does initiate a new investigation.... then we've got them... and he's off the hook.

Either way... we've got them.

How many New Yorkers don't believe their little tale? If half of those get into Gulliani's ear..... It's over!.... with the momentum we have built.... they can not refute it.

Where will this be in two years.... we are moving forward.

There is only one reason I want him to be elected..... and this is it.

I really don't think he was involved....but I do think he got swept up in it... and he couldn't get out from under it without the risk of getting squashed.

If Gulliani is innocent..... the public cry for investigation will be answered.... If he is guilty then it won't.

We will have no chance of an investigation with Jeb Bush, Hillary Clinton, John Kerry or John McCain

You still have not convinced me that he knew more than I stated.

He is guilty of

He is guilty of participating in the cover-up, regardless of whether or not he had advance knowledge/culpability, which makes him an accessory after the fact. (You can't assist in a cover-up, including going along with orders to destroy a crime scene, if you don't know that something big and ugly is being covered up -- and he is a former D.A.). He is guilty of keeping mum about the strange circumstances of his foreknowledge about the Towers' demise. He is guilty of not pursuing answers to the mystery of WTC7's implosion. He is guilty of allowing Larry Pullerstein to escape serious questioning. He is guilty of ignoring the families' requests. I have no doubt he is guilty of lying to the Zelikow Commission.

If he was "innocent" at any period prior to the morning of 9/11, he is guilty as hell ever since. His silence has been secured by the participants, which makes him unfit to hold any office, including city dogcatcher.

I hope the families ratchet up the rhetoric soon.

Rudy shipped off the steel

destruction of crime scene is not only illegal it speaks highly of your level of guilt.

Rudi must astral project

amazin CONcidence that Ghoulianni showed up in
London on 7/7/05 .

another tuff talkin crime bustin former DA who is really
just another gang member

run Ghouliani run

Bring it on! I so look forward to Rudy's run for President. He will be a lightning-rod for 9/11 Truth. He needs to be hounded at every appearance. Welcome him with signs and angry (demanding) voices. I know that, if and when, he comes to LA, and he crosses my path, I will be there with a huge sign and asking (quite loudly): How did you know the buildings were coming down? ... When no steel framed building has ever collapsed due to fire before --- in the history of the world!. Who told you they were coming down, Rudy? What about the destruction of crime scene evidence? I can't wait for this.

In his own words...

Yes, Giuliani admits foreknowledge that the WTC was going

to collapse in that video!

And why didn't he go into his reinforced command bunker in WTC-7 that morning??? "No one knew the towers (and WTC-7) were going to collapse that day! After the first plane hit the North Tower, people in the South tower were told to return to their offices. How did Rudy know not to go to his bunker to oversee everything???

Show "Really? Can you provide" by Anonymous (not verified)

Are you daff?

Click the youtube link.

Or this one:

GIULIANI: “I went down to the scene and we set up headquarters at 75 Barkley Street, which was right there with the Police Commissioner, the Fire Commissioner, the Head of Emergency Management, and we were operating out of there when we were told that the World Trade Center was going to collapse."

Giuliani's own admission reveals that he had prior knowledge the South Tower was going to collapse. What part of that don't you understand?

Another version with Larry S on Google

We must be the change we wish to see in the world. M Gandhi

There is no excuse for the firefighters communications devices

to have failed so poorly. (Could this have been a cunning way to eliminate many more transmissions that explosives were going off all over the place???)

Giuliani may well have been in on 9/11 from the very beginning. If he wasn't, he sure was in on it by the time he hustled all the crime-scene evidence out of the country!


aerosol cans make BOOM in fire - Popular Mechanics

I think firefighters know the difference between aerosol cans

blowing up & explosives being detonated.

I wish

I wish Popular Mechanics did as well...... but they are paid what to believe

any person or magazine that can write an article or a BOOK in which they do not even recognize that there are unanswered questions..... and fully support the given story.... are standing naked in the middle of a church full of people while screaming....expecting not to be seen

Poopular Maniacs

Theirs is anti-science: They start out with a hypothesis and tailor the evidence to fit the desired conclusion.

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... Are you talking about Philip "Big Red Shoes" Zelikow and his friends in the clown car?


"The truth shall make you free." Why not make the truth free? We live on a priceless blue pearl, awash in a universe of fire and ice. Cut the crap.


duuuuuhripping with sarcasm

do you really think they could have hiidden thousands of aerosol cans from detection?

at least not enough to bring down the building!

that was sarcasm too

(bring on the negative points)


Do you think exploding aerosols can slice thru structural steel????

You know JJ is joking,

You know JJ is joking, right?

joking right?

Ya, silly.

I believe there are at least 1 or 2 videos in which Giuliani

speaks with foreknowledge that a tower is going collapse!

here is another

We must be the change we wish to see in the world. M Gandhi


Hey Rudy... the buildings are going to collapse.... we need to clear everybody out of here.

If one of his handlers had told him that..... he would have been telling everyone he saw the same exact thing.

Hence... the puppet.

Look at photos from that day.... I can guarantee that they have a guy who works side by side with Gulliani.... someone who Gulliani respects and listens to... who speaks right to his ear..... dropping little hints into his ear which he then takes and makes his own.... Just look at every major seat in government over the past 50 years..... Is it ever the guy in front doing the thinking... or is it the guy standing right behind him wispering in his ear?

This is not exactly a contradiction

but check out what Battalion Chief Joseph Pfeifer said in his archived oral history interview (he was in the Naudet Bros' film):

"But right before the south tower collapsed I noticed a lot of people just left the lobby, and I heard we had a crew of all different people, high-level people in government, everybody was gone, almost like they had information that we didn't have. Some of them were moved across the street to the command post." (emphasis added)

Of course there's no way to know if "high level people" included Guiliani or his people, but this is one of the most damning statements I have come across, especially when coupled with his admission of foreknowledge. Because they saved their own skins and let people like Pfeifer's own brother die.

well then, who was that guy whispering in ghouliani's ear?

it's a good question and one I don't think I've ever heard answered.

holding hands

I believe that there is a photo out there of Gulliani running around with all of his handlers.... I think there is at least one photo of him actually holding hands with one of them.

If there are CIA insiders in the Editor positions of every major media source.... I'm guessing they have people in the Mayors office of every major city in the US.... at the very least acting as their security team....

Can we find a list of guliani's closet aids?

gold or someone do you guys have this information and have you done any digging on his closest buddies.

The closest

You must also realize that these peoples main motivation is to get their man to the top.... because when their man gets to the top.... so do they.

and it's a very lucrative place to be.... especially if you can stay there for several years

Are you going to find anything on their handlers? you never know... give it a shot but you have probably never heard of them.... not yet.

One of the things that made JFK and his Cabinet so dangerous to the etablishment was the fact that he surrounded himself with his closest friends... people he trusted and confided in... people willing to express exactly what they were thinking... giving him honest and needed feedback. I feel his only handlers were his morals values, sound judgement and his love of this country. I would have loved being there to see it. How can people who knew Kennedy accept Bush?

Does Gulliani have handlers?.... you tell me

Lawyer Ends Up Dead After Taking On Rove!

Accuse Karl Rove of treason, then you inexplicably "commit suicide" on Christmas Eve??? WTF???

I'd love to Digg this

Try this link

Reminds me of AA-77 pilot Charles Burlingame's daugter

who was recently killed in her NJ apartment fire.

Her ex-Army boyfriend runs out the door ahead of her, & the door locks shut behind him, & she dies in there!

Of the many questions, the young ex-Army guy couldn't kick open the apt door? Automatic apt door locks tend to be flimsy, and if somehow the lock wouldn't break, apt doors or frames then typically bust with some kicks or shoulders applied to them.


That's right, you can RUN but you CAN'T HIDE...

from 9/11 Truth!

Rudy Giuliani & the Feds Destroyed WTC Evidence

Rudy Giuliani & the Feds Destroyed WTC Evidence
Despite the protests of the victims' families as well as many scientists and engineers, Rudy Giuliani's administration worked hand in hand with the Bush Administration to immediately ship the 200 thousand tons of twisted, melted, demolished World Trade Center steel off to India and China to be recycled as scrap before anyone had a chance to do a forensic examination of it. This is not what normally happens to evidence in a crime scene, and is a clear indication of the Guiliani Administration and the Bush Administration's involvement in the crimes of 9/11.

This is a DVD extra from "Improbable Collapse".

From RawStory.....

GOP Rep. 'fuels' Oklahoma City bombing conspiracies: Soon...

OKC .....diversion?

that should buy them some time from 9/11 prosecution.... but it's going to lead right to it

or are they trying to put it all on Clinton?...again

Start with culpability we can prove

From the book, Radio Silence FDNY, by battalion chief John Joyce, FDNY, and Bill Bowen:

"These radios, which the City of New York and its taxpayers were told would cost $2.9 million, did not. The total amount of tax dollars spent was secretly raised to between $14 million and $33 million without any competitive bids and in the absence of a contract between Motorola and the City of New York. Those radios, secretly purchased, may have figured prominently in the ultimate demise of 343 firefighters on that terrible day." (p.226)

"We believe the Former Fire Commissioner of New York City, Thomas Van Essen, has some questions he should not be allowed to escape answering. The same is true of the former Deputy Fire Commissioner, Thomas Fitzpatrick, who, along with former Commissioner Von Essen, are now working with or in partnership with former Mayor of New York, Rudy Giuliani. As well, we believe the former Mayor has some questions he should answer, considering what we detail in the book." (pp.227-228)

Jon, can you put these authors in touch with the families?

I suspect they know each other well, but it wouldn't hurt to remind the families of a golden opportunity for a press conference.

According to the book, John Joyce lives on Long Island, and Bill Bowen is a writer, former firefighter, and former federal agent who lives in California.

Again from the book:

" is highly unlikely that Mayor Giuliani remained unaware of that situation. We cannot know if Mayor Giuliani knew of the serious problems raised regarding the Motorola radios and the controversy regarding the contract issues on that same subject, but logic suggests he did.

Understand that Giuliani has not claimed lack of knowledge. On March 26, 2001, Giuliani defended the Fire Department's purchase and introduction of the new digital radios. Additionally, after the head of the Uniformed Firefighters Association, Kevin Gallagher, requested an investigation into why the Motorola radios did not receive the proper testing before being issued to the firefighters of New York City, Giuliani accused the firefighters unions of 'exploiting' the controversy." (p.162)

Don't be so hard on Rudy!

As a young man, all he ever wanted to do was to play football for the fighting Irish but most thought he was too small.

Don't be a hardon Rudy.

I mean "hard on Rudy"
What does playing with the Irish have to do with his integrity or lack thereof???????????????

Wow. I'm stunned by the

Wow. I'm stunned by the people defending Ghouliani on this thread.

An appropriately named poster, "Bozo", writes "Don't be so hard on Rudy! As a young man, all he ever wanted to do was to play football for the fighting Irish but most thought he was too small." I hope to God you're being sarcastic.

"Sir" Rudolph Giuliani is indeed a "jackal", as a previous poster stated. Other creatures that come to mind: slug, cockroach, leach, smallpox. Scratch that, I do these organisms an injustice by comparing them to Giuliani.

I"ll start from the beginning. Giuliani rocketed to stardom by covering up a pedophile scandal at West Point.


" The case first broke in July of 1984, when a three-year-old girl found herself in the emergency room of the West Point Hospital with a lacerated vagina. She told the examining physician that a teacher at the day care center had hurt her. The next month, the parents of another child leveled accusations of abuse at the center.

As the Mercury News reported: “By the end of the year, 50 children had been interviewed by investigators. Children at West Point told stories that would become horrifyingly familiar. They said they had been ritually abused. They said they had had excrement smeared on their bodies and been forced to eat feces and drink urine. They said they were taken away from the day care center and photographed.”

Despite abundant medical and psychological evidence, and literally dozens of child witnesses, and despite “950 interviews by 60 FBI agents assigned to the investigation, an investigation led by former U.S. Attorney Rudolph Giuliani produced no federal grand jury indictments,” according to the Herald Record.

The Herald also noted that: “In 1987, Giuliani said his detailed investigation showed only one or two children were abused.” This was, it should be noted, a bare-faced lie from the fascistic future-mayor and would-be Senator, as the Herald report divulged: “a still-secret, independent report - produced by one of the nation's top experts on child sexual abuse - confirms the children's accusations of abuse.”

This was not the first time that the prestigious academy had shown an appalling willingness to overlook extreme levels of abuse directed at children by army personnel. A year before the abuse case broke, a 22-month-old child was murdered by an Army staff sergeant. The Mercury News reported that: “After a court martial hearing, the sergeant was given an 18 month suspended sentence and dishonorable discharge.”

In other words, he served no time and was essentially given a free ride for murdering a child. With help from Giuliani, the FBI, the U.S. Army, and the grand jury, the abusers of countless children at the day care center (which was, appropriately enough, building number 666 on the academy grounds) were likewise given a free ride.

As with the Franklin case, the children and their parents were to find justice only through the civil courts. The Herald Record reported that: “lawyers for both the government and the 11 child plaintiffs agreed that some children were sexually abused at the center two years ago” (again contradicting Giuliani's bogus conclusions). The government, however, claimed that it could not be held responsible, due to the “assault exemption in the Federal Tort Claim Act.”

With Fuster safely in custody, the stories told by the child victims grew increasingly disturbing. They told of being forced to play “pee-pee” and “ca-ca” games. A photo would be produced at trial showing Fuster’s young son Jaime - one of the most severely abused of the victims - sitting in a bathroom smeared thickly with excrement.

[more next post]

On the police state. You

On the police state.

You know all that stuff you read about on infowars about “zero tolerance” policing? Where little kids and old ladies are tasered and people dragged down to the station for making a sarcastic remark to a cop? You can thank Giuliani for that. It was his baby. It started in NY and spread nation wide.

As Christian Parenti documents in his book “Lockdown America”, it was none other than Rudy Ghouliani who set the tone for the police state currently mushrooming in Amerika.

Finally, 911:
Some on this forum claim the Ghoul was an innocent bystander in this affair. Poppycock. He showed his loyalty to the psychopathic elite through the pedophile scandal; he showed his distain for human life with the policies he put in place in NY, which had the cumulative effect of brutalizing the poor and people of color. He’s showed his true colors with quotes like: “"Freedom is about authority. Freedom is about the willingness of every single human being to cede to lawful authority a great deal of discretion about what you do."
- NYC Mayor Rudolph Giuliani

This man is a bald-faced fascist from the old school. I have little doubt that he admires Mussolini, still less that he participated in 911. Tarpley documents his disgraceful tactics in “Synthetic Terror”:


Mayor Giuliani, by pedigree, was a creature of the highly repressive bureaucratic-
authoritarian apparatus which had consolidated itself in the Justice Department during the
Reagan years. He now performed yeoman service in defense of the 9/11 myth, a myth
which had its most obvious vulnerability in its most spectacular point: the unprecedented
and physically inexplicable collapse of the twin towers. Giuliani used the pretext that his
term was ending on December 31, 2001 to organize the massive obliteration of the WTC
as a crime scene. Parallel to this, Giuliani engineered a confrontation with the New York
firemen, both to divert public attention from his tampering with the evidence, and also to
neutralize the potential of the firemen, the one group which might have denounced the
presence of controlled demolition charges in WTC 1, 2, and 7, of which, as we have seen,
they were well aware.

During the crisis, Giuliani had been eager to exploit for his own political image the
immense admiration and gratitude which had been expressed around the nation and the
world for the epic feats of the New York firefighters. The firemen were now the most
revered symbols in the country: typical was the cover of Newsweek’s post-9/11 issue,
which showed some firemen raising a flag over the ruins, with an evident allusion to the
flag raising on Iwo Jima. Giuliani made a practice of appearing in public wearing a
baseball cap emblazoned with the letters “FDNY.” The police he relegated to his
windbreaker, which bore the legend “NYPD.” Giuliani proved to be treacherous in
practice to both, and he did this by playing the firefighters against the police, and vice
versa – all in the service of the 9/11 coverup. The firemen, once revered, would soon be
“inexcusable,” according to Giuliani.


Giuliani brought in Controlled Demolition, the same highly suspect firm which had
finished the demolition of the Murragh Federal Building in Oklahoma City in 1995, and
which had disposed of the evidence there in the process.

This contract was let surreptitiously just eleven days after 9/11, and empowered
Controlled Demolition to recycle the steel of the World Trade Center. Giuliani has not a
word to say about this in his memoirs…

During one of his visits to the WTC site, the Mayor noticed that many
visitors were taking pictures of the site. Because there was so much to hide, he found this
troubling: “I noticed a disturbing phenomenon – hundreds of people carrying disposable
cameras and handheld video cameras. I understood the impulse – this was a historic
event, and experiencing it up close had a tremendous impact. At the same time, this was a
crime scene, and a dangerous one. I did not want anyone to get hurt, or to damage
evidence as they scouted out the best angle for their snapshots. If we didn’t do something
about it immediately, it would soon be out of control, a voyeur’s paradise, and we risked
the site developing a distasteful freak show aspect.” (Giuliani 49) An independent
photographic documentation of the crime scene, one the FBI would not be able to
confiscate? Horrors! Giuliani promulgated his infamous order that all photos were illegal
in the area around the WTC complex. Those who risked a snapshot also risked going to

Langewiesche defends the Mayor’s justification of cutting the firemen’s representation
on the pile: “when Giuliani gave ‘safety’ as the reason for reducing their presence on the
pile, he was completely sincere.” (Langewiesche 161) In his view, the big problem on the
pile was “firemen running wild.” (Langewiesche 162) In mid-October, an audience of
firemen, policeman, widows, and orphans loudly booed several members of the Giuliani
administration, but also Senator Hillary Clinton and a local Democratic politician. (Van
Essen 258) On Friday, November 2, Giuliani was able to harvest the results of his
provocations. In the morning, more than 1,000 firemen came together at the WTC. Their
chants included: “Bring the brothers home! Bring the brothers home!”, “Do the right
thing!”, “Rudy must go!”, and “Tom must go!”, a reference to Fire Commissioner
Thomas Van Essen, a Giuliani appointee. Their signs read, “Mayor Giuliani, let us bring
our brothers home.” Speakers denounced Giuliani’s hasty carting off of wreckage and
remains to Fresh Kills as a “scoop and dump” operation. One well-respected former
captain appealed to the crowd: “My son Tommy of Squad 1 is not home yet! Don’t
abandon him!” This was met with a cry of “Bring Tommy home!” from the assembled
throng. This scene soon degenerated into an altercation between the firefighters and the
police guarding the site, and then into a full-scale riot. Twelve firefighters were taken to
jail, while five policemen were injured. Giuliani had gladly sacrificed the 9/11 myth of
national solidarity to the needs of his campaign of psychological warfare and
provocations against the firemen. It was All Souls Day, the day of the dead, November 2,

At a press conference that same day, Giuliani hypocritically condemned the actions offiremen as inexcusable. The police wanted to make more arrests, and were scanning

videotapes of the riot to identify firefighters. The city was appalled by what had
happened; many newspapers were anti-Giuliani this time. One trade union leader,
Gorman, called Giuliani a “fascist,” and referred to the Police Commissioner and the Fire
Commissioner as Giuliani’s “goons.”

Yes, We're dealing with very sick, psychotic rascist.....

people here Danse, & I think it's a lot bigger & goes a lot deeper than some think.

Ted Gunderson Chronicles - CIA Sex Slave trafficking and Satanism
(Note: Ignore the religious setting in which this talk is given if that's not your thing. I do not agree what so ever with confusing homosexuality with pedophilia, & have never heard, or read, where Mr. Gunderson confused the two. I personnelly find it ironic he gives this talk on the 'illuminati' on a show called the 'prophecy club'.)

"I first saw Ted Gunderson at a talk he gave a couple of years ago in Orange County, California on satanic ritual abuse involving children. At that talk, he mentioned the case of Army physician, Dr Jeffrey McDonald, who had received three consecutive life sentences for the murder of his wife and children. McDonald had insisted that his family had been killed by a group of people who entered his home and murdered his family in satanic rituals at Ft. Bragg, NC on February 17, 1970. Gunderson believed in McDonald's innocence and eventually found the "mysterious woman with the floppy hat" who had essentially corroborated McDonald's story and said that she was among the group who entered McDonald's home and committed the murders. The court discounted her confession and the woman soon wound up dead."

Giuliani is obviously corrupt, but

Danse, I don't think anybody on this website is defending Giuliani. A few of the comments were simply sarcasm.

The question is, what is the best tactic to (a) defeat his presidential run while (b) tying him to the crimes of 9/11?

We can't put him on trial for covering up pedophilia. That's not realistic. Odds are, no one is going to convict him of anything. But what stands the best chance of smearing him publicly?

Crimes from 9/11 we can immediately identify and perhaps gather public support for prosecuting include: his role as mayor in purchasing faulty radios used by FDNY; his role in the destruction of a crime scene at ground zero. Perhaps there are others.

Of course these don't address the severity of his crimes. But let's be somewhat realistic here.

The question is, what is the

The question is, what is the best tactic to (a) defeat his presidential run while (b) tying him to the crimes of 9/11?”

His crimes on 911 are explicit. Even assuming he was ignorant of the op before it began, he covered up like ten cats in a litter box.

Not a great metaphor ;) but I increasingly meet people who have never left the city..! Never even seen the stars.

Make no mistake: The Ghoul was complicit. There’s no other way around it. Whether functioning as a go-between or a puppet master: he either ordered the “clean-up” or was ordered by. And he complied.

He got rid of the bodies like a b-grade murder suspect. Bodies, thermate and all.

“trying him”?

Never happen. You know that.

“convict him of anything.”

No. Again. Never happen.

smearing him publicly?”

Can be easily done.

Most effective. :)

Giuliani: Like father, like son. Both mobsters!

8. Lying under oath.To become a Federal prosecutor in N.Y. and later as Ronald Reagan s 3rd highest-ranking U.S. Justice Department official, Rudy Giuliani lied during his F.B.I. background checks when asked if any relative or associate was a convicted felon or had organized crime connections. Those lies were federal crimes. As revealed in 'Rudy! An Investigative Biography' by Wayne Barrett, Giuliani's father was a convicted hold-up man who served time in an upstate prison and was later employed as an enforcer for a Mafia loan shark operation. When the book was first released Giuliani denied and later admitted it was true. According to the book, a number of his other relatives were also in the Mafia besides the uncles who were firemen and police officers that he proudly refers to in public speeches. The point is not that Giuliani is a bad guy because his father was a mobster, but that he lied to the F.B.I. and to Congress about it.

come on now.... Everyone knows it's going to be Clinton 08

Reminds me of this old SNL skit:

George W. Bush: Woo! I won! By 13%. That's a lot, right? That's like half a pie! Right? But, seriously.. this is not fun. I wish my daddy would just tell me when I get to be president, 'cause it's just too hard fighting John McCain all across all these 52 states. He's mean! Isn't there just someone that could tell him that I get to be President? He knows this thing's rigged, right? Right?

[ cut back to Colin Quinn in the studio ]

Colin Quinn: There you have it. The winner, George W. Bush, addressing his supporters in Charleston, South Carolina. Let's turn now to John McCain's headquarters, where I'm being told the Senator is about to concede.

[ cut to McCain Campaign Headquarters ]

John McCain: Thank you. I just put in a call to Governor Bush, conceding his victory here in South Carolina. [ supporters boo ] No, no.. We fought a hard battle, and I thought we learned a lot here. For instance, I do regret having gone negative against Governor Bush, and it probably didn't help that I told a New York Times reporter that I call Vietnamese people Gooks. But I do want to reiterate, when I said the word "Gook" I was on my campaign bus, the Straight Talk Express. And you gotta remember, the Straight Talk Express is for telling the truth, and that truth can be embarrassing sometimes. For example, just the other day I was on the Straight Talk Express, and I said, "I've seen the movie 'Ghost' 20 times." A little embarrassing, but that's the Straight Talk Express. It's a very special bus. I could say anything like, "I happen to like pretty ponies" or, "If I could get rid of anyone in this world, it would be the Gooks." That's the kind of shoot-from-the-hip you'll get from me when I'm on the Straight Talk Express. So keep in mind, if you decide to drop by the Straight Talk Express, be prepared to hear the truth, and make sure you're not a Gook, or I'll strangle you. Thank you, and I'll see you in Michigan!

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Some of the best pictures ever taken...

Thanks Sally (and Monica Gabrielle)...

The Time For Debate Is Over

Can you believe the nypost labels her a 'heckler'?


20 cameras malfunction for Ghoul press aid whack

August 24, 2006

None of the roughly 20 security cameras at the building was working, sources said.

A former press aide to Mayor Rudy Giuliani was found naked and strangled in a bed inside a cousin’s million-dollar Greenwich Village apartment, law enforcement sources said yesterday.

Martín Barreto – a respected public relations guru who lived a luxurious lifestyle with high-powered clients in New York and Miami – was discovered Monday lying near a condom wrapper and safe-sex aids, a law enforcement source said.

Reminds me of our ol' friend Marvy Bush

October 10 , 2003, 1200 PDT, (FTW) -- WASHINGTON, At around 9 PM on September 29, Fairfax County, Virginia police responded to a 911 call describing an accident. However, they soon discovered they were not dealing with a routine emergency but the mysterious death of an employee of the 47-year old brother of President George W. Bush, venture capitalist Marvin Bush. Sixty-two year old Bertha Champagne, described as a long time "baby sitter" for Marvin and Margaret Bush's two children, son Walker, 13, and daughter Marshall, 17, was found crushed to death by her own vehicle in a driveway in front of the Bush family home in the Alexandria section of Fairfax County. Champagne reportedly lived at the Bush family home.

Allow these two stories to be a warning to the many would-be (figurative) house negroes of our beloved elites: wipe their asses, and they may be wiping you off the pavement. Wrong place, wrong time...

Yes, that is a VERY FISHY murder of Rudy's former press aide!

And none of the 20 security cameras were working???

Testing, testing, on 1..2..

Great pictures, Jon!

Now I interupt this thread for a test:

That Mark Roberts! You know, he's so...Mark-like! And Roberts-like. Roberts-ey...Robby? Well, he's a prat.

The test doesn't have to make sense, BTW.

Now we return to our thread in progress.

Marky's dull as dirt. Or a

Marky's dull as dirt. Or a shill. No two ways.

His conjecture that the '93 bombing arose because of a "financial dispute" between the FBI and their appointed patsy [who actually beat the rap by recording the FBI's shenanigans, in point of fact] is the most hilarious conspiracy theory I've heard outside of Ickean reptaloid moonbats from Mars. Dude is good for a laugh, little else.

In case you missed it...

Let's repeat the Marvy Bush scenario:

"was found crushed to death by her own vehicle"


The sixty-year-old woman must have been changing a tire in Marvin Bush's driveway when the car took on a Stephen Kingish "Christine" effect and done run her over, n'est pas?

Ok. So strange things happen. Problem I have is that strange things keep happening to the Bush Clan, over, and over, and over again.

blowing the whistle of death

and people wonder why people on the inside are not talking

And now we interupt this

And now we interupt this thread to explain the purpose of this test.

On dz's blog re:LC, Mark Roberts and Ron Weick, Mr. Weick asserts, in a response to Erin Myers, that " Mark(Roberts) doesn't read any of the comments posted here."

Challenged on the absurdity of this assertion Mr. Weick insists, "My logical skills are quite good. When Mark visits a blog, he responds to posts addressed to him."

I suppose I should have worded my test in the accusatory, "Hey Mark Roberts, you know you're a prat?"

There. Now we KNOW he's trolling around here. Should be responding any minute now...any minute--or, to save face he's got to NOT respond to this thread at all, beacuse too much time will have lapsed and he can't admit he read and DIDN"T respond.

Okay, not a perfect test, I'm open to suggestions...note, that this is a new blog with lots of activity and if I were him looking for trouble, I'd have read it by now.

I look at these pictures...

And what comes to mind is... "Don't fuck with Sally."

The Time For Debate Is Over

Ghoulianni and the anthrax clean-up business


Ghoulianni and the anthrax clean-up business

ghoulianni has been cashing in on 911 since it happened.
BIO-ONE cleaned the original FLA building of the anthrax attack which killed the publisher.

Now the contract has changed hands .

BUT what is on those photos in that place ..
MAYBE some neat blackmail stuff for swindlin celebs ???

How many anthrax clean-up business's in the world?
CONcidence that he owns one??

"Florida Anthrax Cleanup Resumes

After a contract dispute stopped cleanup work at an anthrax-contaminated Boca Raton, Fla., building, a new cleanup company yesterday took over the job, the New York Sun reported (see GSN, Aug. 18).

Bio-ONE, a firm led by former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani, originally agreed to decontaminate the building. The firm said work was done there 16 months ago, but some photos stored at the site were not fully cleaned, according to the Sun.

Bio-ONE wanted to destroy the pictures. However, freelance photographers with rights to the pictures would not allow the photos to be incinerated. The firm and the building’s owner, David Rustine, could not agree on how the photographs should be dealt with.

“It was a ‘you go your way, we go our way,’” said Karen Cavanagh, Bio-ONE's chief operating officer and general counsel, adding that her firm was never paid for the work it did there.

Bio-ONE has also canceled plans to move into the building. “We really were committed to making the building itself into a symbol that we can handle these types of issues. Because of what occurred with the owner, obviously that didn't work out,” she said.

Steven Abrams, mayor of Boca Raton, praised Bio-ONE’s work at the building. “Our view is Bio-ONE was really a savior for us because we were at a dead end with the federal government,” he said.

MARCOR Remediation Inc., which was hired to clean the pictures, began work at the building yesterday, according to the Palm Beach County Health Department (Josh Gerstein, New York Sun, Nov. 29)."

Rudy's anti-terrorism police

Interestingly, still in 2000 Giuliani pursued police-state tactics all over NYC, mostly in the name of preventing terrorist attacks. Then when the alleged "terrorism" struck in historic proportions within his own backyard, he didn't feel necessary to admit any "mistakes" like neglecting the airspace threat or not anticipating building collapses, but became an instant "hero" for having "been there". And a mayor of NYC, famous for its skyscrapers, not wondering about first-ever-in-history skyscraper collapses, that's quite suspicious behaviour, too. Had the WTC been demolished, he would have been there to praise it as the biggest single building demolition to have been carried out ever. But some Arab cavemen "accidentially" bringing them down with a "lucky shot", that was no surprise for him...

Here's Rudy's Testimony...

Click Here

"We've been offered a unique opportunity and we must not let this moment pass."

— George W. Bush - State Of The Union Address - January 29th, 2002

"What You Got To Say About Guilianni, Mr. Webster Tarpley?"

"Farther Down the Rabbit Hole"
check out this great vid I shot in DC of my friend and Webster Tarpley on the issue at hand here. Very fast moving.