"The Secret Government Reasons For 911" ..... or 'the inner workings of the neocon mind......'


The Secret Government Reasons For 911

Diary Entry by Dom Jermano

Did Bush orchestrate 911? If he did, what are the reasons for it? I think 911 could have been much worse!


The Secret Government Reasons For 911

It could have been worse!

WTC Fell To Strengthen America

The WTC was brought down by the imminient threat of Terrorists organizing in foreign countries to stop and destroy the United States. The problem is that Americans refuse to take it seriously. My analysis is that in Order for the United States to stop these killers, America had to committ some acts of terror upon itself in order to get the attention of
the American people to support the buildup of a strong American military. I think of it as an apple tree. If we do not trim the branches, we are not going to bear any fruit in the coming year. The tree will overgrow and die. The same can be said in politics in the world. Madmen hell bent on destroying America are planning their strike, while Americans fat and happy go along clueless to the realities outside their borders. How much attention does it take? The blind Shiek who bombed the WTC certainly did not shake up Congress to do something to strengthen our military. Certainly Waco did nothing, and Tim McVeigh at the Oklahoma City bombing certainly did not do anything to provide homeland security! Yet it was 911 that jared Congress off the couch to finally do something in the world to stop the threat of terrorism in the world.The invasion of Kuwait was the first such war making America involved in stopping dictators and terrorists. When Iraq was expelled and George
Sr. lost the election; Bill Clinton decided to reduce the military budget. He did the exact opposite, knowing Saddam was still in power. He claims he gave us a balanced a budget, and prosperity. In fact he gave us an illusion of security. The outside world was and still is in one heck of a dangerous place............

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Dom inadvertantly revealed the mindset of -probably - at least a few of the idiots that actually did help elements of our government carry out 9/11. At first I thought it was Dom's way of illustrating the idiocy of the complicit 9/11 moles by describing one possible mindset. Then it turns out he actually believes this. By writing this, and apparently meaning it, Dom does a wonderful job of painting the picture of the perfectly delusional traitor. Ardently convinced he is doing the "right thing" by murdering 3000 innocent people. So we now - know - this mindset not only can exist but does exist.