"End the War 1/27/07"

Below is an announcement for a national day of action in Washington, D. C. to be hosted by the United for Peace and Justice coalition (unitedforpeace.org), including a post-rally Congressional lobbying day. Please note that A) this will be one of the first sights the new Congress witnesses and B) these are usually extremely large events with attendees numbering in the hundreds of thousands. While UFPJ marchgoers are generally of an inordinately "fluffy" left-liberal persuasion, there will be are noticeable quantities of marchers who are 9/11-aware or official story-questioning. 9/11 Truthers may seize the opportunity to spread information, to draw out disaffected leftists from under the unqualified (9/11 Truth-less) UFPJ leadership and perhaps to gain insight from the Congressional lobbying workshops.

"Help Mobilize for Jan. 27-29! Plus, Latest Details on the Demo
December 18th, 2006

Momentum is beginning to build for the politically urgent mobilization on Saturday, Jan. 27th. There are already more than 500 endorsements for the demonstration and we are hearing from groups around the country that they are organizing to get people to Washington, DC. In order to send the strongest, clearest message to the new Congress we are working hard to have the largest turnout possible.

And we have set another important goal for this mobilization: We want to have at least one person from each of the 435 Congressional districts marching on Jan. 27th to help represent the truly nationwide peace majority.

We are inviting you to sign up to be a local coordinator for people coming from your area to Washington, DC. Being a local coordinator means doing the things we hope you are already doing -- spreading the word and encouraging people to come to DC, helping to arrange buses, car caravans or rideshares, hosting a sign-making party -- but it also will mean following up with people in your area who will find you through the coordinator's listing on our website.

Many of you are already working on some or all of these activities -- and more! Now we've set up this system to help people in your area connect with your efforts. By signing up as a local coordinator, you will be putting your congressional district on our map that will show that folks are coming from all around the country to stand up for peace!

* Sign up and/or find out more information about being a local coordinator
* Ideas and resources for local coordinators
* Once you sign up, your location and info will show up on this map and people will be able to "RSVP" for whatever you are organizing (car caravan, sign-making party, etc.). You will then be able to log in and change or update your listing as needed, and also contact the people who have RSVP'd for your listing. This is a great way to reach new people in your area, to build your group's membership if you have one, or even to start a new one.

If you want to know more about the role of the coordinators before signing up, please get in touch with either Susan Chenelle (susan at unitedforpeace.org) or Leslie Kauffman (lak at unitedforpeace.org); both can be reached by phone at 212-868-5545.

If you have other creative ideas for organizing people to come to DC that we haven't listed here or in our materials on the website, please let Susan or Leslie know and we'll share them in future bulletins to member groups.


Many of the details of the January mobilization are still being worked out, so please keep checking the UFPJ website for updates. Here is the information so far:

* We have applied for permits to assemble on the east end of the National Mall, the end closest to the Capitol, and for a march route that will allow us to literally march around the Capitol.
* Tentative times: assemble - 11am to 1pm; march step-off - 1pm; end of march - 4pm
* Lobby Day: On Monday, January 29th, we will meet with members of Congress and/or their aides; a training for the lobby day will be held on Sunday, Jan. 28th.

If you are organizing buses or can offer any kind of transportation to DC, please post the details on our ride board ASAP. (Click here for tips on organizing buses.)

We also have a housing board and info on affordable lodging in the DC area.

And, of course, we hope everyone will make whatever financial contribution you can to help make this an historic mobilization.

Visit www.unitedforpeace.org for further resources and updates on the January 27-29 mobilization. Together we can end this war!


Register for the UFPJ Congressional Advocacy Day

Bring the Mandate for Peace to Washington!

Help bring the message heard loud and clear in the streets on Saturday, Jan. 27th, into the halls of Congress on Monday.

United for Peace and Justice
Congressional Advocacy Day
January 29, 2007
Washington, DC

January 28
Legislative Action Training and Planning Session
To make the most of your meetings with members of Congress, please plan to join us on Sunday, January 28, for the Legislative Action Training Session. We are still making plans for this training, so it is essential that you register below so that we may send you information about the training.

January 29
Congressional Advocacy Visits -- 9:00 - 5:00
See below for information on making appointments. UFPJ will have a meeting room (a place to rest, pick up additional materials, meet with the rest of your delegation, etc.) on Capitol Hill.

Appointments for Congressional Visits:
We will coordinate appointments for visits to Senators, but you should immediately contact your Representative to ask for an appointment. (Instructions for making appointments.)

Volunteer to Help Organize your State!
We need coordinators from each state to help build participation and to make Senate appointments on behalf of the entire state delegation. If this sounds interesting to you, please contact Sue Udry, sue@unitedforpeace.org for more information.

State Coordinators:

Ted Lewis, Global Exchange, contact: ted@globalexchange.org

Marcy Winograd, contact: winogradcoach@aol.com

Stephanie Westbrook, US Citizens for Peace and Justice, contact: Steph@webfabbrica.com

Col. Ann Wright, contact: microann@yahoo.com

David Borris, North Suburban Peace Initiative, contact: BBKBOR@aol.com

Beth Adams, Declaration of Peace, contact: eadams@earthtones.com

New Hampshire:
Anne Miller, New Hampshire Peace Action, contact: anne@nhpeaceaction.org

New Jersey:
Rev. Bob Moore, Coalition for Peace Action, contact: cfpa@peacecoalition.org

Mary Bell, NJ Peace Action, contact: mbonlbi@aol.com

New York:
Melissa Van, Peace Action of New York State, contact: melissa@panys.org

North Carolina:
Jon Paul McClellan, contact: jmcclellan@nc.rr.com

Michael Carrigan, CALC, contact: calcdev@efn.org

David Gibson, Coalition for Peace Action, contact: peacehome@earthlink.net

Phyllis Gilbert, Peace Action of Delaware Valley, contact: peaceact@critpath.org


David Swanson, AfterDowningStreet.org, contact: david@davidswanson.org

Fred Miller, Peace Action of Washington, contact: freefred@drizzle.com

Updates and Additional Information:
We will update you by e-mail as needed. You will be invited to participate in several conference calls that will address issues pertinent to the Congressional Advocacy Days.

If you have any questions about the Training and Congressional Advocacy Days, you may email Sue Udry, UFPJ legislative coordinator at sue@unitedforpeace.org, or call at 301-565-4050 x315."