Hi everyone.I just went to to see what was happening there.After the so called
fall out with Fetzer & Jones. The first thing i noticed was a choice to go to the original site or to
Dr. Jones's site Although this site is still developing what caught my eye was in the sub columns to the left.
Famlies & First Responders. This is something 9/11Blogger needs in the top right section of this web page.
I would love to hear what everyone thinks of this idea,also go check out

st911 members voted

in large to start a new site. They also voted to have a combined jumping-off-point utiliziing the URL for scholars for truth but with the choice of where to go. STJ911 emphasizes an empirically-based research approach to the phsical events of 911, and it emphasizes an attempt to achieve justic utilizing promotion of 911 truth as means to achieve justice. There is even a space for speculative theories but they are clearly labeled as such. I am enthusiastic regarding the possible impact it may have.

9/11 decoy

Ok, so after doing about a year’s research on 9/11, and exploring many other aspects of the United States, I asked myself, "What does this all mean and how is it connected?" For some reason in the back of my mind I was trying to make sense of everything, but it seemed that there was some information that I just couldn't connect together. Now, anyone who researches 9/11 can come to the conclusion that the Government is withholding information, evidence, and is lying right to the face of the American people. Now if you look back in history and research some of the major events in history, you will find that the United States' Government has their hands in everything. From JFK to BFK to MLK to columbine, the 93 WTC bombings, 7/7 bombings in London, and many other events that changed the course of the United States. Then ask yourself, "If the government is withholding information about these events, don't we as a people have a right to know?" Then you got to ask yourself, what else does the Government know that we, the people, do not. Well, I found one such answer in my quest for normality. I then came to the realization that we as citizens of the United States are being manipulated to believe false truths. The fact that anyone working in the private sector of business, IS NOT REQUIRED TO PAY AN INCOME TAX is just one example of how the government uses fear and manipulation to control US. Do the research, and you TOO will come to the realization that you have been made to believe that if you don't file your income taxes, the IRS will come and take you to court. Supreme court rulings state the 16th amendment gave Congress NO ADDITIONAL RIGHTS TO TAX THE PRIVATE SECTOR UNLESS IT IS DIVIDED EQUALLY AMONG THE STATES.

From my perspective, the reason 9/11 was allowed to happen was to justify the "new war on terror" and the constrictions of our civil liberties at home. THIS WAR IS ABOUT OIL and I can prove it. How is it that oil that belongs to the Iraqi people, is being confiscated by corporations like Halliburton and US contracts? Why is OIL such a big deal? Well, because it is a vital fossil fuel that is needed to provide energy.

If you have read to this point, I commend you for at least looking at things from my perspective. You might be asking yourself, what the F*&@ is this guy talking about, but I can assure you that I am going somewhere with this. Ok, what is the root of all-evil? Money and Power? Can you really sit there and tell me that our sole purpose in life is to make wars and bid on oil contracts? I'm going to go out on a limb here but, don't you feel somewhere in your very being that war and oil can not be the only reason why we were put here on earth?

So what would happen to the world as a whole, if we didn't need to worry about oil and fossil fuels and the need to fight wars based on these principles? What if there was an over-abundance of energy that was free and everyone on the planet had access to this "free energy"? Would there be a reason to go to war? Personally, I think not. If you think about it, war is just an extension of politics.

So what does all this have to do with 9/11? Well, think about it like this. Considering the fact that the "official story" doesn't add up and the extensive evidence supporting any kind of alternative "theory", it is easy to see what is really going on. This struggle to understand what really happened on 9/11 and the evidence that would suggest government involvement is what keeps most of us "truthers" actively busy trying to expose the government. This cat and mouse game of throwing evidence to the contrary is a crucial element to the "control" factor. It might sound confusing but try to follow me. While us "truthers" are busy day in and day out trying to make ground on this historic event, it detracts from every other thing going on in the world. It gives some people drive and motivation to think that they have the answers about 9/11 and any other major history-changing event. NOTE: I’m not claiming I know everything or I have all the answers. I commend the Truth Movement for their progress, but I must say that to think the Truth Movement alone can expose the government, we as truthers will be waiting a long time for that. Think about the JFK assassination, it’s been 40 years and its still being debated.

So what does all this mean? If war and oil are the gears that drive us, and the government creates conspiracies to keep the people talking about controversial subjects, its seems to me that history will repeat itself. Have you ever envisioned in your mind a world free of hate, crimes, wars, hunger, ect...? It would seem that if this were the case, life would be better.

So what if I were to tell you that "free energy" does, in fact, exist? What if I told you that this idea of free energy is the very reason why the Status Quo cannot change? You see, the people in the world who are the richest and most powerful make decisions for this country that is based on their own agendas. If you think that these Elite groups of billionaires do not know that this "free energy" exists, you are sadly mistaken. They have known this since the beginning of time and this is the reason why you never heard about it. Think about it like this, if the richest people in the world no longer had control of energy, they would lose money right? And we all know money is the root of all-evil... These Elite groups of billionaires know that if the idea of "free energy" is revealed, they would go bankrupt and the stocks in oil would drop. The dependency of foreign fuels would be obsolete and TRUE INDEPENDENCE would be achieved. EVERYONE ON EARTH WOULD BE CONSIDERED EQUAL. This would be a WORLD CHANGING EVENT.

If, by now, you think I'm just trying to create my own reality, I can assure you that what I've said is real and this "free energy" does exist. If you believe in the truth movement, believe in this truth also. Zero point energy is the future... Are you ready?

Check this link out to learn in detail about this "Free Energy" and how its implications could change the world for the better.

Remember the words of Albert Einstein, "Imagination is more important than knowledge."

Check this out...



Wait, wait, wait, wait a minute. (RE: Flight 93)

They actually believe Flight 93 crashed in Shanksvile???


Focus on the botched crash scene at Shanksville.

Show "Planes" by JamesB

"if you haven't noticed you

"if you haven't noticed you can't get two truthers to agree on anything. Who ever knew the truth was so flexible?"

You're right! I have noticed that! I thought it was just no two people ever agree EXACTLY on anything, but now I see it's a Truther trick. Thank you!

Have you noticed how no group of sceptics hardly ever DISAGREE about anything, at least reguarding 911? Some might think it's creepy, but, as we know, it's simply solidarity in superior intellect!

Fight that twoof, brother!

What does the Pentagon have to do with Shanksville?


The forest at Shanks wasn't even burned until the next day:


Focus on the botched crash scene at Shanksville.

Killtown is right -

-- follow the link yourself.
Apparently the evil doers have been successful creating a new dis-info site and calling it the "truth".

There is a quote about how easy it is to fool someone about something that isn't true (United 93) when you mix it with something that is true (Dr. Jones and his controlled demolition) because that is what I see at that site.

I wonder if Dr. Jones knows what they have posted ?
I wonder if he agrees with what is posted ?
Maybe the good Doctor isn't aware that they have associated his name with a dishonest site. Maybe they are paying him from the victims fund like they are paying some of the other witnesses in PA & Washington.

BTW - Can anyone tell me why the clean-up crew arrived in Shanksville with more protective clothing and equipment than the First Responders ever received at Ground Zero during search for survivors and illegal removal of the evidence ?


Is that like pods on planes?

clean-up crew

"BTW - Can anyone tell me why the clean-up crew arrived in Shanksville with more protective clothing and equipment than the First Responders ever received at Ground Zero during search for survivors and illegal removal of the evidence ?"

I'd guess to help conceal themselves for when they helped prepped the crater after the "crash" and before the aerial shots were taken later that day after 6pm.


Focus on the botched crash scene at Shanksville.

I like the new site...

... much better than the older one. And I like the new organisation much better than the older one too.

- Beware

- last time I was there there is a mixture of truth and dis-info.


Hey ! My main thought was the famlies of victims & first responders,which i think adds more punch to our fight.
I did like Dr. Jones letter stating We stick to the hard evidence.To discuss possiblities amoung us truthers is ok.,but i have to agree with Jones.
We must not forget that those who come to this site to check out the FACTS of 9/11 do not need to see us fighting between ourselves.As for Mark Roberts,this is what i think those like him intend to do.
The copy & paste way of sharing information to this site isa valuable tool. Let's keep pushing for the truth...........UNITED


Honestly, regardless of which side I take or not in this split between Jones and Fetzer, neither of these websites is really a very good 9/11 truth resource. At least when you compare them to others. I'd even go so far as to say that you get a better sense of the movement, and better access to evidence with skeptical commentary on 911Blogger. Cooperative Research, Global Research, 911research...a lot more research than you will find at the scholars' sites.

International Truth Movement