9/11 Truth * StrakeOff * OKC-Moon Hoax

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February 24, 2007 - 9/11 Truth * StrakeOff * OKC-Moon Hoax
"He who controls the present, controls the past.
He who controls the past, controls the future."

- George Orwell

1) 911 Truthers - Time Is On Our Side
- - BBC Hit Piece a Tissue of Lies, Bias and Emotional Manipulation
- - Did America mastermind Sept 11?
- - “Improbable Collapse” – Spring 9/11 Truth Northeast Tour
2) Norman Mineta Exposes Dick Cheney on 9/11 Stand-down
- - Fitzgerald and Cloud Over Cheney
- - Cheney hints at Iran strike
3) Feds cancel Divine Strake explosion
- - New OKC Revelations Spotlight FBI Involvement In Bombing
4) The Apollo Moon Landings Are Science Fiction

”In the moment the future is born.”
Editor's Notes:

Hopefully truth will last beyond time and space. Meanwhile, working with those taking a stand for it, beyond the illusions forced upon us, is a joyful experience. So, here’s another issue of FN with mixed blessings, controversy and facts. Alex Jones and colleagues, who I once thought were extremists, are hitting the mark again and again with integrity journalism. More information is being released on the Oklahoma City and 9/11 false flag operations. And the world is worried about the next one. Those taking a stand for truth are like the white rose resistance with truth on our side. But what is truth as Pontius Pilate pontificated; it can be argued, and perspectives can be shortsighted. So keep reading, researching, digging out the truth, which goes beyond our biased perceptions into a realm of science and reality.

Morning Star

If there was a morning star and I found a path to a mountain reservoir,
And viewed the past in moments of today, I must say, I have found a way.
Chosen, because I choose to do what I came here for,
Realizing I have seen it all before, a deja-vu from a morning star;
Reawakening love to a planet which has strayed much too far.

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February 24, 2007 - 9/11 Truth * StrakeOff * OKC-Moon Hoax

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did we

You should read the piece on the fake moon landing. if our government lied about that it would brake my grams heart. they wouldnt lie to us would they


Moon landing, fake or not, has no bearing on the events of 9-11-01. Let's stay resolutely away from that issue. Unless all we want is to have fun talking about fake this and fake that.

Also, stay away from UFO talk. Does Alex get into that? We do not need that stuff, IMO. Don't go near it, I say, without taking any stand on it as a topic.

terrible idea

connecting the 9/11 Truth movement w/ the fake-moon landing crap is a terrible move.

that simple

You guys are so paranoid that people are going to judge you!!! get a life!!! Who gives a shit what you believe in. I dont. The problem with this country and this movement is that people only follow crowds You should approach it with a totally opened mind look at all the evidence like you did for 911 and come up with your conclusion and respect others for there's. that simple

It's not paranoia. It is focus.

Yes, g.i.r., it is good to have an open mind. But what is our goal here, looking in on all the possible odd things that may have happened over the years? Or is it getting to a valid investigation of 9-11?

If we want the latter, i.e., a valid investigation, let's keep our focus on the events of 9-11. Agree?

Precedence is key.

911 was a false flag. There are many false flags, & similar type, events throughout history we can point to to support the truth about 911. I feel your frustration, get it right. Seeing others that question the 911 lie, refusing to look at all the other lies, and or, ridiculing others who have/do is disheartening. There's just certain myths people refuse to engage for fear of ridicule, or worse. In this case it's just not a good precedent.

"crimestop - Orwell's definition: "The faculty of stopping short, as though by instinct, at the threshold of any dangerous thought. It includes the power of not grasping analogies, of failing to perceive logical errors, of misunderstanding the simplest arguments if they are inimical to Ingsoc, and of being bored or repelled by any train of thought which is capable of leading in a heretical direction. In short....protective stupidity.""

This Orwell definition more fittingly describes the 'debunkers', (I prefer 'official conspiracy parrot') but this applies to some truthers as well.

Moon hoax has nothing to do with 911 truth.

Other than the fact that it was another 'big lie'. Especially when trying to get people to open their eyes for the first time. Long ridiculed 'conspiracy theories' such as the Moon hoax & the holocaust denial aren't good starting points. Regardless of the facts that merit their discussion.

Please don't confuse my opinions with the tactics of the resident thought police. We have a golden opportunity here to serve some long over due justice. Let's try to stay on topic.

Shake the yoke

I can understand staying on topic in a real world but the point is that people are scared of being labled dont fall for that trick. There is now doubt in my mind this movement is ours to lose.
But they do win with Moon hoax & the holocaust denial because no one wants to question the official story We are shaking that yoke now with the 911 movement.

Look what's at stake

Big_D, you say, "Long ridiculed 'conspiracy theories' such as the Moon hoax & the holocaust denial aren't good starting points."

Worse. These kill the movement. These topics smell.

Of course, I am assuming that the movement is about getting some semblance of justice and, thereafter, actual change. Is it, in your opinion? These topics that you mention absolutely kill that effort.

But if we just want to play around talking about what some consider interesting conspiracy theories, off the 9-11 topic, these might be what one would bring up. Not me, though, ever. I don't want to for several reasons, but also, and primarily, I don't go there given what is at stake here, i.e, the country's future as a democracy.


WTF is this shit?

WTF is this shit?

appreciate bringing up this issue

many of the comments responding to research
into the evidence of a moon hoax landing, is what
people use to sustain their disbelief into the events
of september 11. i am thankful that flyby news has
the platform to look into these issues, not from an
insecurity that we will lose our focus on priority campaigns,
but for research, perspective, and following the facts,
one by one.. and not just reacting from conditioning
or personal bias limited perceptions.


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Keep studying

Most of the people in this movement thats been studying 911 for a couple of years like me have pretty much made up there mind on who did it

Damn it!!! look it building 7 even if the NIST report says that explosives were used. Do you think for a minute Larry Silverstein will ever see the inside of a prison. and another thing if the NIST report is right there will be a lot of bodies floating in the Hudson River they will cover there ass. everyone in this movement need to study history. So we dont repeat it

Student we dont live in a Democracy read article 4 sec 4 US Constitution

don't talk about this or that

I'm with those who see that the issue of big lies is an importtant one of which 9/11 is just one example. Those of us who want to expose people to the truth about 9/11 should stand firmly for the principle of historical truth through free inquiry.

It's sad to see how many people fall for the tactics of compartmentalization of the truth. Sure, since this is a 9/11 site, let's not get sidetracked OR misrepresent what the movement, comprised as it is of a panoply of viewpoints, stands for. That of course is 9/11 truth.

Let's bear in mind though that ALL the big lies are harmful. 9/11 will be most people's introduction to independent critical thought, i.e. the need to accept that big lies exist and have always existed, and that that means that 9/11 will not be the last sacred belief we may have to challenge.

ALL beliefs, sacred or not, must be challenged, or they mean nothing. It is that spirit of free inquiry that should be sacred.

So yeah, lighten up, those who constantly worry about how you or the movement will be judged by others.

The only thing that the 9/11 truth movement should be judged on is whether or not we are helping to establish what actually happened on 9/11. I think we have succeeded brilliantly thus far, and no amount of exuberant skepticism towards other subjects can take that away from any of us.


Real Truther a.k.a. Verdadero Verdadero

WTCdemolition.com - Harvard Task Force


Show "You're essentially" by misterguy

Study coverup USS Liberty

Misterguy you just dont get it do you. think that 911 was the first trick these criminals have cover up or hoax that this criminal network has been involved in. Do an independent study on the USS Liberty and you will see how it is done. is 911 is being done the same way? I hope you dont believe in the official story on that one too.

these Criminals Have been doing cover ups and hoaxes all over American and Europe for the past centery The are very experienced and the no how to cover there ass and there excellent act tricking everyone

It's not "don't talk about X"--

It's don't talk about X in public where it WILL hurt your activism.

Whether we like it our not, posting on a PUBLIC forum is a type of PR. We are ALL responsible for how our contributions affect what we care about. How we are judged determines how effectibve we are. You are bright enough to know this. This is not about "shutting people up"--it's about tactics.

"The only thing that the 9/11 truth movement should be judged on is whether or not we are helping to establish what actually happened on 9/11."

No, that's what I call a moderately good start. The finish is getting broad base political will and support to DO something about these crimes and their consequences. And that will not happen if moon hoax/UFO/holocaust shite keeps popping up.

None of us are getting any younger. My suggestion if you want to explore these issues in relation to 9/11--which BTW, I do support--and minimize the PR flack you KNOW it will generate, that one does so in a PRIVATE forum, that is by invitation only.

Just like last year...

Expect more of this shite closer to elections--the Screw Loosers are already dusting off their "9/11Truth = anti-semitism" scripts.

Sorry, Johnathan, you should know better.