Loose Change Final Cut

A short preview of things to come...

This is a preview of the highly anticipated 9/11 truth documentary Loose Change: Final Cut. Due to be released in Spring 2007.

tough too watch, must be getting hammered

Um, I watched the first bit... Sander Hicks... huh? I'll have to do a little research, but he seemed... weird. Not only does he talk about the money wired by Mahmoud (except that it wasn't wired by Mahmoud but someone presumed to be one of his subordinates using a pseudonym). Then he talks about how the perps, Bush Cheney et al are all basically Nazis, that they manipulate the Muslim Brotherhood, which apparently is all Nazis too. Um, I don't want to criticize a preview too much, but... huh? Is this going where I think it's going? And is the movie really going to be the story of 9/11 or the story of Loose Change?

Oh well, time will tell I suppose...



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I think that's a very old smorgasbord by LTW...

put together by Louder than Words back in May 2006.

There are some good bits in it, but I expect the actual final cut to be massively different.

Google Video Link : http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=-1840058038507754977

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Wiring money to the hijackers?

ya know - i've seen you throw hissy fits at people who dare to challenge your opinions - but here you are downplaying the Pakistan connection to 911 yet again. this is one of the most valuable lines of research in this movement - and you are consistently undermining it.

i know you have this OPINION that Pakistan is somehow simply being set up to blame the arabs for 9/11 - and Israel is the real culprit - but, these are simply not credible positions.

given the HISTORY of Pakistan and Osama and the ISI and the Taliban and the obvious role Pakistan played in all of this in the months before AND after the attacks, your dismissal of Pakistan research is particularly damaging.

GIven the the total lack of accountability and the virtual free pass Pakistan has been given by this administration - and your OPINION of Pakistan set up as a scapegoat simply does not add up. Iraq was a scapegoat. Pakistan is en extention of american interests in the area.

there is a MOUNTAIN of evidence showing Pakistan is key to understanding 9/11 that has been forwarded by the most credible researchers in this movement - Paul Thompson - David Ray Griffin - Barrie Zwicker - Kyle Hence and Press For The Truth - 911Truth.org - and virtually everyone of any integrity in this movement.

Additionally - the ONLY member of the mainstream media who even DARED to start investigating Pakistan had his head chopped off. Now that's not too suspicious- right?

We have Pakistan complicit in helping al qaeda escape from Tora Bora. we have the head of Pakistan's ISI in washington on the day of 911 itself watching the attacks. we have the FACT that the Pakistan ISI god-damned CREATED the Taliban itself.

no... you would rather talk about the evil-zionist landlord Silverstein (your words - not mine) and the dancing Israelis? You would rather talk about no-planes theories at the Pentagon?

Nice work.

I will reserve judgment of Loose Change's Final Cut until such time as i see it - but, if they are indeed finally addressing credible research on Pakistan - i welcome it and applaud their evolution!!


Albanese, you have been caught lying on this forum before. You have posted anonymously and denied it until we identified similar misspellings in your posts. You threatened me by telling me in an ALL CAPS rant that you were going to "take it to the next level". You hold views that are not popular with regard to physical evidence. You are obsessed with Pakistan and absurdly claim there is more evidence of their complicity than there is for Israel's. You made a LIHOP movie that has not been very popular judging by view counts. You insist on taking issue with me even when I ignore you and let you make your comments, however wrong they may be, without protest in order to preserve civility since the last time you freaked out on me. Now you claim that I called Silverstein the "evil Zionist landlord". While that is no doubt an accurate description of him, my words were Zionist landlord.

I think enough people around here know what you are more than likely all about, so I don't press the issue. But if you insist on playing your games with me, be ready to be called out on your BS, ok?


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Veritas you are right. I was sent the link in an email and I blogged it before actually viewing it. (I guess I got a little excited thinking Final Cut was actually about to be released)

After I submitted the blog, I realized that his is the same LONG "trailer" that was posted here many months ago.

Unfortunately I was unable to go back an edit the blog to reflect this realization.

Perhaps I need to get more sleep...
"Cogito ergo sum"

Wait a minute...

I think I could have edited that blog...


I'm really sleepy...
"Cogito ergo sum"

No harm done...

There's some great unseen molten metal footage (from a helicopter) and interesting stuff about the Pentagon too.

It's not a trailer mind... just a few clips of info put together...

nothing more :)

Good luck all !!!

Damn Chris!

I don't want to sound ungrateful,but this sucker is SLOW! I have a wicked high speed connection and i could'nt even finish it.

use the Google video link...

posted a few posts up !!!

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