Bullhorning 9/11 Truth on Ohio State University Campus

Members of Columbus, Cleveland and Springfield 9/11 Truth come together to bullhorn at OSU campus.

Check out the Columbus 9/11 Truth YouTube Channel

Columbus 9/11 Truth

Nice work guys!!!!

Nice work guys!!!!

"Dueling Bullhorns!"

...that's a new twist...

Way to get out there, Columbus....

Think next time, I might choose a more heavily traffiicked location, in daylight, though.

Oh yeah, work on the responses regarding "motive".....: wealth transfer in the trillions through government spending, feeding the M-I-C, securing those fields for Big Oil and getting their Afghan Pipeline, private banking profits through deficit spending, protection of Israel, restoring the Afghan heroin trade and money laundering, etc.

I like the passion....

....but you all need facts to back it up....

My 2 cents...have a litany of examples of false-flag terror at your fingertips....Americans don't understand the historical context of 9/11....they don't know it is common for nations....wishing to possess other nation's assets...to stage a provocation to mobilize public sentiment for that war or aggression....

Run through the list next time....especially with cute girls that dont' believe... :)

WTC collapse

Remembering back a number of decades ago, an aircraft crashed into the Empire State Building. It did not collapse. Do you know why it did not collapse as did WTC1, WTC2 and WTC7?
The answer is because Bloody George Bush (and his gang) was not in power at that time!

and because that plane was super small

and going slowly in the fog.

not a 400+ MPH behemoth that is a 767

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I'll be in COLUMBUS for UFC this Saturday!

rock on!

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