Here we go again, false flag op blames Iran

Is 1-31-07 a meaningful number to these creeps? Get yourself some kelp to block your thyroid from radiation poisoning. I bet Cheney is already taking his potassium iodide.

Look what CNN says today. This American mercenary attack on American troops is now being blamed on . . . you guessed it, Iran!

CNN doesn't mention that one of the attackers was blond

this is too easy to dismiss

this is too easy to dismiss as being corrupt bullshit...

too obvious
whenever it's this easy to call them out on something that means it is smoke and mirrors

This is likely an early

This is likely an early salvo in what is sure to be a barrage of anti-Iranian propaganda.

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proof... that america occupies a foreign country illegally

who f'ing cares if Iran actually supported this attack? Have you forgotten who the illegal invaders are, and who the indigenous people are? Or are you going to try to justify the invasion of Iraq with "proof"?

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The British created Iraq after WWI.... is anyone really indeginous to Iraq?
Ignorance is NOT Bliss

Spot on. One sane solution

Spot on. One sane solution would be to repartition it into three new(old?) countries(or however many makes sense), that could trade with each other if they desired. But then we wouldn't have a nice civil war as an excuse for our presence...

Impeachment. Accountability. A better world.

More indigenous than

More indigenous than American soldiers.

You may also want to look up "Persia". See also "Islam", "Shiite" and "Arab".

While you're reading up on the history of Iran, check out America's relationship to the region: see "British Empire" and "oil".

I'm no fan of theocracy, whether it's Islamic or Christian American, but I believe in the right of self-determination. Americans are supposed to cherish such a principle, and yet many don't think foreigners are worthy of it, apparently.

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Before the latest US intervention

Hmm, let's see, before the US intervention... oh wait, that would be about 40 years ago. Before the most recent US intervention, US intervention took the form of propping up a ruthless dictator by supporting him with military aid and intelligence. The American oligarchs are as opposed to "free" elections now as they were when Saddam was considered their ally.

Iraq is also not the first time America has "intervened" on behalf of "democracy".

If you think what America has installed in Iraq is a "democracy" in any sense of that word, then you don't understand anything about how this world functions, my friend.


I found out that the United States has a huge stake in Irans oil.

Britain originally bought it in the early 1900's but then the US took control of their holdings.

In the late 1970's when Saddam was trying to invade and take control of Irans oil fields..... they were actually tryinh to take control of our oil fields...... but we did absolutely nothing to stop Saddam.

Then when Saddam had clearly won this war of aggression.... he just picked up and left Iran.

The war historians couldn't explain this behavior and chalked it up to inexperience on th part of Saddam.

In my opinion.... an inexperienced leader who started this war would charge straight ahead if there were any inkling that they had any advantage. At the very least he would hold the ground that they had taken.

But this is why I believe that Saddam was in our pocket from day one. The battle was won as soon as the battle began. The goal of this invasion was to create an oil scarcity.

"MISSION ACCOMPLISHED" ...sound familiar?

What happened to oil prices in the late 70's because of this war between Iran and Iraq? The price skyrocketed.... there were lines at the gas stations. The price went up and never came back down to pre-scarcity levels.

Who benefitted from this invasion? Every oil producing nation on the planet. Every oil company. Everyone who taxes oil. The War Machine. Etc.

Who loses? The average man.... every time. Costs inflate and wages don't keep pace..... They play this game with us all the time.

Kuwait... who told Saddam to invade?

Gulf War II?


Same game...... different script

Unfortunately the script for 9/11 has many more twists and turns..... I can't wait to see how it ends.
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Why did Papa Bush support Saddam for 20 years?

Saddam was supported by globalist oligarchs because he would crush the leftist populist movement in Iraq in the late 1970s. He has been a pawn of American foreign policy since the 1960s.

Anyone who thinks removing Saddam helped either Iraq or America is delusional (not you, JJJames -- you're right -- the average man loses every time). The question the corporate media should be asking is not, "Are we better off without Saddam Hussein?" but "Why did we support him for 20 years, if he was such a brutal dictator denying the Iraqi people the right to self-determination?"

The media distort history by providing false dichotomies. Colonialism in the Middle East does not operate according to a consistent idea of "promoting democracy" versus "denying totalitarianism". It works by "divide and conquer," and that's why America's allies today are its villains tomorrow (hello Saddam).

Saddams Downfall

Why did we go and get him this time?

He wasn't playing the game anymore.... he decided to pump more oil and he was flooding the market bringing the price down below the desired levels.

He may have been doing this under the perverbial OPEC table.

He also decided that he wanted to start selling oil for Euros instead of the all mighty dollar

Not a good strategy id you'd like to stay alive..... if they went with the Euro instead of the dollar..... the US would collapse.

Why are we selling this country out right now? Because every country that purchases major quantities of oil are holding us over the barrel.

We have been hung out to dry because of our reliance on the petrodollar and because of 9/11..... we may be getting blackmailed....two ways.

Do as we say or we will let the 9/11 cat out of the bag and / or start trading oil for Euros. We can't go to war with everyone in order to keep this quiet.... instead we get taken.

The Truth may just save us from being completely sold out.
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I watch the dollar every day... and if you have not noticed it falls on a regualr basis.... the only time it does not is when gold goes up more than 1%

We have been losing about 2% a week to the freaking Peso!!

Iraq was not the only country who was going to jump on board with this plan..... all of Europe was on board because they are the Euro... and Iran and Saudi Arabia amongst others were ready to go.... another reason to attack Iran

And the strength of the dollar has very little to nothing to do with our GDP if you really think about it.

If nobody accepts the dollar in trade then the dollar has no value.... NONE!

The Euro is kicking our ass right now and all it would take to sink us is the world bank or China to say.... "We are seriously questioning the strength of the dollar" and the dollar would bomb.

China is really keeping us afloat right now..... they have been buying up our Treasury bonds by the Billions... basicly taking them in trade for their goods.... but if they quit doing that.... BOMBS AWAY DOLLAR!

You have no idea how close the dollar is to completely falling off the table..... as long as it's a slow slide I guess you won't notice....till it's too late.

prices of items have been floating this year because there wasn't any major disasters... but when prices should be going down ... instead they are staying pretty level.....

just wait
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We have so much to export nows a days.... we paid our corporations to ship all of our factories to other countries.


We're on a losing streak and it's intellect like your which fall into their little scam of cooked books and bright futures....

Better learn how to cook and clean hotel rooms cause all we're gunna have is the tourism industry.

Why do you think these elites want New Orleans so damn bad

they are going to let it fall into disrepair then come in and "swoop up the land at pennies on the dollar.... build their tourist oasis.

China could sink this country in one second.

F the dollar we want our currency to reign supreme.... America paid for us to build our factories and infrastructure... now we simply have to pay our people enough to afford the products they make....

The Ford philosophy..... BOOYA... they don't need us anymore.... they buy the products that they make.

Then they can take all the money they are making and buy America.... for cheap.

You may have gots those college learnings... but you learned exactly what they learned... exactly what they want you to know.... don't think outside the box.... be the lemming they want you to be.

China might take a loss on this but they'll make it up 100 fold.... the currency they are keeping low to maintain their exports... could easily overtake the world as the leader in currency value.

The same way America made the dollar.

*hears bubble bursting*

"I took Macro-Economics"

I could be wrong.... but I'm not
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We have so much to export

We have so much to export nows a days

1,749,892,000,000 dollars in exports last year to be specific.

That is a whole lot of nothing.

MAsters in Economics

I read "The Creature from Jekyll Island" by Griffin

Two times!
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You might want to get your money back.

I wouldn't be bragging about having to read books twice in order to understand them.

That's a stinger

I read it twice because it was one of the best books I have ever read

You should try reading... before you question my reading comprehension.

The things we export... people are going to buy no matter what our dollar is worth... people have to eat... our exports are not going to increase due to a weaker dollar.... I'm sorry... they just are not.

As far as the amount that we export.... take away the war industry and what's left?

and we also export a shitload of oil..... then ship oil in from other countries...

can you give us a pie chart break down of our exports?

then please break down how a weaker dollar will help with this economy.

Please also justify giving companies tax breaks to move their factories out of the country... along with all the jobs associated with those factories..... please include the value of the lost tax revenue from those factories and their employees.

Macro Man
Ignorance is NOT Bliss

What university did you go to again?

Apparently your masters level economics courses left out the concept of supply in demand.

Maybe you could refresh us....

While you attempt to make an argument using this point..... instead of trying to hold your vast knowledge over our heads???
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Waste of time

Dude, I got a International Financial Management mid-term to prepare for. I don't have time to waste tutoring someone who doesn't even understand basic price theory.


You can't even argue a concept that you should be able to communicate in your sleep?

You are speaking to us all.... the world wants to know.


You have been here all day long and now you don't have time?

Good luck on your exam...... Seriously... you're going to need it.

You should use that answer on the test..... see how your teacher handles it..... Classic!

"You're supposed to be the teacher... I am the student.... you tell me...what's up with all these questions?.... I didn't even bring a pencil"

don't worry everyone gets a C..... college wouldn't be a very good business if they flunked any of their students.

"Well he showed up every day...... C!"
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No worries

It is even rarer they flunk people out of grad school. Unless you are Al Gore...


You almost slipped this one past me......

Please tell us all which University has mid-terms in late January???

Ignorance is NOT Bliss


The University of Washington. The winter quarter begins at the beginning of January. Quarters are 10 weeks long, mid-terms are usually scheduled in the 4th or 5th week. Do the math. (OK, I know that might be asking a lot of you, but you can use your fingers if you want.)

petrodollar warfare

The point is not that Saddam alone switching to Euros would cripple the American economy; rather, when other OPEC nations followed Saddam's lead (as Iran has plans to do), this would cripple the US economy. It's called petrodollar warfare, and the threat is real.


Wow, that Wikipedia so backs up your argument.

This view is controversial. At least one U.S. Representative, Republican Ron Paul of Texas, has made very strong statements advancing similar views, using the phrase “dollar hegemony” to describe U.S. policy and proposing related reforms.[1] Many editorialists and bloggers have supported the theory. But the petrodollar warfare hypothesis has also been described as a conspiracy theory. Opponents dispute virtually every economic claim underpinning the hypothesis, including the the theory's emphasis on the dollar denomination of commodities and the physical location of the major oil exchanges, the claim that the U.S. finances its current-account deficit by printing dollars, and so on. Opponents also sometimes point out that the Bush administration has repeatedly called for China to stop propping up the dollar by holding very large dollar reserves, a stance seemingly at odds with the administration's supposed overriding interest in maintaining a strong dollar.

Point system

The point system used here is silly. This guy cites an article on wikipedia, and he gets a positive score. I quote the same exact article he cited, and I get a negative score. It sounds like some people are just afraid of the truth.

Ask questions, demand answers, ignore the responses.

Question for you

Ask your teacher why the US government in the last year decided to stop publishing the M3 Report which denotes the amount of money in circulation?

Why would your government want a weakened dollar again?

Why do they remove energy costs and food costs from inflationary calculations? Numbers which should be the basis of the calculation. We don't NEED new cars and big screen TV's.... we NEED to eat and get to work and heat our houses.

A weakened dollar also adds to inflation.... which is a hidden tax on the average man.

Because income will never keep pace with inflation.... especially when they are purposely altering the calculation to meet their needs.

Perhaps you should read "The Creature from Jekyll Island" It would be very beneficial to someone studying the subject of economics.

It's only 1,200 pages.... I couldn't put it down.... TWICE!
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Staged Terror

You think these types of operations are used to encite sectarian Violence?

or just happen to kill American troops?
Ignorance is NOT Bliss


Here's your proof:

Bush lied about Saddam's ties to Al Qaeda

Bush lied about Iraq uranium purchases in Niger

Bush lied about Iraq having a reconstituted nuclear program.

Bush lied about mobile weapons labs

Bush lied Iraq harboring terrorists and exporting terrorism.

Bush lied about Iraq being connected to 9/11.

Bush lied about the tons of biological and chemical agents Iraq was storing.

Bush lies about Iraq developing crop dusters that could atack US cities.

Bush lied about Iraq being able to hit America with missiles in 45 minutes.

Bush lied about the aluminum tubes being used for uranium enrichment.

and NOW - after tens of thousands of people are dead - you have the NERVE to as US for proof that his bald-faced and oh-so-perdictable announcement is true?

i have a better idea. get a life.


make that hundreds of thousands of people are dead. The Lancet study's confidence interval was 400 to 900 -thousand-. And that is just Iraq. And that was a few months ago.

And everything else stated? Absolutely on target.

There is nothing our government can do or say that I will take at face value ever, ever again. Indeed, whatever 'they' say, I will begin with a presumption of the opposite. My eyes are wide open.

Show "Hmm" by JamesB

"Five U.S. soldiers were abducted

and killed in the sophisticated attack by men wearing U.S.-style uniforms, according to U.S. military reports. "

"'This was beyond what we have seen militias or foreign fighters do,' the second official said."

"The investigation has led some officials to conclude the attack was an "inside job" -- that people inside the compound helped the attackers enter unstopped."

Amazing how these "officials" cannot apply this same logic to 9/11.

is this a test?

This incident bares some resemblance to the recent Israeli escapade based on the alleged abduction of soldiers. I'm just speculating here, but I wonder if this incident, and the Israeli incident, were tests to see how far they could take retributive responses? Is Bush Co. dipping its toes into the deep end(game)?

Regardless, the press is going to run with this. All bogus justifications for being in Iraq in the first place, which is the real issue here, are thrown out the window and replaced with a new focal point: Iran.

I still don't see how this

I still don't see how this is going to "work"--that is advance/strengthen the bastard's position. Even if I agreed with everything they stood for, even if I was evil incarnate--I STILL can't see how they're going to end up with a win:

There are not enough troops, and they're not getting more.
Raising the age for enlistment will not make up the shortfall.
People will not meekly be drafted to have their arms and legs blown off for oil, et al.
If nukes are used, FOR WHATEVER REASON, the US will be an international pariah for a century or more--total loss of moral authority.
And the rest of the G8 nations will have to ally with each other, Russia and China just for self-defense--because at that point the US is an out of control crazy fuck.

Even if I wanted what these people want, I just don't see it happening. It does not add up. Pull a false flag with Iran--still won't add up. I do not get their "thinking" at this point. Reach is exceeding grasp...and we know what happens then...

Impeachment. Accountability. A better world.

It's not going to "work" and that may be the goal.

If the actors behind all this madness do not primarily identify as "American," regardless of citizenship, place of birth, place of residence, etc -- that is, if their self-identification rests on something else like "impossibly rich and transnational," then the consequences -- the US is a demoralized, ostracized pariah with a shredded economy -- may in fact be the goal.

Operation Barbarossa

I don't get it, either, Colonel; but I also know that Hitler invaded Russia, and Napoleon had his Waterloo. Every time I think bombing Iran is madness beyond madness, I remind myself that human beings, especially maniacal mass murderers, don't operate according to some kind of rationality.

And people wonder

Why Iran would assist in the fight in Iraq???

It's not about taking control of the country.... It's about keeping the war out of their coutry.

If they weaken us in Iraq... there is nothing we can do in Iran except drop bombs.

all this is doing is encouraging Iranians to leave Iran..... which will do nothing to suit their desire of spreading Islam across the world....

and where are they going to go? the safest place on Earth.... Canada or America or Europe.

This whole game needs to end NOW!

this is rediculous and these people are off their rockers
Ignorance is NOT Bliss

How will it work?

The whole Iraq thing shows "they" really don't give a damn what anyone thinks. Pariah be damned, they're on a mission that will not be stopped. I agree with you. I don't see a win situation, much less a win-win. But I don't think you and I think like they do. They seem to hold some demented view that has nothing to do with thruth or justice or human kindness or integrity or honor or peace or love or, well you get my point. Add to that the fact that they are only human and all humans are prone to error. All thru history great plans have come to bad ends because of mistakes and arrogance.
Point being, the worst can happen. Pray it doesn't.

Running Men

These guys are like a caged animal.... they know we have them by the balls.... beware their next move

They are willing to do anything including nuking their own country to maintain the distractions.

We need to censure these guys before we get too close.

we need to get their finger off the button
Ignorance is NOT Bliss

existential abandon

I don't think they are caged animals. I think they are pathological old men who recognize their time is short. I think their actions are driven by existential abandon, not animalistic fear.

So many people talk about these actions in terms of "the next generation" or "the future of the country," but these are old men near the end of their lives, and I don't think they give a crap what happens to your children, or America, or the world. They've been determined to shape the world in their neoconservative image for decades, and now they're actually doing it.

it will work for skull

"I shall give a propagandist cause for starting the war -never mind whether it be plausible or not. The victor shall not be asked later on whether we told the truth or not." Adolf hitler just before invading Poland

But even evil people lying

But even evil people lying have to have reasonable expectations of gaining something. Hitler DID gain Poland; he expanded his reach and power base--why he did it was all lies, but the fact he could do it was reasonable.

What these neo-con gits are proposing is not reasonable, even by the standards of EvilGreedinessInc. They may as well claim the Martians attacked US troops, and declare war on Mars, but that isn't going to change the fact the US lacks the technology to actually invade Mars.

Impeachment. Accountability. A better world.

Oman engaged in "major" military exercise

There's a story in Middle East Newsline that says Oman is conducting a major military exercise from now until February 11:

"ABU DHABI [MENL] -- Oman has advanced in a major military exercise.

The Oman military has been conducting Al Shomoukh-1 exercise with air, ground and naval assets. Al Shomoukh began on Jan. 21 and was scheduled to take place in several stages through Feb. 11.

Officials said all services of the Omani military have been participating in Al Shomoukh. They said the Defense Ministry has also contributed to the exercise...."

Oman is across the Gulf of Oman from Iran.